Guys, are you usually lonely?

Guys, are you usually lonely?

Words literally cannot express how I spend all day, everyday, in a state of perpetual loneliness. I'm like an alien surrounded by squirrels. 99.99% of humans have no idea how to understand or comprehend me even though I'm not that complicated or hard to figure out. It's just merely an intelligence and ambition gap. Most people are not all that bright, nor ambitious, so I am always surrounded by people I don't relate to, don't really get along with, and don't understand.

I wish to make the entire planet/humanity better, while most people just talk about other people or the news of the week. And to "fit in," I join-in, in talking about other people and the pointless news of the week I normally couldn't care less about. It's my way of "socializing." But yeah, usually, I'm always lonely. Not just here in South Korea, but amongst humanity in general. I don't belong on this planet.

Any other men of GAG feel the same way?

Yes, I'm a man who's often lonely.
No, I'm a man who's not lonely too often.
I'm a woman (never lonely).
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Guys, are you usually lonely?
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