What is the punishment for rape in America?


According to the article above a 41 years old father and his now 18 years old son allegedly raped a 15 years old girl and the rape was filmed and it was sent to the people who know the victim. The dad and son admit it by the way. So the son will get 2 years jailetime and the dad 6 years so far i understand. Do rapists also get low jailtime in america?

I am convinced that Europe is a heaven for rapists/pedos. I also made a post about 'systematically' child abuse in austria. I am so used to see rapists who only got few months or max 5-7 years jail time in austria, germany and so on. My high school teacher once told me that the state did not really want to lock up people because it is too expensive and prisons are full. My other fucking problem is that Europe is very strict when it comes to gun laws. You fucking need a licence for a PEPPERSPRAY in germany and only people above 18 can get it. The laws for self defence are also a joke- if someone attacks you without any gun, you are not allowed to use any gun which discriminate women, kids, old people, disabled people and physically weak men since they are physically much more weaker and so they can't really defend themself without guns.
If you are not going to protect victims and if you release these rapists after few years, then allow us to protect ourself. I am actually not very pro gun but i have the feeling we have no other option anymore.
Sorry for my rant but i am really done with humanity lol
What is the punishment for rape in America?
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