Do you think credit is a scam? cuz I sure as hell do?

Most people in this world live off of credit , to buy a car, house etc. Your credit score determines pretty much what you can afford but me personally feels it’s a crock of bullshit , considering there was a time my credit score wasn’t the greatest and I paid higher interest rates , higher car payments etc , so for a long time I focused on attacking it to raise it up , I paid my bills on time , paid shit off and got myself in good standings with my credit score but I realized after all I did it really means shit , it’s like the credit companies want you to open more lines of credit just to keep your score in good standing , but if you choose not to they drop your score down , it’s like they want you to put yourself back in debt by opening more credit cards , so the second you do and you choose not to use it all the time they Will drop your score back down , even if you pay it off fast and on time it means shit. Me personally feels they need to eliminate credit and go back to everyone paying cash and buying what they can afford , credit is a big ass scam. Our lives shouldn’t determine off some made up credit score. Anyone else agree?
Do you think credit is a scam? cuz I sure as hell do?
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