The Amazing Victory Of France in FIFA 2018


Hello everyone,

It's me again.

Today I had the honor to watch the final match of Mundial from up close while sitting at the VIP bleachers.

It really was one if the best expiriences that I'll remember forever!

And since I'm still here, I decided to take a break from the party and the celebration to write about France's win!

Picture that I found online : French team members celebrating a goal!
Picture that I found online : French team members celebrating a goal!

I have to admit it was an extremely intense match, everyone in the field was full of life, shouting, celebrating and the french team played amazingly.

It was clear that they deserved to be the champions!

Picture that I've found online : Celebrating his goal!
Picture that I've found online : Celebrating his goal!

The score ended at: 4-2

Giving the one and only France the winner's title and her 18th win in FIFA 2018!

The goals from the winning team were:

#1 Mandzukic at 18'

#2 Griezmann at 38'

#3 Pogba at 59'

#4 Mbappe at at 65'

For everyone that was actually there, it was clear from the beginning that the team that lost didn't stand a chance in front of the masters of football, but still, congrats for trying Croatians.

2nd place isn't bad for a 'small country' is it? πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Again, France you played amazingly.

We are proud that you showed your extrodinary footall skills in Russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί!

Congratulations you made history!

The Amazing Victory Of France in FIFA 2018

It was a pleasure having you in our country everyone.

See you in 4 years!



The Amazing Victory Of France in FIFA 2018
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Most Helpful Girls

  • menina
    Wow! I would love to have the same experience that you did. It must have been amazing!
    I think Croatia did a great job, maybe they will be the next European champions.
    But I'm happy for France, they lost against Portugal but now they are the World Champions, which is much better! :)
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    • menina

      Thanks for the MHO. :)

  • olga2530
    this is class !!!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Oram52
    Croatia played very well but it was apparent France were going to be a challenge. France definitely didn't deserve that penalty nonetheless they clinched the final with 4 goals overall.

    I loved though how croatian President acted like mommy haha :)
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    • AngelicSin

      Like a mommy?
      I was there it was the most uncomfortable thing for the players ever, she looked like she enjoyed too much the touching.

    • Oram52

      Some of them were uncomfortable yeh notice that too. One or two at least I remember were quite happy being mothered Lol

      How did you end up in VIP lounge anyway?

    • AngelicSin

      My parents were invited there

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  • 390Pendolino
    France deserved this right from the start, congratulations France!
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  • Ki_Wavy
    tbf, it wasn't an "amazing" victory.
    1 goal was a sincerely bad call which resulted in a free kick; even the announcers knew it was a dive--resulted in an own goal--they didn't even get a head on it.
    the other goal was just a penalty from an unintentional hand ball--shouldn't have been awarded.
    Felt Croatia's goal had so much more finesse to it. it was incredible. i think they lost a little drive when it hit 4; that's all.
    • AngelicSin

      We agree to disagree then, Croatia didn't deserve it.

    • Ki_Wavy

      but, hey, they won... give credit where credit is due.

    • Ki_Wavy

      why didn't they deserve it? seemed like a lot of luck from france/africa.

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  • CuChullan
    An incompetent referee who probably never played football in his life, was suspended previously for in correctly awarding a penalty. It was ball to hand, not hand to ball. Therefore no penalty.
    France may have won the World Cup.
    Croatia won people's hearts.
    • AngelicSin

      Not Russia's heart.

    • CuChullan

      You think one Slavic nation wouldn't support another Slavic nation?

    • AngelicSin

      I'm Russian, living in the capital. You really think that you know my country and people better than me?

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  • Sociopathvictim
    France did not deserve to win it, they cheated first by Griezmann diving for a freekick that lead to the first goal. The french then hounded the referee and bullied him into using VAR to decide a handball, which wasnt! It was clearly ball to hand, the croatian had pushed his arms down to avoid a handball, he had no idea it was going to hit his hand. French fans prevented a significant chance for Croatia to score, they ran onto the pitch. The french and the referees of Fifa are cheats and bias.
    • AngelicSin

      We agree to disagree

    • oh and are you going to disagree about another referee bias, a quick freekick was going to lead to a croatian goal only for the ref to stop the attack when the croatian got behind the french defense, he called it back to be retaken (on the half way line). He pointed to his whistle like they have to wait for his whistle. Referees are not supposed to do this unless its taken from the wrong spot or on the edge of the box when he's organising a wall. It was the halfway line! You clearly don't understand bias, you just dont want your country being shamed, i get it, but you need to understand how disgusting this final was.

