Why do people deny that lookism (discrimination based on looks) exist?


I'm constantly get ignored or treated coldly by most people on a daily basis, despite the fact I'm a very polite person, dress, act normally and can hold a conversation. In all my social interactions, when I ask people either about directions, or information or stuff related to class (in college), the majority of people will either ignore me or answer very coldly in 2-3 words. I also get ignored by the staff in stores. It is pretty obvious that the reason I get treated with contempt is because I don't meet society's beauty standards and am ugly. Because I've never insulted or done anything to hurt anyone.

Yet the few times I've spoken to someone about it, they will tell me "I'm sure it's your imagination" or that "it's all in your head", assume I must behave in an awkward way (although this isn't the case at all) and need to be more confident and be dismissive. Why is that?

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To the people in the comments that say discrimination based on looks doesn't exist: there have been many studies that suggest that that good looking people enjoy a range of preferential treatments in life and vice versa unattractive people get treated worse than others.

Why do people deny that lookism (discrimination based on looks) exist?
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