He always thinks he's right!

So my boyfriend love him to death but I can not stand how he thinks he knows everything. It irks my nerves to the core of my soul. He swears he's always right about every situation and we get into fight because I tell him he's not MR. KNOW IT ALL and when I tell him flat out that I'm not doing it his way regardless he gets mad at me and says I don't really care than I ask " why didn't you stop after the first time I told you I wasn't doing it that way" he gets even more mad. For example he's broken a few bones and I told him my foot had been hurting for the past week he says you might of broken it. I say no I think I just need different shoes he goes no its probably broken . Like hello stupid did you x-ray my foot when I wasn't looking like UGH! Anything we talk about he thinks he's Mr. Expert on it all. How do I bring him down off his Mr. Know it all high horse cause he never wants to hear the truth when he is proven wrong
He always thinks he's right!
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