He wants to live together but hasn't said I LOVE YOU?

I have been with this guy for a total of 7months. we dated for five great months but then he broke it off with me cause he said "he could have a family with the job he had and was just scared cause he could see himself possibly marrying me". So after a month he finally called me back and we have been dating ever since. Its great he still has the same JOB and I had always told him that him having to travel with his job was never a issue for me because I'm 33 single mom and its OK, I'm not 18 and single and able to spend all my time with you so it works out great & makes the time we do have that much better.

So now he brought up on two different occasions of us moving in together which I'm all for but I have to think of my little girl and all that. but the question is that I totally love this guy and can't understand how he can talk moving in and not say he LOVES ME? Isn't that a little backwards? I don't want to say it first because of him breaking up with me the 1st time and I want him to break down and feel that way about me "1st". Its not like I can talk about this with him because I don't want to drag it out of him but what does this mean.. Can I please get some insight to help me figure this out..?!


He wants to live together but hasn't said I LOVE YOU?
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