New Age Proof Size Doesn't Matter: Croatia vs. Russia

Croatia vs. Russia
Croatia vs. Russia

Last night Croatia beat Russia at their World Cup football match.

Croatia is moving on to the semi finales with the winning score of 4:3 during the penalties.

The last time Croatia was this successful in football was when Ćiro Blažević was at the helm of the team coaching and supporting them all the way!

The Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarović was there at the game supporting her team, while Putin, although not present at the game reportedly took the defeat gracefully and considers his team heroes for fighting.

The team won during penalties and the Croatian footballer Modrić, who was deemed the stand out of the game with Russia, said he expects a difficult and demanding match against England!

Luka Modrić
Luka Modrić

England has come into the semi finales finally after almost 28 years. I'm sure the match will be spectacular - for all viewers - young and old!

Congratulations Croatia!

You deserve it!

New Age Proof Size Doesn't Matter: Croatia vs. Russia
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  • msg812
    i want to congratulate Russia more because they played against a team that is much more expensive than them. Crotia has stars who plays for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus e. t. c but Russia even doesn't have only one star. Russia has a humble squad. I guess only Modric's yearly earning is more than all Russian players' yearly earning. Crotia could win easily with its squad but i think crotia's coach is an coward. The team plays unnecessarily defensive football because of him. Crotia could easily defeat denmark and russia but You barely defeated these teams by penalties because of his tactics. I support you against England and I think crotia's squad is even better than england's squad but i think you can lose to england because of your coach.
    Good luck.
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    • msg812

      Congratulations for your victory.

    • msg812

      yeah i've already deserved being most helpful guy up to the end. I am the best opinion owner.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Croatia played well yesterday, though I think that the fact that Croatia won us doesn't has anything to do with the size of the country
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    • That was the point... Just because a country is small doesn't mean there are less quality people in it than a huge country like Russia...

    • Anonymous

      I get it but this match still that wasn't a really good example.

    • msg812

      Asker girl, maybe you should search how many medals does Russia usually have and how many medals does crotia usually have in the olympic games. Then you can rethink your theory about size:))

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  • Zorax
    Well, it was a great game, and Russians are cheering for us against England. Their team is just a pale shadow of former USSR team (which would have been much tougher opponent).
    U svakom slučaju, naprijed naši ;)
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    • Iron_Man

      Yes indeed what country are you from?

    • Zorax

      @Iron_Man Croatia 🇭🇷

    • Iron_Man


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  • Catholicgirl22
    I think Belgium proves this more.
    Panama v Belgium 0-3
    Tunisia v Belgium 2-5
    England v Belgium 0-1
    Japan v Belgium 2-3
    Brazil v Belgium 1-2
    If they beat France tommorrow after beating Brazil it will be truly a case of David slaying goliath
    New Age Proof Size Doesn't Matter: Croatia vs. Russia
  • ChocoLada
    Smaller countries rule, go Croatia, greetings from Montenegro ✌ 😎 👍
    Nema nas niđe boljih na svijetu no ođe na Balkanu ;)
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  • nbbn5
    Russia vs Croatia was the most thrilling game I ever saw
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  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Of course not. Neither in terms of area or population.
    You guys were so close.
    by the way, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is my new favorites world leader now
  • Femdomina
    Croatia sunked England, yesss, well done, I'm so happy, good luck in the finals, bravo Hrvatska!
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  • Waffles731
    Isn't most of Russia uninhabited
    It's like Canada.
    Most of Russia's population is in the smaller portion in Europe
    While most of Canada's population is within 100 miles of the U. S border
  • Iron_Man
    Go England
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    • Which England players are your favorites? =)

    • Iron_Man

      None. I just like to tease you from time to time ⚽ Russian girl

    • I knew it...
      I'm Croatian... Hahaha

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  • Nik1hil
    Hilarious title 🤣😂🤣
  • Trollfather
    Croatia will win on Sunday.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    Croatia more like scissor country ;DDDDDDD
    • It looks like a bird spreading its wings from the side... =)