What’s something that you shamefully failed at?


I wanted to go to a war , soon after the war started in Ukraine, I and my ex fiance broke up for the first time, I decided to get enlisted in army and help the wounded soldiers, I was feeling like I lost the life purpose when I lost my first love and didn’t care for my life that much anymore.

So, I was quite serious about going to a war and got enlisted in the army that was going to leave soon to fight in Ukraine against Russians.

Of course, first I needed to start trainings and they were really rough. I didn’t expect that…

First thing I failed at was that - during trainings I was flirting with captains and disobeying them involuntarily cause I found it sexy when they were giving punishments.
I was almost compelled to disobey. So I was punished pretty often too.

I literally had no sense of discipline and acted kind of out of place.

Then as the trainings got much physically rougher and truly challenging even for strong men, I was still willing to finish it, at some point, during the training in high snowy mountains I got so tired, couldn’t keep going anymore.

I also didn’t want to make them all slow because of me, so I told them to leave me and go without me.

Thankfully, there was this handsome captain, who took me in his shoulders and carried me all the way till the end of forest.

I really feel thankful cause after such a hard training non-stop for several hours, I had no power left at all.

At the end of the day, I felt like army is not for me and gave up, came back home dirty, with bruises on literally every part of my body. I could ‘t walk for 3 days 🤣🤣🤣

That’s something I’ll never do again.

I felt really ashamed of myself, that captain was messaging me everyday to check up if I was okay.

But that’s probably the first and only time I really shamefully failed, all my family and friends were laughing at and with me for weeks and of course I was disqualified to join the army again.

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Well, I think the reason I disobeyed was that - I don’t like being commanded what to do. And they were very strict which I disliked.

Of course, I know it’s unprofessional but I think it’s just because never have I been told what to do, so I found hard to follow rules.
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Especially not in a strict manner. If you tell me nicely - I might do it. But all of the captains were really strict to everyone.
What’s something that you shamefully failed at?
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