Why are we boys lied to and deceived? Women are easier to fight, after all?

So i train MMA. The club says MMA, but its just... kickboxing. Anyway.

(by the way i got my age wrong, i am younger, stupid me)

But i am there for like... uh.. 16 days now. I am novice. The thing is, 14 days ago, some self-defense dude came, talked with our coach and convinced him it seems...

Okay, what's actually happening is, ofc. low blows are not allowed in our club/gym. But despite that, most of us boys still have groin guards, and sometimes we do wear them. There is nothing wrong with protecting ourselves. In our place, girls can sometime spar with boys. So i've heard, girls sometimes took advantage of guys who forgot to wear their cup in their sparring. Never seen it or experienced it myself. But hey, i am not surprised, and people are not surprised by girl's unfair fighting. Altho i've heard, when they have done it, they have been scolde.

Now, what exactly changed 14 days ago, is that, we were told to stay up later, after the girls have left. So this guy can explain us, show us, that girls are actually weaker, more fragile, as fast as us at best, or kinda slower. And that they have more weaknesses than us boys. He demonstrated on a woman that came with him (which i swear, felt like she was forced to be there, you could see on her face, she didn't want any of that). He talked and showed us about breasts, lower belly/ovaries, and clitoris. He demonstrated on her (multiple times), how exactly to attack those places. He also mentioned, that he noticed the girls in our club/gym, have the wrong stance, with their right side of the body towards the opponent, therefore how to strike them in the liver too. He explained that we boys are also almost as twice as strong in our upper body. And our coach allowed us to strike them in those places, except the groin.

Literally the next day, girls started noticing the change. Ever since then, the girls haven't won a single spar, and it doesn't feel like a spar anymore, it feels like a slaughter. As of today, half of them left

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Damn, ran out of space. But wanted to say, half of them have left already, and those who stayed... don't want to spar with us boys anymore.
At first, it felt nice how the tables have turned, but now... girls are kinda afraid of us. We don't interact as much anymore. This guys said, if they don't respect us, then they should at least fear us.
Yeah, but now they really do fear us, dislike us, and i feel like something is lost...
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How come we boys were fooled our whole lives, like that? Being told, that women have no weaknesses, when its the opposite - they have them more. The techniques he demonstrated, were about how to specifically strike and hurt a female in her respective regions.
Ever since we started doing it ourselves, you could see girls are about to tear up. It really hurts them, and he made the woman say, the female groin can really hurt as much
Why are we boys lied to and deceived? Women are easier to fight, after all?
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