Should you be taxed on your house after you paid it off?

If you owe bank then you are still buying home, so sure you should be taxed. However , if you paid home off , then you should not have to pay taxes. Same with a car. Same with a Happy Meal from McDonalds. You should never have to pay taxes on something you have paid for. This is what makes living so expensive.

You could own a house no taxes, a well so you don't pay for water , and solar panels for electricity for warm water and heat. This would be cheapest way to live. No bogus costs and taxes.
No, you now own it and no longer owe bank
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Yes, we need socialism and money for people that are bums and won't work
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16 d
I guess I am only younger person that looks out for older people. If houses get to high, older people won't be able to afford the property taxes and have to sell. They are not getting any interest on banking accounts. They can't risk over valued stock market.
15 d
You never really own the home if you pay property taxes. They can take your home by just raising your taxes.
Should you be taxed on your house after you paid it off?
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