Changes to make African American people the model people for the world?

You have been escalated to the highest level of leadership and you have 30... no 40 years to turn the "African American people" (you can define that however you wish) into the model of what humananity should be. They function at the highest levels of virtues, morals, family unity, dating, class, culture. They are respectful, honorable, have integrity... nearly all of them. They become the top echilon in careers of physicians, dentists, scientists, athletes, policy makers, bankers (honest ones), CEO's, psychologists, small business owners, astronaughts, farmers... that others look up to... you get the idea. Impoverished rise to middle class. Maybe you rejected them before, but now you want them in your neighborhood because you know their character, they will always do right, tell truth, respect your space. Their diets are exceptional... they don't eat junk American garbage diet, they eat right, are in shape mentally and physically. They know how to handle "situations" that come up to survive, be peaceful and thrive. They know food, they grow it, understand agriculture, they are capable well balanced people... the majority. They are sought after, not because of color but because of their exceptional abilities. In short... they become they best each individual can be, not drawn down into dismay, depression and poverty in large numbers.

You might reference that to the top of India which is imported to USA. Not saying they are perfect, but they are floating to the top fast.
Changes to make African American people the model people for the world?
Jail... emptied over time because they just don't commit crimes.. no point in profiling if they aren't involved, rarely do they falter. "The Dream" goes further... they rise way above the call. Low failure rate.

Note: I tried to define it different ways... I went with a narrower definition. If you'd like to take on all "black people", African, etc.. go ahead... it's your piece of paper and plan.

Ok... you are in charge now... what is your plan of action? I may share my opinion.
Changes to make African American people the model people for the world?
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