Who would be more likely to support my plan? Republicans? Or Democrats?

Imagine I become a governor. I want to implement this plan. First, I'll tell you why this plan, and I'll say the plan after.

Why? I grew up extremely poor in "the hood." Later in life, I learned how to do things like save money. Plan for the future. Investing in things such as stocks and bonds and others. Money management. Sacrifice for the future. Invest in myself such as school or personal development.

It took me a very long time to learn these things. Where I am from, other young people are making the same mistakes I made for many years. Spending all my money, wasting it on food. Wasting it on clothes. Jewelry. Rims for the car. Nothing but useless crap.

Where I'm from, I see how much money these kids spend. They also hate their lives. They hate the system. They believe that the evil white man is holding them down, while they simultaneously fail to do anything right.

And really it's not their fault. Nobody taught me anything, nobody taught them anything.

My idea as governor of some state, would be to implement a new program in some inner city school system. With hopes it goes nationwide some day.

The plan is simple. Create a cirriculum which would start at FIRST GRADE, and continue every single year, until graduation at 12th grade.

These classes would hammer into students year after year, just the same as is done with math or history, the concepts of money management. How to plan for the future. How to do the things that will help these kids escape poverty and create a better life for themselves.

I would think Republicans would like the idea, but would argue that parents should teach these things. Which obviously cannot happen in poor areas where parents dont know how. They also wouldn't want to spend government money on it.

Democrats would oppose because implying that anything other than massive structural change to fix inequality is automatically off the table and labeled an ignorant right wing lie.
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They could also teach entrepreneurship. How to start a business, how to manage a company, how to do anything in this huge world of the economy. We only teach kids how to work at McDonalds or go to college and work for someone else who had the privileged background to be a leader of a company. Why not teach our kids how to do it too?
Who would be more likely to support my plan? Republicans? Or Democrats?
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