Is it possible that a woman can be too sexy and scare men?

I'm not saying I am; I'm just repeating what my married male friends tell me. Not that I will change to catch a man, I want one who loves me for me but I have to admit that it is so frustrating. I am pretty, fun, smart, creative and sexy. Granted, I'm not that successful being an artist and all but I keep trying. I'm getting my degree; changing careers. Yet finding a man who wants to just hang out is very difficult. I have recently turned 40 and wonder if men my age just have more baggage. I certainly do.

I don't know why I'm bothering asking this question here, but I get tons of compliments on my looks and my personality so I don't know what the problem is. Any guy that I've been interested in for the past four years runs from me like I have the cooties. Yes, I flirt to make it obvious that I'm interested but I don't think I'm coming on that strong.

Maybe I just have bad luck...
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I think it's highly unlikely as well. I think that it's because when I like a guy I get really nervous and am not myself. It's the way I act...
Is it possible that a woman can be too sexy and scare men?
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