Girl cancels date, goes out with another guy and gets caught?

OK I'll try to keep this story as short as possible. This girl I went out with once showed a lot of interested in me.. flirting via texting and Facebook. So I asked her if she wanted to kick it and tells me she can't cause she has her kid. So I give her two options. When are you free? Well how bout Thurs. or Saturday? She says Saturday.. So I said OK cool I'll hit ya up. She then texts me a 'smile' and I'm like OK.. so this is a Tues. I wait till Saturday to text her again so instead of saying 'are we still on' I tell her hey what are you up to. she replies 'I'm with friends, then I'm going out later' then I reply 'with me'? you know and she replies 'if you want to I'm going to Insert city) <-- I can't mention the city but you get the idea... so I ask her 'who you going with?' she's like ' with this guy I told you about who's throwing a benefit show tomorrow' (note: I play in a band and playing the benefit show the following day) Anyways, so I don't reply back to her... I go out at night cause I went to this other show my promoter friend invited me too and guess what? I ran into this girl with that same guy at the show.. So she looks in shock and tells me 'oh wow I didn't know you were going to be in town' 'what are you doing here?' I reply : well my friend invited me to the show so I'm here'...then I cut her off and say I'll be back going to get a drink' so I cut her off and I'm at the show mind you it's a bar so I get a drink or two and she starts texting me while she's with the guy: hey how come you didn't tell me you were going to be here' I'm like 'well I was going to invite you here but since you said you were going out with that other dude I said 'F@#' it she's like 'not like that' so I don't reply and she keeps texting me and I never reply back... then next day comes and she shows up to my show and she's there texting again. '' when I'll go on stage'' I don't respond: then she texts again , ''hey I'm here when do you go on stage'' I ignore her again.. as I'm going on stage she's there with that dude he's holding her from behind...blah blah I finish my show I ignore and she walks up to me alone and asks 'aren't you going to say hi' so I say oh what's up and again she asks: 'how come you didn't tell me you were in town yesterday'' so I told her '' well I was about to tell you , but since you were too busy '' blah I said she's like: 'when's your next show?' I'm like look it up on my page then I cut her off and tell her 'hey I gotta go, but have fun with your man'' lol anyways my question you guys think I did the right thing? I was really bummed that she played it off like nothing happened and still tries to talk to me. :(
Girl cancels date, goes out with another guy and gets caught?
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