Does a guy love being Mr. Protective with a girl he likes?

I think a guy where I work likes me but I'm not sure. He treats me differently from everyone else (he's not my boss) in that he seems very protective of me in the workplace and is always stressing that if I have problems with certain people at work to let him know, namely specific men! He's concerned about 2 particular guys bothering me all the time about a project but it's kind of weird why he's so interested, although they do work for him. To the point where it's not really necessary! The other day, one of the guys sat next to me to go through a couple of issues and when I mentioned this to Mr Protective he seemed pretty bothered by it and replied, 'why was he sitting there? He's got his own desk', but then changed the subject after that.

I really like this guy and the way he shows his concern is really quite cute. Does he like me or is he just being a 'responsible colleague'? How should I respond, should I play up it by being a damsel in distress or will that put him off? Am I imagining it all? Do men get turned on by being the dominant ones? Advice please guys!
Does a guy love being Mr. Protective with a girl he likes?
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