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Has the #metoo movement changed how you look at potential romantic relationships?


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  • No. I'm in a committed relationship and I always view consent as Paramount

  • Not really because I was taught good manners and good dating advice as a kid and throughout my life. If it doesn’t work then why do it?

    It’s a good conversation that needed to be heard but it needs to have guidelines on what we consider harassment and inappropriate behavior such as unwanted advances and stalking.

    I think some guys honestly have no intention of hurting women and probably just made a bad decision in their actions such as hand on the lap or sexual flirting.

    However the ones who feel entitled to women in some way are the ones who are scrambling like roaches when you turn the light on. The random dick pic sending, flirting repeatedly when they clearly state not interested then throw a temper if you get resistance is the ones I’m referring to.

    if she says no bro, just move on to the next one, save that persistence shit when you two are already in a relationship, trust me guys you’re gonna need it 😂

    • This 100%. You seem to get it. Especially about the part about the men who feel entitled to women. There seems to be a lot of those on here. Random pictures, check. Flirting repeatedly when clearly stated no interest, check. Temper tantrums, check. :D

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    • Your original post was OK, but your true character is showing in the comments.

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  • This is common sense to realize the #MeToo movement doesn't target men just because they "hugged me when I was angry" or "cast a glance" over at me. It's about ACTUAL assault. About molestation. About sexual abuse. The #MeToo movement is primarily aimed at men because 9 out of 10 rape victims are female. Because 38% of women's rapes are by relatives and 21% are by strangers. (Not shaming male victims, just an FYI if you want to come for me for that reason.)

    If you genuinely think that #MeToo implies you'll get framed for assaulting someone and traumatizing, then maybe you shouldn't go near any fucking human ever. Especially women if you think most of them are lying about their experiences.

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    • Have you ever been sexually harassed? I have. Have you ever been raped? I have, multiple times, I did not have a pleasant childhood so maybe you could get your head out of your backside and actually think for a second. You know damn well that no one here has suggested that it was okay. What has been stated is that the system is taken advantage of by bad women (Yes, bad women exist, just as good men exist (even if society and people like you refuse to believe it) so we need to acknowledge that. What your doing is sexism. I mean I understand that people like you don't see it as sexism because you don't see men as people (and quite frankly you don't even see women as human either) but that's what it is. Women can and do lie. Statistics show that half of the claims made are PROVABLE false, meaning either they have concrete irrefutable proof (i. e. video evidence or what have you), she admits she lied, or she retracts her claims. Innocent until proven guilty, its very simple.

    • As a male who was actually sexually assaulted, I know how police treat these matters. Dismissively, to put it short. Even when you're only a boy, they straight up don't care. My Mother abused me my entire childhood and nobody ever cared enough to do anything. So to anyone who thinks that rape is even primarily a female issue: Get your head out of your own ass. So many male rapes go undocumented and unreported that it's hard not to think that men are the ones being singled out here. And sadly, even if it went to court- the woman rapist would actually have a legal leg to stand on and could very feasibly win the case- if not get a pathetically reduced sentence. Miss me with that female victim complex BS.

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  • As far as I've witnessed the #metoo movement was nothing more than a trend that has been and gone

    • It was very important to the little girls and boys in the USA gymnastics team where they had to deal with pedophilia for 30+ years:

      I think your statement is a unfair to those who found so much strength from it.

    • Thats why I said as far as I've witnessed. I didn't hear anything about that. I saw Facebook statuses where people complain about flirting and class it as sexual assault.

  • No... I don't know why it would

  • For the last fucking time, NO. Unless your moves consisted of grabbing women by the pussy, this campaign has no fucking meaning to your life. Get this shit to facebook or wherever old farts without brains gather now to talk about how global warming isn't real.

    • I don't think you have any say in what does and does not have meaning to my life. And telling me to get off of GAG? Really? I have every right to be on here just like everybody else. How about you get a life.

  • Honestly? No. But that's because for one, I'm polite & respectful to women & men already. =) Two, I've never had a girlfriend. =P

    BUT I'm more cautious now about being alone in a room with a girl of any age. I went on a 2 year Mormon mission, then on a mission there are lots of rules (& guidelines). If you're interested in a sample, DM me.

