Hasn't Social Media Gone Too Far?


Hasn't social media gone too far?

Yes, this is going to get very deep but I think people need to open their eyes as to what's happening to this world.

Facebook started off as a tool to communicate with friends and family. To share photos with them and inform them of what you were doing in your lives. I can't have been the only one to notice that this has completely now spiralled out of control.

They've now developed Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp you name it. They've created it.

This isn't a rant about how we need to stop using it. This is a rant about how we need to OPEN OUR EYES and realise this is NOT reality.

You may be sharing real life pictures with people and commenting on pictures of your real life friends. But the ability to create a second identity with these media's is becoming ridiculous.

Filters- they make you look fake. They aren't you. Trying to make yourself look better and 'fit in' by adding a ludwig filter to your face isn't going to make you look any different in real life and people already know you don't look like that. Why are you trying to make yourself look better?? Can't you accept who you are an upload an NON EDITED picture.

I can't help but notice relationships are also becoming ruined by social media. Girls especially, can't lie, I have been guilty of this until I opened my eyes. It's a picture, if he likes it he appreciates it WE CANNOT STOP THAT, same with us, we like photos of attractive men. For goodness sake we can now track the boys on a map using Snapchat. This goes beyond the casual stalking of an Instagram page. Why is this being allowed to happen. Privacy doesn't exist anymore.

Crap he's in a McDonalds parking lot he must be cheating on me *opens girl group chat to have a good old bitching session about that and everything else he did*.

'He liked this girl Mary's photo on Instagram 2 months ago. Pretty sure they dated in year 7 quick let's chop his balls off'

Come on we're better than this surely.

I can't believe what this world is coming to.


Why does it matter how many you get? You need clarification? For what?

'I need people to know I'm beautiful, and I want to be told every time I upload that filtered selfie'

Maybe you don't openly say it but it's true isn't it.

We care too much, me included.

Popularity depending on followers and likes. How many people who follow you do you actually know? :') those people with 1K. Unless you're someone famous how did you manage that huh? How many are your friends and how many did you just let in because 'oooh if I leave my account off private for a bit more time people will find me'....

And even worse...the apps that now allow you to BUY this kinda stuff. Buy more followers and likes. Buy clarification from others.

It's pathetic.

I'm 18 and I think if I can see this everyone else must be able to as well I cannot be the only one. I have recently been panicking because my boyfriend liked a picture of an ex from years ago. They went out for a month. I have recently woken up to how pathetic I have been over this and after looking through this site. I have realised the amount of relationship and dating questions being asked revolving around activity on social media, and what a like means.

I'm telling you now. It's not real life. A like means nothing. I'm trained to double tap everything that catches my eye on Instagram. It's a habit.

We're being torn apart by social media. I personally believe it should go back to how it was. Facebook for a good old catch up and the odd uploaded photo. Instagram- I'd rather go back to seeing what you ate for lunch that seeing cleavage and butt's all over my feed not gonna lie.

Snapchat- Get rid of streaks. People need to stop crying over the loss of a number. Get rid of that map, nobody wants to know where you are it arouses suspicion and it's pointless.

I don't want hate. It's just my personal opinion, and I would like you to share yours below :)

Hasn't Social Media Gone Too Far?
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  • KnightCastor
    I agree wholeheartedly. I have no social media whatsoever.. other than random forum accounts (Reddit, Gag, youtube).

    I've seen relationships end because a guy liked a girls photo, the girl started following some guy, etc. Are u serious? WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    I have also seen questions on this site like: "Guy has no social media.. What do you think?" Has it gotten to a point where you are seen as weird for not having social media?

    The amount of filters and editing on photos is just crazy to me. Also, the lengths people take just to get a good photo. Don't even get me started on "Instagram models". The worst type of people out there.

    Social media is the most annoying thing. I can't even be friends with, or date someone who is obsessed with social media.
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    • Grace_Rdz

      Wow, so true

    • Unit1

      Fully agreed! We have turned into full degeneracy and it's not even funny. It's horrible! And ridiculous. We have reached a point, where i wouldn't call myself a human anymore with that common kind of behavior. Social media has managed to take control over us. I thought we were better than that.

Most Helpful Guy

  • sovetskii13
    Good. I totally agree. And there have been many articles written on this subject. Humanity is dying. Our privacy is gone because of many reasons. We will soon have robots for many many things. Possibly even become robots someday. Social media has made us more competitive against each other. Whoever has the greatest amount of followers, views, likes is the winner. I doubt anything will be done about it. The people who use these apps and the businesses that run these apps will start a riot or something of that nature. We are doomed.
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  • Solanaceae
    Yep. Totally agree with you. I don't have any social media. No SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even with no social media I still feel the need to be... I dunno... appreciated by the world I guess? In real life, nobody's ever told me I was pretty, aside from family. I think that fuels me to use pictures of me that are filtered, colored, and edited. And on here I get told I'm pretty by strangers, and as creepy as it is, I feel sorta flattered. It's twisted.
  • meowcow
    I hate to break it to you but social media can only ruin your life if the person decides to engage in it.

