The Last Time Every National Football League (NFL) Team Made the Postseason (And Their Chances for This Season)


We are now in December, which is the final month of the regular NFL season. Here is a list of the most recent season every team has made the playoffs, and I used an advanced computer model from to figure out their chances for the making the postseason in the 2018-2019 season(The season in parentheses is the last time that team made the postseason).

Philadelphia Eagles 5-6(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 18%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Cowboys, on 12/09/18.

Who could forget Super Bowl LII, where David slayed Goliath in arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time? It was the first Super Bowl victory in Eagles' franchise history(fourth championship title in their franchise history), and Nick Foles miraculously wins the Super Bowl MVP over the legendary cheater Tom Brady. Another underdog NFC East team had beaten the Patriots for the third time in ten seasons.

But oh, have the mighty fallen. As soon as Starting Quarterback Carson Wentz came back from his injury, this team has seemed to collapse. It's very unlikely they will make the postseason this year, as they are suffering from a major Super Bowl Hangover.

New England Patriots 8-3(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 99%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Steelers, on 12/16/18.

The Patriots were stunned with defeat in Super Bowl LII last season, but that doesn't stop the fact they are on their way to winning their tenth consecutive division title, and more than likely making it to the AFC Championship Game for the eighth consecutive season. They are unethical, but also a dynasty. They are unique because their division games aren't important at all(since they virtually always have that locked up)-it's about securing home-field advantage throughout the postseason.

Minnesota Vikings 6-4-1(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 60%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Seahawks, on 12/10/18.

The Vikings were so close to being the first team in NFL history to play a championship game in their home stadium. I'm not sure anyone knows why they collapsed so bad in the NFC Championship Game, but it is what it is. Case Keenum was due for a bad game, and the defense forgot how to play football.

Nonetheless, a division title looks out of reach this season, but at least a Wild Card spot looks likely for this beaten-down team.

Jacksonville Jaguars 3-8(2017-2018)

Current Chance: Less than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @titans, 12/06/18.

It's hard to believe this team almost beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game last season. After a 3-1 start with a rewarding defeat against the Patriots this season, they are now on a bizarre seven game skid, but at least Blake Bortles finally lost his starting job. If the Jaguars want to pull off a miracle run, a lot of bizarre events have to happen.

Atlanta Falcons 4-7(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 4%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Packers, on 12/09/18.

The Falcons lost easily in the playoffs last year, and they have been injured all season, and this season has been a disaster for then. They've already been eliminated from winning the division, and if they want to snag a Wild Card, they will have to win out, and the Packers are also fighting for this same miracle to occur.

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3-1(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 94%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Patriots, on 12/16/18

The Steelers are similar to the Patriots: Their division is rarely an issue, but the playoff seeding is the main focus. Without a doubt, they should win their division this season. That Steelers/Patriots game will be a repeat of last season, except now the Chiefs are thrown in the mix: Who will win that #1 Seed in the AFC? And unlike last season, they won't suffer a humiliating loss to the Jaguars in the postseason.

New Orleans Saints 10-2(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 99%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Panthers, on 12/30/18.

The Saints lost to the Vikings last season in the NFC Division Round on the last play of one of the most epic NFL games of all time. It was a bitter loss, but their season this year has been like a bat out of Hell! They are very likely to win their division at this point, but if anything will stop them, it will be that final Panthers game of the season. They look like the 2009-2010 Saints, and Drew Brees is pumped for his first MVP Award.

Tennessee Titans 5-6(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 20%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Colts, on 12/30/18.

The Titans got destroyed in the playoffs against the mighty Patriots last year, but this year has been mediocrity all around. They have a slim chance of making the playoffs, and that final game against the Colts could make the difference between a 2nd Wild Card, and no playoffs. All hair Marcus Mariota, right?

Carolina Panthers 6-5(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 30%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Saints, 12/30/18

The Panthers suffered a loss against their division rival Saints last season in the Wild Card Round, but this season, they have to blitz four division rival games out of their final five, which includes two games against the Saints.

The Panthers are basically done this season because of their brutal schedule to end the season, but they might snag a Wild Card Spot if they can beat the Saints at least once. Right now, I would say unlikely, but not totally out of it either.

Kansas City Chiefs 9-2(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 99%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Chargers, on 12/13/18.

The Chiefs had a major choke in the postseason last year blowing that huge lead against the Titans, but this season has been a very pleasant surprise: Patrick Mahomes, and the rest of his elite team. Even though they cut Kareem Hunt due to moral issues(rightfully so), they are certain to make the postseason because of their cakewalk schedule to close out the season. If a team will compete with them for the division title, it will be the Chargers.