    Anyways one was to keep the other missionary companion in line of sight, except anything involving restroom stuff of course. This rule is to protect any member or non-member from a stupid-acting missionaries (hey, they're still teenage boys). Also though, to protect the missionary from any false claims by non-members, OR members.

    So now w/ #metoo even though I'm too nice of a guy, I'm beginning to be afraid to be by myself in the office w/ two women, help a little girl find her mom (like today), or the like. =(

    I love the whole movement & awareness, but there are downsides people forget or even don't know about. =/

    • I'm Mormon. No need to post racist blackface.

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    • He does. But you're a white person using a black person's image to express your emotions. On the internet, this counts as blackface.

    • Interesting you saw it that way, not how I saw or see it at all. 🤔 Though I see your point.

      It doesn't matter what color someone's skin is, if it's a good applicable gif then I'd use it. 🙂 Personally I think the whole concept of "race" is dumb 😝, we're all human just with different tones of skin & different shapes of faces. Culture is what matters, and there's so many different kinds of culture with good aspects that it's fun to learn about and absorb what good one can into their own. 😊

  • Yes, I'm not going to approach women in public. I will never comment on their appearance. And I will not touch them. And if a woman wants a kiss on the first date, she better make it obvious. I'm not placing myself in any situation like that.

    • All good choices. There are generally very few good reasons to comment on women's appearances in public let alone touch them.

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    • "Oh men are the main perpetrators of crimes so that means that its morally right to undermine male victims" you didn't educate anything. You just talk a bunch of nothing. You are all talk and no facts.. This time i am muting you.

    • @livinglikelarry223 Good riddance...

  • Yup... Just don't bother, because even if you do everything you can to be nice and show respect, any girl with an agenda and a chip on their shoulder will claim anything as an "Unwanted Advance" and throw you under the bus for 15 mins of fame & attention.

  • Yeah it has. I'm not saying all these women are lying, but it makes me think just how far are people willing to go to compromise their better judgement for a payday? And, how could this trickle down to someone like me?

  • Strange how MeeToo now makes men act like Vice president Pence: never be alone in a room with a woman. What's next? Segregation of sexes in education and work?

    • Honestly, a lot of women would feel more safe that way if it were AN OPTION for public transits and schools (where most women have to deal with sexual assault or discrimination; like being a distraction to men). If it was pure segregation with no options... that wouldn't be fair to the men and little boys who also get raped by men.

      I know that i'd, personally, feel more safe and comforted knowing that my little sister, mother and I would be safe away from male harassment if we were provided those options.

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    • Sent to the office for wearing capri shorts? Are you kidding me?

    • I never said that you weren't moral... I said maybe you didn't have the same experiences...
      Capri shorts do make the dress code and men have been wearing shirts that sexualize females on it with their cartoon tits out but haven't been sent to the office for disrupting anything. How is that fair? I do follow dress code and modestly... I dont even wear a bikini, ever. Capri shorts are 1 inch above the knee... Why are you being so closed-minded? honestly?

  • Kind of... All its done is make me more picky about who I want to date. I have certain things that I look for. And then the rest of the women I don't necessarily trust... So I mean sure they know and see as little of me as possible. A man works too hard and can get it taken so easily if you are even PRECIEVED to have done something wrong in the sexual department.

  • Yes it's taught men that women are to be avoided at all costs. It's sad really.

    Woman has sex with man
    Woman regrets that sex many years later,
    Woman puts it on social media
    Man is tried and convicted before any proof is heard, worst of all it's in the court of public opinion not a judicial court.
    Man's life is ruined.

    Me too is a witch hunt no more no less. It's an exorcise in doing everything they can to destroy men's lives.

  • Yes, mainly it makes me not want to initiate or flirt with a girl because all it will take is one false accusation to ruin my life. The #MeToo movement has shown that no matter what women will always be believed and it doesn't matter how suspicious the circumstances are or the complete lack of evidence, society as a whole will always side with her against men. Its not a very good thing.

