Can we sue the vaccinated now since the vaccines aren’t FDA approved under federal statues?

Exclusively the people pushing the vaccines? It’s emotional distress and mental distress exclusively based on violation of HIPPA no one should be asking about your medical records unless it’s your medical doctor. I don’t go around policing vaccinated people medical status or pushing my medical beliefs onto them. It’s emotional and mental distress when vaccinated people are wishing death and illnesses onto the unvaccinated. Many unvaccinated people have lost their jobs , careers, and home due to the mandates issued by their employers last year and this year. Many unvaccinated people can’t take the vaccine based on spiritual , religious , or medical beliefs. On my dating profiles I make it clear that I won’t date anyone vaccinated. If they have a badge on their profile showing they’ve been vaccinated , I’ll avoid their profiles. They either respect that wish and move on or I tell them all rightly that I’m not interested in dating them. Based on the Nuremberg code these vaccines have been forced on the public. The public have been threatened to take these vaccines impacting their lively hood, financial status, health, and etc..

In my eyes, none of these vaccines are FDA legally based on the fact they were rushed, too many adverse reactions, death, and inconclusive data.

It takes 10-15 years for any vaccines to go through test, study, and trials.. I say max 15 years not less then 1 year.
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Maybe all these vaccinated people will shut up once unvaccinated people start suing them.. its illegal in some states to force a person to take a vaccine outside their will :
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I can tell how slow the sheep’s are in the chat lol.. if you are not a business owner like myself , have a business then this shouldn’t apply to you.. personal matters can suck as emotional mental distress can be done in civil court.. like I said you sheep’s are dumb af
Can we sue the vaccinated now since the vaccines aren’t FDA approved under federal statues?
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