Los Angeles Rams 10-1(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 99%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Bears, on 12/09/18.

The Rams looked like an embarrassment in the postseason last year, but they are arguably the best team in the NFL this season. They are probably going to clinch the division this weekend, and they were my Super Bowl winners I predicted before the season began. The question is, can they win out the rest of the schedule to finish 15-1, and have a First-Round BYE locked up? The Bears game will determine this.

Buffalo Bills 4-7(2017-2018)

Current Chance: 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Dolphins, on 12/30/18.

What is it with teams that went to the postseason last year, and are complete garbage this season? For all intents, and purposes, the Bills are done. They might claw their way to a surprise Wild Card spot by beating the Dolphins in the final game of the season, but it won't happen.

Green Bay Packers 4-6-1(2016-2017

Current Chance: 5%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Lions, on 12/30/18.

It's hard to believe the Packers are in this spot after decades of dominance. The last postseason game they played in was the NFC Championship Game against the Falcons, where they choked in the end of the game. Their team can't support Aaron Rodgers, and their team is a mess right now. They can win out, and hope no other team continues to win.

Seattle Seahawks 6-5 (2016-2017)

Current Chance: 73%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Vikings, on 12/10/18.

The Seahawks also lost to the Falcons in the 2016-2017 season to get knocked out in the Division Round of the NFC playoff, but this season, they will probably snag a 2nd Wild Card spot. That Vikings game will be critical though.

Dallas Cowboys 7-5(2016-2017)

Current Chance: 78%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Eagles, on 12/09/18

The Cowboys were very confident they would beat the Packers in the NFC Division Game in the 2016-2017 season, and they were stunned at the Packers comeback that game. These days, the Cowboys are in a unique spot where they have the same chance of winning their division as winning the 2nd Wild Card. That final nail in the coffin against the Eagles might seal the deal, granted, the Redskins aren't too far behind either.

Houston Texans 8-3(2016-2017)

Current Chance: 96% Chance.

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Colts, on 12/09/18.

The last time the Texans were in the playoffs, they had to face the Patriots in Foxborough, and I don't think anything else needs to be said.

The Texans have rebounded from an 0-3 start, to an easy division title(granted, they have the easiest schedule of this season so far.) The Texans bigger question will be their seeding, which very likely could be determined in the final game of the season.

Detroit Lions 4-7(2016-2017)

Current Chance: 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Packers, on 12/30/18.

The Lions choked again in the 2016-2017 NFC Wild Card Round against the Seahawks. This season doesn't look much better, but at least they beat the Patriots, and Packers. The problem is, they won't make the playoffs unless a miracle happens.

New York Giants 3-8(2016-2017)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @redskins, on 12/09/18.

Back in the 2016-2017 season, people really thought the Giants were primed for a miracle run in the postseason again. Unfortunately for them, the Packers took care of business really quick in the NFC Wild Card Game. And this season has been a disaster. It's time for Eli Manning to retire anyway.

Oakland Raiders 2-9(2016-2017)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Broncos, on 12/24/18(Christmas Eve).

The Raiders were destined to make an epic run in the 2016-2017 season, but late-season injuries, came an easy first-round loss against the Texans that season. These days, the Raiders are arguably the worst team in the NFL. If they want to pull off the bizarre miracle of making the postseason, a series of loony events needs to happen. And it won't.

Miami Dolphins 5-6(2016-2017)

Current Chance: 5%

Most Important Game Remaining: @bills, on 12/30/18.

When the Dolphins met up against the Steelers in the 2016-2017 AFC Wild Card Game, they were lucky just to be there. It wasn't very pretty, and this season has been ugly too. It's possible they could beat their division rival at the end of the season to do a surprise sneak, but don't expect it.

Denver Broncos 5-6(2015-2016-Super Bowl 50)

Current Chance: 13%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Chargers, on 12/30/18.

Super Bowl 50 seems like a forgettable game, but to make it more memorable for you guys, it was the last game Peyton Manning played, and his second Super Bowl win. Either way, those days are over, and now the Broncos are a mediocre team desperate for a Wild Card Spot. That defense could carry them again.

Arizona Cardinals 2-9(2015-2016)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Seahawks, on 12/30/18.

It's hard to believe just three years ago, the Cardinals were taking on the Panthers in the NFC Championship game(which they barely lost in), but that was a reality. Now, they're one of the worst teams in the league.

Washington Redskins 6-5(2015-2016)

Current Chance: 35%

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Eagles, on 12/30/18.