    • AngelicSin

      I'm not going to read all that it seems too boring

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  • Pineapple_Boy
    Croatia handed the World Cup to France. That own goal and silly penalty cost Croatia the game. Overall Croatia was the team of the Tournament. I'm really happy for Modric tho.
    • AngelicSin

      We agree to disagree

    • No its a fact. Everyone who watches football (real fans) know this.

    • AngelicSin

      The only fact it's that you are annoying. I'm a real football fan and I disagree now get off my post

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  • Ephemera1
    France didn't deserve it. They should've been knocked out by Belgium, but the official for that game was just terrible. In today's game they were being dominated by Croatia in the first half and at the start of the second half until fans ran onto the pitch at such a key counter attack. Let's not forget two terrible calls leading to two goals. But shit happens and that's football for you, congrats to France.
    • nakhrewali


    • Ephemera1

      @nakhrewali Congratulations to your poon

  • Idontgetitatall
    What exactly was amazing about it? An team full of Africans (who are inherently stronger and more enduring than whites) winning over a small country? It's brute force. This championship was the worst actually. Not that you should be surprised of it when it happens in mother Π―ussia :D
    • AngelicSin

      Afraid to write your opinion with a name on babydoll?

    • Afraid of writing an actual argument with proven facts instead of semi-ironic aggressive statement in hopes to provoke me? Nice try :)

      There you go. Now you see me. But I don't see your constructive opinion πŸ€”

    • If you don't like it, you can report it. Have a nice day kid.

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  • Dingsbums
    I still think Croatia deserved the victory😂
    And how could u write that so fast lol
    • AngelicSin

      I'm a fast writer and I strongly disagree

    • Dingsbums

      I disagree to ur disagreement

      Or however u say that grammatically correct πŸ˜‚

  • ThisDudeHere
    Judging by your replies to others here, you seem very much biased.
    • Biased and conceited about the French team

    • AngelicSin

      That's because I'm indeed

    • AngelicSin

      @InTimoreDei no shit sherlock

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  • Joker8
    They were lucky as fuck and it's wasn't deserved
    Croatia had 14 shots on goal not mentioning the other shots and France had only 7
    Croatia had 61% possession in the first half
    Griezmann faked the fall on the first foul which resulted in a goal for France which wasn't deserved
    The hand touch from the Croatian defender was unintentional so it shouldn't have been a penalty
    And the extra 2 goals for France were great but it was only because Croatia team mentality fell and they weren't playing as seriously
    • AngelicSin

      You weren't there babydoll, I was

    • AngelicSin

      Don't show how much it bother you though it's rude

    • Joker8

      Sorry I don't get that

  • Riggers
    ''For everyone that was actually there, it was clear from the beginning that the team that lost didn't stand a chance in front of the masters of football, but still, congrats for trying Croatians.''

    You don't have a clue about football. The freekick was not an actual freekick, Griezeman dived. And it was a lucky owngoal, And the penalty call was absolutely brutal.

    2 Undeserved / unlucky goals and 1 greatly worked goal in the first half and you're telling people from the beginning they didn't stand a chance? You clearly don't understand anything about the game other then whats on the scoresheet.
  • Pamina
    Congratulations to France! I don't think they were the better team today, and during the first half they actually played pretty shit, but overall they were the best team of the World Cup, so it's alright.
  • vekin
    I disagree that they played amazingly and that they deserved to win.

    They were more effectively today and there were two moments the referee was on their hands.
  • TheOneLol
    Lol you saying Croatia didn't stand a chance just tells me how little you know about football.
    Go home kiddo play with dolls or something
    • AngelicSin

      You are croatian that's why I'll forgive you for being an asshole because you are hurt that your team lost, go be annoying in another's person's comment section though, not mine.

    • Elizzie

      Croatia did stand a chance, France was just more coordinated.

  • AEther
    my favourite part was when that one guy who i've never met who was wearing the same coloured shirt as a bunch of other guys who were running around on a field kicked a ball past some other people who were all wearing another colour of shirts from him, and it went in to a net. that was so terribly exciting!
  • Logorithim
    I think France's victory in the 1998 World Cup was amazing and this one was anticlimatic as they really had the best team.
    • yes this is their 20th anniversary win
      from the 1998 world cup
      I was only 1 or 2 years old when that happened

    • Logorithim

      Read up on their win vs Italy in the KO Phase. I watched in with French and Italian guys at a bar in London- so much emotion on both sides.

