6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!


Hello and welcome everyone! It’s your boy Hal and it’s been a while since you’ve been stalking that hot guy/girl in your class and of course you don’t have enough balls to ask him/her out so you’ve decided to break the ice over internet but your texting skills cause more disaster than “The Incredible Hulk” (I’ve a paid partnership with Marvel🤣). Well this piece of shit- I mean writing is especially for YOU. So, let’s be *Sirius Black*(Potterheads got excited 😂).

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

1) Don’t *Hi* Them

Okay, so this goes mainly for guys. Don’t ever send just a “Hi” or a “Hello” to a girl. Why? Because if you know, a girl has zillions of message requests from creeps that start with “Hi” “Hello” “good morning” blah blah. So, your message is surely gonna be ignored. Now you might be like “How the *Hal* am I going to start the convo?”. My answer is “Questions are da wae”. You know that they play guitar, or maybe play some sport or have some hobby. Just start it with talking about that. Make it look something like “Hey! Well I just noticed that you play guitar. Would ya mind if I ask which one do you play- Acoustic or Electric?”. This might look anything but not creepy leaving high chances that you’re gonna get some reply.

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

2) Talk about something they like

Don’t just start glorifying yourself or start talking about something you like and shit. Pay attention to what they are interested in. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in “Politics”. The person on the other might have zero interest in it and will eventually avoid you.

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

3) Don’t give one word replies

This is the main reason why your chats die within an hour. If you’re gonna reply with “Hmm”, the hell is the other person supposed to say, huh? Keep in mind: They are currently not the ones who wanna talk to you. You are the one who wanna get in their circle which means “YOU” have to take the initiative. The only reason why people open up with me is because I don’t let my conversations die. If I’d really want to talk to someone, I’ll never get out of topics, no matter how much one worded replies I get.

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

4) Ask a lot of questions

Questions compel them to reply. You can ask several questions related to their studies, whether they have siblings or not etc etc. but don’t make it creepy- “Hey babe! Do you use pads or tampons?😂😂”. Again, try to ask about something they are interested in. Just imagine yourself. If you know a lot about technology and someone asks you “What does a processor do?”, won’t you give them a huge ass speech on processors? Exactly!!

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

5) Make jokes but not on them

This mainly goes for guys. We’ve all heard that girls appreciate humour and love funny guys but guess what? Most of them can’t take no humour up their ass. And if she can, I bet she’s a keeper XD. So, crack jokes but not on her. Trust me, I’ve been there and a girl with roasted ass is deadlier than a vampire.

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

6) Match their mood

Try to be jolly and don’t be negative. Not many people love pessimists. Second, when I say be jolly and happy-hearted every time, I don’t really mean EVERYTIME. Imagine her mourning over her grandma’s death while you end up sending a laughing emoji. *BLOCKED*

6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

Well this was all for today.

thanks for reading🤗

Love you people💝


6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • sicko6969
    I agree with the majority of what you’ve stated in regards to texting. I hope that no creeps are reading this and learning how to be good conversationalists 😂💀 I don’t know who needs this advice right now, but if you are genuinely attracted to someone, it’d be 100x more notable (depending on the delivery of your speech) if you’d ask the person you like out IN PERSON and not through text, or at least check in on them in a way that isn’t creepy lmfao. Stop hiding behind a screen and let them know what your personality is like in real life! I’m not saying meet everyone from the internet irl, I’m saying if you see someone you like, go talk to them 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know that sometimes it might not be “simple”, but let loose and shine, children of the corn 😂
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  • Anoi4
    Very interesting and insightful mytake! Thanks for posting!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Ultimate_Gohan
    These techniques will never work. Just be yourself. Fuck it if they don't like you for you are... even if u suck at chatting
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  • DeviloftheValleys
    I do not agree with nr. 2. Otherwise, great take.
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  • Pink2000
    Some of those are really annoying. They will get you ignored.
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  • Nxtawm
    I so agree with most of this take, I always try to be light hearted and positive and make jokes or just keep the convo going. But really I hate people who reply with one word or just go "mhmm" like how am I supposed to reply to that? Lol so don't be that person.
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  • Tyliah
    Best way to start a text convo send dick pic than say now that we got that out the way. How was your day?
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  • xTom98
    I’ll tell you this much, if they are interested/attracted, they don’t care what the hell you're talking about. Just don’t leave them on seen and write whatever
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    • xTom98

      It also helps to be interesting and to show interest in her texts, don’t just talk about yourself all the damn time

  • Tilin29
    This seems like it's directed at only one person. I try to keep conversations going and when I lose interest due to their one answer replies, they usually get mad at me for using interest..
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  • s2firestar
    I'm going to tear you apart here a bit. So get the lube.