  • I'm married now, so it doesn't affect me greatly. If I was single and looking for a relationship, I would be second thinking before making a flirtatious remark or comment about a woman's attractiveness. I don't believe any of my past actions ever crossed the line, but even an accusation in today's environment could ruin a career or a reputation.

    • As it should. Inappropriate comments in the workplace run rampant, unfortunately.

  • It's made me want to "screen" women more to make sure they're not these psychos that'll falsely accuse me of rape just because they got in a disagreement with me/I put my hand on their shoulder/whatever.

    Women are becoming more and more aware of the legal and social power they have over men. It's important for men these days not to get married, not to cohabitate in common law states, not to share bank accounts, etc.

    • Well this is a very severe problem in the west, countries outside don't give them the same amount of bias but it's still there, just not as severe at least from what I've seen that's the case

    • @Johnbadman Well to be fair if anywhere needs advocacy for women's rights, it's the middle east.

      That being said, you're right, extreme feminism is mostly a problem in the west. In the USA for instance many businesses are separating men and women because of all the false rape accusations.

      The worst part is? #metoo legitimatizes REAL rape victims.

  • No it has not, i was already aware you need multiple consent forms, video tapes of consent, blood samples at the moment she has given consent, a hair from both of you in laminated paper that says you consent, multiple eye witnesses when giving consent but also during the act to ensure consent is not violated. A lawyer present in the room at all times and consent from every family member before you are save from this nonsense.

    Jokes aside people who actively take advantage of this are very cruel and it does mean you should think twice before having sex with someone you don't know well because as a guy the deck is stacked entirely in her favor where her claiming you did something wrong is enough to destroy your life.

    But ultimately its a small group of very evil and sad individuals who exploit this so its not as bad as it may seem. Most people do not taking these minor things as sexual harassment but as good old flirting. And those who do take it like this go so far in the nature of dating that i can't help but think they will end up sad and lonely and once there biological clock starts ticking regret they didn't spend the time dating instead of scaring all there potential partners away with there indoctrinated nonsense.

    Disclaimer: This is written knowing that the #metoo movement derailed and is now mostly used for feminist propaganda and to slander innocent people so they can participate by claiming they are violated because of the most ridiculous things. The original meaning of having a method of coming out as a rape victim was well intended, but its execution went off the rails.

  • Yes. I will never date a feminist because if anything I do can even remotely be construed as bad sex I will lose my job and be publicly shamed should the relationship end.

    Just too dang risky. Only conservative girls for this guy it seems...

  • As someone who was wrongly accused. Yes it does. When I was a young man I worked as a Security guard and a Fire Fighter First Responder. I was working as a Security guard when a female asked me a medical questions because of some of the medical questions I had to ask she went to her boss and I got terminated for sexual harassment. After they furthered the investigation I was offered my job back and she got terminated but it still showes that some woman lie for attention.

  • It makes me not want to approach women, and not want to do anything sexual with them even if they initiate it because now I'm considered guilty until proven innocent

  • Absolutely, it's an old weapon in the toolkit if one wants to abuse it. It's just gotten sharper and gained infinite reach

    • Rape? Assault?

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    • Since the accusation is often not made for months or years, evidence is usually missing in that case, rendering the accusation unprovable. Even if the accusation is made immediately, the available evidence may not be enough to corroborate the victims account of events, much less prove someone guilty. Remembering that virtually every justice system in the developed world is based on the notion of an individual's innocence until *proven* guilty, it is a little clearer why the emphasis on what is proven and what isn't is so important to me, as well as how making claims should never be done lightly.

      It's admirable that people want to do whatever they can to step up and help those who have been assaulted. My admiration doesn't change the fact that amidst those brought to justice by this movement, there are tens of thousands of men being falsely accused, who aren't in the media spotlight, and who may be innocent. Their lives get ruined regardless.

    • Apologies to an innocent man after the fact are completely worthless in the face of a life ruined and dreams shattered by someone who saw an opportunity to make an accusation that they knew could be neither proved nor disproved by anyone.

