Do girls like homemade cards?

So Valentine's day is coming up and I'm thinking of getting my girlfriend a box of chocolates, a card, and maybe some flowers, but the thing is would girls like it if the card was just a blank card but her boyfriend had the effort to write an entire note in it about how much he loved her...or would they prefer a card bought from the store with a nice side note written inside?

I'm not the best at drawing so I don't think there will be much "decoration" on the card but I just want to make something that expresses how much I love her...but I won't write like some super cheesy poem either if I write a note. We've been dating for 2 months.

So...homemade or store-bought?

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Oh, and the reason why the homemade idea came to mind was because she made a blank card into one of the nicest homemade cards I've seen and she gave it to me for Christmas along with a handmade bracelet :)
Do girls like homemade cards?
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