    I am a pretty computer-savvy person who likes technology. Any gadgets, lasers, drones, smartphone.. etc, I will buy. I am probably one of the earliest facebook users... long before any of my friends joined, and long before facebook allowed the general public to join.

    That being said, I am a private person, and I limit the degree of information I put online. I have instagram, but I do not post about myself. I recently got married... never mentioned it on facebook. Had a daughter... never mentioned it on social media. The reason is that I do not care about getting attention from people I don't know, and don't care about.

    Only those who I care about, who will call me when I am down, family and true friends will know about my life. They will know about my life because they will see me and talk to me about it. I don't need the 400+ facebook friends from high school, university, work... etc (most of whom I have not seen in decades) to know any of that.

    It is the individual who chooses to engage in social media... to go online begging for personal validation from strangers. I could not care less if some stranger in Australia saw my post and told me I have a cute baby.

    I think it is the failing of the parent to teach their children what is important in life, rather than blaming social media. It's always easy to blame a faceless, intangible entity because it cannot fight back. But the blame is truly upon ourselves.
  • Darkfairie17
    I agree, I think social media has become too involved in our day to day lives. I'm kind of glad I am older (I'm 27) and grew up a little before social media.

    Yes we had MySpace in my time. But that was for mainly following celebrities and adding cool music and backgrounds to your profile and of course picking a cool handle as your MySpace name.

    We definitely couldn't track people's whereabouts or post filtered pictures. I mean I'm sure there were profile picture makers, but those were not apps (apps didn't exist yet!).

    I grew up before Facebook! I remember when it first came out!

    I'm kind of glad I did because I don't feel as much pressure as younger people today feel to have to constantly be on and posting to their socials. I've never felt pressured to get a certain amount of likes on a profile picture or post.

    Especially now with the invent of smart phones (another thing I didn't have in high school!) we are now connected all day long. It's easy to post when you are out and about, it becomes an addiction. I know I am always checking my facebook. Though I am trying to lessen that.

    While I think it's great that people have the ability to share and post about their lives all the time. I think it's definitely become more of an obligation than a choice at this point for a lot of people.
  • This is why I don't have social media :)

    I have stayed away from it since the beginning, I keep staying away from it now.

    And the girls, who get upset about likes or harmless behavior of their boyfriends and peers. UGH BLOODY YUCK!!! That is ground enough for me for a break-up for the better. Relationships have become more about the social medias rather than in real life! I cannot tell you how deep this disgusts me!

    Privacy is dead today! The only way to maintain privacy is not being involved in social media at all. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2495342-how-un-important-is-privacy-today

    What happened to relationships in real life? You know, I mean that dimension where you see each other physically and have a walk around somewhere and communicate in person without those electronics.

    I am disgusted at what we have turned into. Disgusted. Grossed! It's really pathetic! Unbelievable.
    But at the same time I can't be too surprised what humanity has degenerated into.

    Now if you don't mind I have to go outside and meet real women in real life, not on the internet on social media.
  • Dale1982
    Yeah it should go back to the way it was. No internet, mobiles, computers, anything. You had to live a real life and talk to people and if you wanted to see a pace yoibtravelled there and if you wanted to communicate with your pal who was overseas you wrote a letter and posted it. It might sound Victorian age to you but the world was real back then. This feels like a bad forgery now this world. Buncha phony zombies everywhere
  • Stamps
    Indeed. I've never taken social media seriously and never will. It's something that shouldn't exist and doesn't add anything positive to this already dumb world.

    It kills your privacy and creates both stupid trends AND people.
  • ThisDudeHere
    What's the use of complaining about social media and the people who use it when you could just avoid both and do your own thing?
  • greycadillacs
    I mean, you can only point the finger so much at social media. It's the users who fuel it, y'know? Facebook, Instagram, etc wouldn't exist if people didn't use it en masse. And if users didn't use certain features (filters), they would just go away.

    Life is always going to be a popularity contest, with or without social media. I know that's not what you want, but it is what it is. Before social media, it was "keeping up with the Joneses" and having the best lawnmower/car/whatever vs your neighbors, and many people's sense of happiness and fulfillment depended on making comparisons to other people.

    And everyone was just putting on a front anyway, to seem happy or that their life is perfect. Social media makes it easier to fake that nowadays, but it did exist before, and it will continue to exist should FB, Instagram disappear.
  • GayHowellMeme
    I can agree. Social medias make us escape from the reality.
  • omykb1_one
    options are there for everybody.
    believe it or not you do not have to take them all.
  • Midget_Hug
    You can't talk bad about social media ON social media.
    • I understand what u mean, but I see this as more of a help and advice site

    • Midget_Hug

      Aren't forums the most prevalent type of social media though? Even if not the most popular.

    • I guess I see your point yeah :) I guess I'm referring in particular to the sites I mentioned

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  • player0696
    Social Media is nowadays another world.
  • razor97
    this is not really... what?
  • Anonymous
    it took all the control