Do you think car insurance laws need to be updated in how they handle accident victims?

My state has a 'make whole' law but all that means nothing.

I was rear-ended last month, by someone who wasn't paying attention and didn't even touch their brakes.

My first accident and not my fault as we were at a complete stop Questions about car accidents.

I bought this explorer with cash I had saved up planning to have it 10+ years, only had it a little over 4 years. They are calling it a total loss because the parts to fix it has gone up so high in cost due to supply chain issues and inflation.

I know its maintenance history and have taken good care of it. Now I have to go find a replacement, assuming I can even find one, there are car lots around here with almost zero cars on them for sale.

It does not seem fair that I will have to take out a loan to replace a vehicle from an accident that was clearly not my fault as the pay out will not cover it all.

I think the laws need to be rewritten to require replacement or repair rather than cash out the value of something when it is not your fault. Replace with same year and model, or better would be fine by me.

This is going to be major financial strain on me as I would never voluntarily take a loan out when I already have another loan I am paying on. I feel forced into it, there is no mass transit around here, I live 35 miles from the city in rural America and that is just the edge of the city.

With the laws written how they are currently that means all cars in accidents are now considered disposable to fill up our junk yards and create pollution to manufacture new ones.
My poor car
My poor car
Legally speaking, with my attorney says it can take years to get things resolved and try to get more but the law is pretty straight up on value so not much may happen there. For medical issues much more can be done though.

I am glad neither of had any major medical problems but this really sucks. Especially since when I get another one, some idiot can do the same thing and I get screwed over again.
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All I really want is for insurance to make it as if the accident never happened.

I do not want to be 'better' off. Especially since I am a victim, for all I care if someone 'caused' the accident the insurance can screw them over as they caused it.

I'm specifically referring to updating the laws for victims to make it so it is like the accident never happened, nothing more. Nothing less. As we are currently creating thousands of victims every year with the current setup here.
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Thank you everyone for your comments, to those that support the current system. I hope you get in an accident, have your car totaled when you have zero way to replace it and no outside help and then you lose everything in your life from your job to your house to everything.

That is my blessing to you, that you reap what you sow.
Do you think car insurance laws need to be updated in how they handle accident victims?
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