    1) Hy is a perfectly fine way to start a conversation. If you can write about anything else to follow up, then it is not a problem.

    If you hit up strangers on the internet, it will not stand or fall on this.

    2) A convo stands or falls on both parties. If you don't talk about things you like, you will use your personality in front of them eventually.

    3) That is a sound advice. Except when a one word answer would be appropriate. Many people do not like if you talk waaay too much.

    4) That can be pretty damn annoying in the long run.

    5) Yeah, pretty much.

    6) This is a HUUGE no-no if you meet even a half decent person.

    Of course, be mindful of their current state, and as I have read what you wrote, you kinda mean this, but matching mood means a different thing.

    Also, being jolly generally is good if you are a jolly person. But if you start playing moods...
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    • Here’s my natural lube-
      1) Hi is super cliche and needs some creative alternative cause most people especially girls don’t reply to guys whom they don’t talk to if all they’ve recieved is “Hi” or “Hello”
      2) I’m not talking about falling on your knees for them. Just for a start, try to talk about their hobbies.
      4) If the conversation continues over a long time, it doesn’t get annoying. Who told you to spam every message with a question?
      6) I don’t understand what you mean😂

  • Kurodo
    You know what i find helpful? Just say whatever stupid shit you can think of and see how people respond. I mean there's definitely a limit to anything but just putting things out there never hurts.
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  • genericname85
    how do you continue if the conversation got to an awkward halt, cause she gave a one word answer. should one take that as a hint to back off, cause she's not interested?
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    • Either redirect the conversation or end it and talk another time easy. It's usually obvious if she doesn't want to talk tho

    • @That1tallguy I have self esteem issues so I will always assume they don't want.

  • Pinay_ako
    Only works if I like the other person or else it's a no for me lol.
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  • Cask23
    I highly advise against these tactics, unless you want to come across as an annoying needy beta boy.

    Any 8+ hottie is going shut you down in a second with this crap.
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  • killer4212
    "Send bob and vegana" works pretty well for me.
    I'm gonna stick to that
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  • ElloElloElloEllo
    lmao 2 wouldn't work. if theyre interested they would both be bouncing stuff off of each other
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  • angry_llama
    Great take, how the *Hal* did u come up with this😂
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    • by the way I didn't read past the first one🤪😂oops

  • SwoleCook
    How you doing cutie usually works for me lmao. I have a more simple way to get responses. Be good looking
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  • ChiPaPa
    I will purposely go against this advice for the glory of the Sontaran empire.
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  • UnknownGagsUser
    So have you tried that technique with any girls yet?
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  • Lance1965
    None of this will work if you find texting tedious and boring.
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  • Richie_Ri
    Send nudes :D
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
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  • MouthfulofDiamonds
    Hal- yes.. its been quite awhile
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  • Eternal_Blizzard
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  • juan101
    be hot lol
    that simple
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  • Nadim171
    Good take
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  • Anonymous
    I follow all these tips and they don't work
    I'm just unpopular on GaG, real life and everywhere
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    • JulieRoze7

      Be positive!!!

    • Anonymous

      @JulieRoze7 I try but it doesn't work 😐

    • mhrizvi

      Be positive and try hard its work

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  • Anonymous
    From my experience with dating sites.

    You can waste a lot of time crafting messages.

    If a girl likes you she will reply to a hi.

    If she doesn't like you, it for doesn't matter how much effort you put in. She isn't replying
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  • Anonymous
    As a guy, none of that is going to get me talking if I don't want to talk.
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  • Anonymous
    Lmao if you do that with me I will ignore your annoying ass
    1. Hey is perfectly fine, if I want to talk to you. If not you can text whatever you want I will ignore it anyways
    2. No, stand up for yourself and the things you like, even if the other person disagrees, on the long run it will be damn annoying. You're your own person with own opinions and interests, if someone doesn't like it, fine move on
    3. Yes to no one wore replies, expect it fits to the conversation
    4. So damn annoying!
    5. Yeah fine whatever
    6. No be you
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    • Q-tipBoy

      In short you ask us to be arrogant fools

    • Q-tipBoy

      But it works sometimes

    • Cask23

      I'm a guy and even I can see that these are annoying beta boy tactics.

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