What are consequences of the current anarchist rioting?

I was a college "hipster", now rehabilitated into a Libertarian Conservative. Along the way, I was exposed to "critical thinking". Those far sharper at this than I am can appear like prophets; able to see how events will shape in ways that most do not. I am not there, but for me, this is easy to see.

Two major products, unintended consequences, of this sad clown TV show will be the exact things, long subsided by the 90's, that are being protested now. Systemic Racism and Job Discrimination. It will be subtle and unprovable but it will be there for at least a decade. Many ambitious young, <i>innocent</i> Black Americans will not be considered for opportunities by employers who are shell shocked by rioting BLM savages. They have set themselves back 50 years. It's their own fault. White Supremacy didn't do it.

But it will go further than that. Employers will intensely sift through the academic and personal records of <i>White</i> Millennials and also "Gen Z-ers"; today's college students, for any hint of "social justice" activism and the potential of ruinous accusations, disruptions and law suits. The current rioting and insane anarchist social activism will render millions of <i>innocent</i> young White Americans as too high-risk. As potential time bombs. It's their own fault. The Patriarchy didn't do it.

Another unintended consequence will be job discrimination <i>in favor of </i> East and South Asians; groups that have largely stayed clear of this mess. And yet another will be career extensions for Boomers, both White and Black, who have proven records of performance and are near zero risk. "We" brought this on ourselves. Do you think it will just smooth over and be forgotten?
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The Boomer Irony is that they started this mess in the 1960's and will benefit from it.
What are consequences of the current anarchist rioting?
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