      I wanted to make the point that regardless of an accusation being truthful or not, and the accused guilty or not, the point of accusing someone is either to bring them to justice or to tarnish their reputation/harm/undermine them. *ANY* accusation, regardless of when, what, why, where or how, is the definition of a weapon. It initiates the entire system of punishment in any Justice system, anywhere in the world. Outside of the justice system it remains a weapon that clarifies, seeks the truth, initiates resolution as well as conflict. Despite the content of the accusation, it is without doubt, a very potent weapon.

  • Well, in the sense that a feminist writing about it pissed me off to the extent that I was hostile to a female colleague who was flirting with me, thus immediately ending the flirting, yes, it has. I'm fine about victims coming forward, I hate that feminists-for-hire turn it into a war of the sexes. As if lots of the victims weren't male.

  • Well I'm ugly, so I consider I don't have much chance with girls to begin with, but since that metoo thing, I know that if ugly me tries to flirt, or just look at a girl, I could end up labelled as a harasser on every social media.
    Not only that, but I don't like being considered as a potential rapist only because i'm a man.
    So, I guess it's too bad for my dream to be a dad, but a broken dream is better than shaming and jail.

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  • Ya it's basically a bunch of feminists who don't believe in the concept of consent and think any form of sex is rape based. Boys, don't date a feminist, because you will never have the opportunity to be intimate with her like a normal relationship. I'm done with sex shamers, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this natural phenomena..

  • I'm, genuinely, so glad that men/boys women/girls will finally think twice before they try to do anything with anyone. Though, some still send a totally unwarranted, "are you horny" or "send pics" anonymous private messages because they won't be reprimanded publicly.

    I'm SO grateful for this movement as it has brought justice for little boys and girls on the USA gymnastics team that has been dealing with 30+years of pedophilia: www.nytimes.com/.../...lympics-nassar-justice.html
    It's one major example that deserves its credit.

    I'm grateful that I know i'm not alone with many men and women who have also been raped. I'm grateful for the movement because it has taught me and little boys and girls around the world A LOT on how to stand up for myself. There is now just so much awareness and there can only be more exciting progression!

    I'm also glad because female and male radicals expose themselves and it helps me know who to avoid or be careful around. As well as, exposes ignorant women and men who don't care to consider how this movement has truly helped SO MANY others.

    • Very well said, @sugarchateau! Only one little hint... make sure not to forget mentioning the founder of this movement, Tarana Burke! She got it all started :) Thank you!!!

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    • We are on the same side for sticking up for the actual victims but in my case i typically have to defend them from the LBQT and Feminist movement. Recently for example a lot of girls lost there job because the movements had to get rid of the gridgirls who actually really love doing that work. It might be fun to have a conversation about the subject in PM because i might shine some light on the matter in a way you never saw things before. Because people are not against someone's sexuality, they typically always defend someone if they are being discriminated against so on all the actual issues they are on your side. But from there perspective it is often caused by the movements that claim to defend them.

    • @sawno Yea, please message me if you have more to share on the matter. I really want to do what is right.

  • Nope. Seems a pretty pointless “movement” to me.

    I was raped before it was “popular”. Nobody supported me before, I had to learn to be a person again alone. Now this hashtag comes alone and it does naff all difference. Doesn’t stop me being raped. Doesn’t change the way men act. Doesn’t change anyone’s viewpoint.

  • These answers are a little bit paranoid. I would say that people are abusive about the movement because they are using it as an excuse to kill careers. And in the big Hollywood cases it’s probably true because some of these directors diddle kids. I would also say that the #metoo also includes men. Assault is more common than people would like to admit and I would advice people to evaluate each case separately

  • In the sense that if men are dismissive of it, that I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Clearly they don’t know how to act right.

  • Absurd.
    Less than 90% of #MeToo even mentions a name to begin with, tf. People are so damn paranoid from what I see in the responses from guys on this post. You’re more likely to be in a fatal car accident than being falsely accused. Doesn’t stop you from driving though does it?

    And I’m somehow bad for being involved in the #MeToo movement (not even mentioning any name) from actually having been raped? ffs gimmie a break 😑 No ones just gonna accuse you of rape for saying hi to them, geez, no need to be so goddamn irrational. Paranoia at its finest.

