Dirty, nasty, trashy, disgusting roommates?

I'm currently in college and I have 3 other roommates. Everyone is cool, but only I clean. Now roommate #1 will help me clean if she sees me cleaning (cool), roommate #2 cleans everything herself so I never have to do her dishes or clean up after she cooks, BUT ROOMMATE #3(trashy) she never cleans, sweeps, mops, do the dishes, take out the trash, etc. What's even worse is that I have to share a bathroom with her. example on nasty things that she does: 1. fried chicken. left the flour, grease, and uncooked chicken and seasonings all over the counter (it was like she literally went through the process and walked off with no hesitation to clean) 2. cooked something again. poured the grease in the sink and stopped it up. (common sense don't put grease in the sink). 3. the most recent one like day before yesterday. This little nasty stopped up the toilet Wednesday. I came back from class and noticed the water was low and the toilet paper so I knew it was stopped up, I went to the other bathroom because I didn't stop it up I will not unclog it. OK so Thursday and Friday pass, still stopped up. Saturday morning I go to shower. tell me why there is sh*t and p*ss on top of the already stopped up toilet. it smells and it's nasty. I REFUSE TO CLEAN THAT MESS. she is not my child and I am not her mother nor the maid. it is taking everything in me to not cuss her out. I keep missing her because she works like me and gets in late, but come Monday when classes start if that sh*t is still there I'ma lose it. ADVICE PLEASE! I do not want to hurt that girl
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Ok I approached her and told her that she needs to unclog the toilet and she said..."oh I didn't do it but i"ll unclog it"...

So I asked well who did? I looked at her little boy toy who be coming in wee hours in the night and he said he never uses the bathroom. We had a mystery on our hands.

But be honest if you didn't do it then y would you say yes to cleaning it so easily. somethings up!

Dirty, nasty, trashy, disgusting roommates?
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