Are women's standards for men too high?

Our society seems to be fixated on this image and standard of gender roles and what people are supposed to be like. However there is very objectionable and unjust ideas going around particularly about men. Men are criticized, judged, and labeled so strongly by women, and yet we are silenced for speaking out about it. The inequality of the matter is evident. Women have it so much easier in the dating world. If a female has trouble dating, there's an entire pity party waiting to listen to her complain that she only matched with 4 ugly dudes, and guys are so shallow. Meanwhile men are literally committing suicide 3x more than women because we can't get so much as a single match on dating websites, or even in person. We're even criticized for approaching in some cases (this has happened to me before) mean mugged, and given obviously fake sympathy. Instead of being comforted for our pain, we're criticized for it, as if there is some universal law that men cannot have feelings. All a woman has to do to get attention is be sexy. LITERALLY! Some women don't even have to lift a single finger. Meanwhile men are expected to be professional bodybuilding thug gangbangers that are both sympathetic and aggressive with a 6 figure paycheck. I get it. Women want a man that can protect them and pay the bills. A relationship is pretty much a necessity for a woman, but it's also a necessity for men too. It's difficult to survive on your own, and we do get lonely. Some of us are actually trying to become better people, and have interests besides joining a gang, killing people in other countries, and throwing a football around. Some of the best films, ideas, music, and artwork has been created by people who have defied traditional gender roles. Not everyone is going to be as good as everyone else. Can we please stop holding such high standards and expectations for what we envision our partners to be like?
Are womens standards for men too high?
Are women's standards for men too high?
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