  • AbdKilani
    Wow great for you, VIP lounge must have been awesome :)
    @hasrett hard luck , i feel bad for Luka :( he is one of the best players out there
    • he did well I have to admit

      but there was no stopping Mbappe,
      he was so good it was scary
      scary good

    • AbdKilani

      @JellyDonutguy96 Maybe

  • ChocoLada
    LoL, "amazing", yeah right, the referee was their best player... only Serbs and French were against Croatia.
    For me, Croatia is the real champion, greetings from Montenegro to our best neighbors!
  • Catholicgirl22
    I wanted Croatia or Belgium to win if only to prove that a small country could triumph against the traditional footballing giants like Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Argentina
  • Bananaman177
    Are any of the French players actually French?
    • AngelicSin

      Are any of your jokes actually funny?

    • Only Pavard and Thiavun are french... others not. All are mixed with something else.
      Im sad that this russian girl seems to be a liberal. I thought russian women still know that Europe is for Europeans... seems like not all of them are this way...

    • AngelicSin

      @MyUsernameFake Bite me.

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  • 3rdSrike
    croatia was way better but france scored more goals, even in football there is something called luck
    • Pikachula

      Actually they both scored 3 goals πŸ˜‚ mandzukic had some bad luck..

    • 3rdSrike

      @Pikachula yeah... they did have bad luck first came that goal then the penality , in reality though croatia controlled the match but france lucked out and took a couple of opportunities.

  • Gabis
    Is this "France National Football Team" or Africa Continental Football Team?
    • AngelicSin

      Is it @Gabis or @YouAreNotFunnyLikeAtAll?

  • Guanfei
    At least it showed how people hate french people so much that they'd root for North Korea if they were against us. That victory has shown that we weren't quite welcome on this site.
    Guess it's a sign I should pack my bags and get off that community.
    • Shocked with the hatred myself and France would win it if no penalties or own goals happened either way so seems well deserved to me.
      But what's wrong about rooting for north korea lol? Not like you root for their government but the players.

    • They don't hate the French. They hate the people who could stoop so low for glory.

  • Jupiter1
    I woke up late and missed watching the match. I was hoping for a Croatian win. Now, I'm glad I missed the game.
  • Muhammad1999
    lucky france , they dont deserve the cup.
  • Omar5881
    félicitations à la France. The game was awesome Croatia was awesome the whole tournament but France was just better.
  • nbbn5
    Mbappe at at 65'
    The teenager must be really happy :)
    And the tell me who were the people who entered the field 😂?
    • nbbn5


    • Elizzie

      Mbappe was the second teenager in 60 years to score in the Fifa WCF!

    • nbbn5

      @Elizzie yeah after Pele.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • hasrett
    Love you Croatiaaa!!! <3

    Congrats to France. 😊
  • AlisseLoide
    Croatia played very well but France won and deserved the victory 😁
  • Deukalion
    International team of Africa not France 😂😂😂😂😂
    • AngelicSin

      Get out.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Deukalion

      stop inviting me in your questions

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  • moviedude714
    I wanted Croatia to win but I knew that France was the overwhelming odds favorite to win it all
    well, i like ballet β™‘

    are you french?
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Trollfather
    I'm glad Croatia got that far. Good game.
  • Pikachula
    Croatia 🇭🇷🇭🇷❀
  • JellyDonutguy96

    Hooray France

  • TheDreamRunner
    First own goal in a FIFA final
  • BronzedAdonis
    not a soccer fan
  • Jordan26
    Hurray 😊
  • Salmon4056
    Nice mytake
  • clampfan101
    This is more like news than a take...
  • lazermazer
    Haha 😎😎😎
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    good take
    croatians are salty lmfao
  • Anonymous
    Amazing? Really?
    • AngelicSin

      Get the anonymous off and I'll answer you sweetheart.

    • Anonymous

      I'm good thanks, toots.

    • AngelicSin

      Afraid little bitch?

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  • Anonymous
    It wasn't amazing. it was very boring having 2 european countries in the final. all in all very boring world cup. disappointing.

    Belgium wouldve been great to win. France is lucky the Croatian goalkeeper is an idiot
  • Anonymous
    Did you really write it there? So fast?
    • AngelicSin

      Like I said I'm pretty talanted, and the time that it took france to celebrate the win before the award arrive was pretty looong

    • Anonymous

      Uh huh cool

    • AngelicSin

      Why anonymous babydoll?

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  • Anonymous
    That French team shouldn't have been allowed to play as all their players are African.
    • Anonymous

      What makes you say that? I mean Liberals and their plan to make natives a minority in their own country seems to have worked flawlessly.

    • AngelicSin

      I mean that no matter what they freakin race is, they are french. Born there, speak that language, live there.
      Get your head out of your ass a little so ou can see the real world

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they still aren't natives. Like I said, European people are now the minority in their own country.

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