    • Well to be fair, if you get accused/name called, the man and in rare cases, the woman's life is usually devoided of all credibility... that's as good as a death sentence with no reprieve. Fatal car accidents sure... but no point worrying about it because it is an accident, on the other hand the #MeToo can be abused and used with malice. But, I do agree that most men might be taking a mile too far in terms of what may happen, but I cannot discount the sheer potential of loss that comes with it.

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    • @tlxiong14 I don't watch TV so I don't know what they say about MeToo. But I do agree that plenty of women need a better definition of what "harassment" actually means. Some of the things they call "harassment" does make me laugh and cringe. But nevertheless, actual sexual harassment isn't that uncommon at all, but its not so "criminal" as some seem to make it out to be, or maybe Im just so numb to it because of how often it happens and how it doesn't even compare to other things.

  • Not at all. Something that has happened to someone should never define how that person is viewed. They are still themselves. Also the #metoo movement didn't succeed in what it was trying to do. It turned into a joke and many didn't participate because they didn't want the attention that simple hashtag would bring.

  • I think what’s most retarded is women waiting 30 years to come out and say how a man did something to them such as “slap their ass” or “ask them something sexual.” Like please lol that’s bullshit

  • In my opinion, most women are confessing the most insignificant negative sexual behavior, only because its gone mainstream now. There are many much more worse cases but they remain hidden from the society because there are lots of other slightly rougher than normal, which, for some reason, are more interesting to the audience. This is seriously getting out of hand. There can’t be so much abuse and rape. It’s not normal.

  • No, it hasn't for me. Just because I went through molestation, doesn't mean I have to close myself off to other potential relationships that I could end up in.

  • No it hasn't ! Knowing that I can complain about sexual harrassment on social media doesn't affect the fact that I can still distinguish if a man is harrassing me or is just irrelevent

  • A couple of guys have told me that they never want to get close to a girl or seek romantic relationships with one because of the whole movement

  • No. I’ve experienced sexual harassment and sexual violence in my life. I view it the same as I always have. A movement doesn’t personally change my thoughts.

  • Not romantically but in the work force. I no longer assume guys will be professional.

    • Well unless the work management is very strict i believe however some of us just go to work to just earn some green nun else. I can't really give two shiets bout anything else than work at work. @@

    • That's good for u

    • Good one...

  • Can we like... kill all men in the comment section saying they’re afraid to look at a girl...

    • Ikr... they're losers alright...

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    • If a man said something like this in a similar scenario, the exact way I said and meant it, I wouldn't really care much for it. I defo wouldn't get all triggered and try to victimize myself in some f uped way like you "bigblueboat"

    • Also this really isn't a matter of opinions, saying that is basically making fun of sexual assault,

  • No. And to all the guys complaining on here, sexual harassment does happen. I've been the victim of it myself. It's bad in the entertainment industry where they have virtually no one to report it to, and the men know that.

    • Women sexually harass men too, the difference is no one cares. Also the MeToo "movement" is primarily anonymous women "outing" men that are famous or rich, twenty to thirty years after the fact with absolutely no evidence to back up their claims, i. e. it is predominantly false allegations as over 40% of rape allegations are provably false based upon statistical analysis. This is just an attempt to get attention, money, and revenge that's all.

  • Definitely. I think it's important that women are more aware of what is really going on. We need to stop putting ourselves in boxes to fit what men needs us to become. I think this is great for the future generation of women.

    • Given the amount of dislikes you get from the guys you might want to think that trough.
      Because movements like this create a future where guys are no longer going to care about showing interest in women and you either work extremely hard to gain there trust or you end up alone. The old days where a physical compliment was seen as flirting and an initiation for a relationship if she was interested in him to should come back because they are creating a society full of depression and misery by going this far against tradition and human nature.

    • So what is really going on ? And what about the future generation of women?

  • The movement, no. I've had my own experiences that has made me look at how I wish to proceed or even try at relationships.

  • Hopefully it’s created more awareness as to know right from wrong.
    Maybe in a way it could be a good thing only time will tell.

  • It helped empower me a bit. As I used to make excuses for guys that weren't good for me and kind of rationalize their behavior. Now I listen to my inner voice more and recognize when to leave unhealthy relationships.

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