Russia: Not Even In The Top 5 Issues Americans Care About Most


So why do the mainstream networks spend 55% of their news coverage on Russia when only 6% of Americans care about it?

Russia: Not Even In The Top 5 Issues Americans Care About Most

Notice how the media push A BIASED LIBERAL POLITICAL AGENDA down the throats of Americans disguised as honest reporting and spend more time on topics Americans find far less important -- especially if they support a liberal agenda -- than on the topics far more important to Americans.

This is a disgusting tale of massive liberal media bias, media dishonesty, anti-democratic media principles and radical liberal political propaganda disguised as news... and it goes against everything this country stands for.

The news media today are in collusion with Democrats to push their agenda at the expense of what the American people find important. They have become nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece for the left. Instead of fairly reporting the news and responding to what the American people find important, their agenda is to TELL the American people what THEY want them to do, what THEY want them to believe, what THEY want them to think.

They don't want THE PEOPLE to be in control of the country. They want their liberal puppet-masters to be in control instead... even if it means using lies, fake news, false propaganda and deception to overturn the democratic will of the people and the duly elected President THE PEOPLE chose.

I can't think of anything more anti-democratic or anti-American than that.

Russia: Not Even In The Top 5 Issues Americans Care About Most

Networks Spend 55% of Time Covering Russia-Trump, But Only 6% of Americans Say It’s ‘Top Issue’

Russia: Not Even In The Top 5 Issues Americans Care About Most
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  • goaded
    The poll does say that well over half the population think the Russia story is important, and the media has only spent a small amount of time on each version of the Russia story, if you treat each statement that's been shown to be a lie as a separate version.

    From the Bloomberg article:
    "Trump has called the expanding investigations into possible connections between his presidential campaign and Russia a “witch hunt.” But the public isn’t necessarily taking his side. Since the president’s decision to oust former FBI Director James Comey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s standing has improved. It’s now viewed favorably by 68 percent, up 10 points since December. Comey is viewed positively by 43 percent, while 36 percent see him negatively.

    Meanwhile, most Americans don’t share the president’s apparent soft spot for Vladimir Putin: 65 percent view the Russian president negatively -- and 53 percent say it’s realistic to think Russian hacking will disrupt future U. S. elections."
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  • LittleSally
    Well... neither is climate change apparently...
    I guess most of >Trump supporters are like cats - if you wave something shiny and bouncy around them they forget about everything else...

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  • RolandCuthbert
    The media is not suppose to cover what may be the most successful covert operation in history? The President and his staff has lied on numerous occasions regarding their contacts with Russia. There is a rather large list of administration officials who have had meetings, conducted business, or have interests in Russia.

    We are talking about a nation with an economy the size of Italy by the way.

    And if Trump fires Sessions just so he can fire the Independent Counsel, we will have a Constitutional Crisis. I don't know at that point how we can save our democracy.

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  • cutelilPigeon
    I don't know why the media chooses to talk about such things. This is why nobody should listen to them
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  • Rissyanne
    This is all the democrats have to talk about. They dont care about anything else...
  • John_Doesnt
    Nice ignorant rant. Now get back on your turnip truck and drive to church.
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  • zagor
    So tell me, what are the news orgs supposed to cover about jobs and unemployment, or health care?
    • How about a discussion between opposing views. How about covering REAL ISSUES that Americans are interested in instead of constantly trying to gin up fake issues intended solely for the purpose of trying to undermine the duly elected president because they didn't vote for him and then creating fake stories to justify the fake issues to try to undo the election?

    • zagor

      Because unfortunately we don't get discussions about real issues, we get competing sales jobs that talk past each other trying to push their points without addressing the counterarguments.

    • That's what a debate is about. There is nothing wrong with that. You try to sell people on your ideas and I try to sell them on mine. That's how debates work. But the Democrats don't want a debate about the issues Americans care about. They want to PREVENT that debate. Why? Because they know they will lose. So instead, they do everything they can to distract the country from the issues and PREVENT the debate from even taking place. That's what this Russia BS is all about. They don't want a discussion. They want to SHUT IT DOWN because they know they can't win in a debate. In the marketplace of ideas, they always lose. So their agenda is to shut down the marketplace and try to impose their will BY FORCE instead of people hearing their ideas and voluntarily buying them. That's why they don't allow conservative speakers to speak on college campuses. That's why they shout down and try to drown out anyone who dares disagree with them.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Russia is just a joke: the US itself meddled in too many elections of other countries, Russia included.
    While the masses divert their attention to Russia and Comey , Ryan and Trump push Conservative Tea party economics through.
    Health insurance: MUST be destroyed.
    Climate accords: gone.
    Environment agency: castrated
    Public schools will be gone as soon as Devos can do it.
    Etc, etc.

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    • Anonymous

      And the jailed thugs of Betsy Devos' brother were released from jail a few days ago.

  • Anonymous
    Interesting how Americans have such a short memory. The GOP spent most of the 20th century and the first part of this century, completely demonizing the former USSR and Russia. They were the "Great Satan," blah, blah, blah. The entire build up of our military was in response to their build up. Remember the Cold War? Now, all of a sudden, Russia is a non-issue, and it's ok to play nice with Putin. WTF?
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    • jacquesvol

      The time the GOP spent making much noise about Obama's birth certificate seems forgotten.

  • Anonymous
    Um it's kinda important that the us democratic process was manipulated by a foreign country.

    Nice bull stats.
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    • Why? America interferes with other country's elections, other countries have a right to interfere in American elections.

    • @Bezbozhnikustanka Are you American?

    • @RolandCuthbert No, I hate American hypocracy, always interfering in other countries affairs, then they cry foul when other countries interfere in their affairs.

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  • Anonymous
    Your percents are based on polls that CNS conducts. There sample size is only those that actually go onto their site and vote in the poll. So most people who vote are conservative because anyone else doesn't go on that website.

    If CNN did a poll on their website from those that visit their site I can assure you the results would be vastly different.

    You talk about other media saying it's "anti-democratic" I guess you think censorship is democratic since you only want one point of view.
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    • goaded

      It's actually from a Bloomberg poll, but focusing on a single "top issue" obscures that most Americans are concerned about Russia's actions.