Will you be sticking to COVID-19 guidelines?

Today is “freedom day” here in the UK. An utter joke to call it that but regardless I won’t be following any of the former (they’ll definitely reintroduce them) covid rules anymore. I knew this whole thing was a farce from the start (but no one would listen to a “conspiracy theorist” like me which is why we’ve been living in 1984 for the last 16 months) but wore a mask and obeyed most of the rules anyway out of cowardice to be honest, but not anymore, I threw away my masks and will continue as I did in 2019. My hope now is that most people will continue to live as they did almost a couple of years ago regardless of what the government says as most will realise that coronavirus isn’t as terrifying as they once thought.
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Will you be sticking to COVID-19 guidelines?
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