Why lie about Voter ID laws? What is the purpose?

So because so many fake conservative types have me blocked. I just decided to post on topic since so many are posting misinformation and I can't respond.

It is amazing to me how ignorant these posts are.

The biggest lie is that voter id laws are about making sure elections are secure.

South Dakota had voter id laws decades before any of this nonsense. You had to have an id to vote. Period. But before last election, they tried to pass a law that required all identification to have a street address.

What is the significance of this you ask? Well anyone knows that on an American Indian reservation, there is no such thing as a street address.

We all know the facts. In recent years, American Indians, whom have always hated the dems and repubs equally, started drifting more towards the dems. Not because of some lack of Conservative values, but because of how most Indigenous feel about the environment. Especially clean water. So instead of crafting legislation that could be a compromise, the repubs tried to pass this law and disqualify the American Indian vote entirely.

Then in the most disingenuous pathetic way, tried to explain they were not targeting American Indians.

That's just one example. I have several.

The thing is, why lie?

What is the purpose?


Why lie about Voter ID laws? What is the purpose?
Why lie about Voter ID laws? What is the purpose?
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