Why do women and men, feel like they have to be submissive to the other?

Like, why do women date men that tell them what to do and pretty

much bark orders at them like they're there servant? And, same goes for men. Why do men date women who tell them what to do

and bark orders at them like they're there servant? Why do people

put up with that?

I personally believe, that relationships should have a large amount of respect from both people, that they should to be equals and it should be 50/50 partnership.That's what I want, I want us to be

equals and not demand things of each other. But ask nicely and

respectfully for the other to do something, but never asking the other to change anything about themselves and anything they do change should be for them and the other will be there to support the other one. That's what I want and I don't see anything wrong

with that.

I just don't get why both men and women, put up with having to

be submissive to the other. Like, why a guy would stay with a

girl who say's " you're clothes are ugly, so I'm gonna buy you new

ones" and then just buys him a whole new wardrobe, when it might

not even be he's style. But, it's hers so that all that matters. And, he doesn't say a thing he just, dresses the way she wants him to!

Then there's the women and I've seen girls on here who say " My boyfriend wants me to grow my hair long, so I'm doing it for him"

Really!? I've had several guys on here tell me I should grow my hair long, because I'd look better. Well, I'm about to make a public service announcement, so pay attention boys! I"M NOT GROWING MY HAIR LONG, EVER AGAIN! It's a sad state of affairs that I'll be doomed to singledom, because I choose to have short hair, but if that's the way the cookie crumbles, so be it! I could never let a

men tell me what to do or how to look and I don't get why a women

would put up with that or a men, it's insane!

The whole point of loving someone and committing to them, is accepting them as they are and them accepting you as you are.

That includes flaws, style of dress and hair length and etc etc. Why, don't people seem to comprehend this, it's pretty simple.

I guess most people don't think like me though, so...

Anyway, what do you think about this? And, would you ever be submissive to the opposite gender? Thanks! : )
Why do women and men, feel like they have to be submissive to the other?
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