The Redskins became another victim of the Packers to lose in the NFC Wild Card Round three years ago. Now, the question remains: Does any team want to win that NFC East Division? Right now, a Wild Card spot is more likely, and every game is very important for them. It will probably come down to the very last game of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals 5-6(2015-2016)

Current Chance: 6%

Most Important Game Remaining: @chargers, on 12/09/18.

I'm a Bengals fan, so it's hard to erase that AFC Wild Card Game in the 2015-2016 season when the Steelers came back at the tail-end of the game to beat us because Jeremy Hill decided to fumble a ball..

And this season continues our disappointment. We started off 4-1, and due to the worst defense in the NFL, and a slew of injuries, we are now a low-tier team. We won't make the postseason, but if we want that glimmer of hope, we absolute must win out the rest of the schedule, and we must beat the Chargers next week.

Indianapolis Colts 6-5(2014-2015 Season)

Current Chance: 20%

Most Important Game Remaining: @titans, on 12/30/18.

The 2014-2015 AFC Championship Game was the infamous Deflategate Game, where Tom Brady was accused of deflating footballs to assist him in winning(oddly enough, just seven years after Bill Belichick's Spygate incident). The Colts were destroyed anyway, but it was an interesting thing to happen. Now, the Colts have had a rollercoaster season, where almost every game remaining is as important as each other.

Baltimore Ravens 6-5(2014-2015 Season)

Current Chance: 46%

Most Important Game Remaining: @chargers, 12/22/18.

The Ravens were competitive in an epic AFC Division Round Game in the 2014-2015 season against the Patriots, but ultimately lost. Now, a coin toss decides the Ravens' fate after a slow start. Just like many other teams on this list, the Chargers might decide that fate.

San Francisco 49ers 2-9(2013-2014 Season)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%.

Most Important Game Remaining: vs Seahawks, on 12/16/18.

In the 2013-2014 NFC Championship Game, Colin Kaepernick wasn't a bad name, and the 49ers were simply stumped by the Seahawks. Now, the 49ers are a total atrocity. Early season injuries ruined this season.

San Diego Chargers 8-3(2013-2014 Season)

Current Chance: 88%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Chiefs, on 12/13/18.

It's been five years since the Chargers simply couldn't handle Peyton Manning, and his elite defense in the 2013-2014 AFC Championship Game. Now, it's very likely this drought will be snapped, thanks to a more complete Chargers team. They actually have a run for the division title, and the Chiefs will be big hurdle for the Chargers to overcome.

Chicago Bears 8-3(2010-2011 Season)

Current Chance: 96%

Most Important Game Remaining: @Vikings, on 12/30/18.

It's been a long eight years since we've seen the Bears in the postseason. Remember the Packers ruining another team's chance of making it in the postseason? I barely do. That's what happened to the bears in the 2010-2011 NFC Championship Game. The good news is, the Bears are nearly certain to snap this drought, and look like possible Super Bowl contenders thanks to an elite defense led by Khalil Mack.

New York Jets 3-8(2010-2011 Season)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @titans, on 12/02/18.

In the 2010-2011 AFC Championship Game, the Steelers ruined the lives of the Jets. Remember when the Jets won the first game of this season, and everyone got excited..that was old news. The Jets will now go their ninth consecutive season without making the postseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7(2007-2008 Season)

Current Chance: Less Than 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @ravens, on 12/16/18.

In the 2007-2008 season, the Buccaneers lost against the Miracle Giants in the NFC Wild Card Game. This was back when Jameis Winston was 13 years old. Now, the Buccaneers are having an odd year where they actually play elite at times, but are still having a terrible season. Their streak is certain to extend to twelve consecutive seasons.

Cleveland Browns 4-6-1(2002-2003 Season)

Current Chance: 1%

Most Important Game Remaining: @ravens, on 12/30/18.

Poor, Poor, Browns.

Not only do they play in Ohio, and have a rookie Quarterback, but they have a Tie on their record, an intern Head Coach with no experience, and they're still the Browns. Last year, not only did they gain the new spot for the longest postseason drought, they also became the second NFL Team of all time to finish 0-16. Do you remember the 2002-2003 AFC Wild Card Game where the Browns lost to the Steelers in a shootout? I don't. I don't because I was twelve years old, and didn't watch football at the time. Tim Couch was their Quarterback, and they had a diverse, and talented roster.

This season, the Browns have improved without a doubt, but unfortunately, they also have a tough schedule so far. But they're still a below average team regardless of their schedule, and the longest NFL postseason drought will extend to 17 consecutive seasons.

The Last Time Every National Football League (NFL) Team Made the Postseason (And Their Chances for This Season)
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