Why is Reddit so absolute trash and filled with absolutely obnoxious users? (Why Reddit Sucks, part 2)


Redditors are literally some of the worst people you will EVER encounter on the internet. They're all the same exact people on Twitter by the way, so think I'm forgetting about them. They also all used to be Tumblr folk before Tumblr killed itself. Seriously... Before this site, I used to use Reddit and Quora. Quora's user base is all over the place (as a good website should be), but Reddit is full of some of the WORST, far-left, closed-minded, black-and-white thinking dipsh*ts ever.

I posted something about this two weeks ago, but I went back to Reddit just now. I had someone leave a comment in an unrelated post about something I posted SEVERAL weeks ago, implying I was "transphobic" for not fitting into his far-left progressive bullsh*t ideology. The new post or the post he was talking about, had nothing to do with this. I think because I didn't INCLUDE transwomen or something in it, he got all butthurt and posted in an unrelated comment. This is how MOST of Reddit is. Like 90% of Reddit are just these British bundle of sticks (I'm not actually talking about Britain, by the way). They're so g*ddamn annoying! You can't post ANYTHING without someone on there getting offended over it.

This was going to be a legitimate question on here; why are Redditors so damn annoying? But it kinda turned into a(nother) rant, so I changed it to a MyTake. I love the freedom on this site. Its replaced Reddit for me, and the sad part is, I only ever used Reddit to sh*tpost and joke around. I stopped taking it seriously years ago because it's impossible to take these manchildren (and womynchildren; don't want to upset the PC Reddit/Twitter crybabies) seriously.

I am not a Conservative or Republican. I used to be liberal, then moderately liberal in 2016. Then centrist in 2017. Trash like the Reddit/Twitter hivemind made me not want to associate myself with those folks. The people who find everything offensive, claim to be on the side of "peace, tolerance, and love" while all they do is bitch about Trump and conservatives, and can't take a single f*cking joke.

I don't expect anyone to read this. I don't even care if you do. I just needed to get that out of my system. Twitter/Redditors can go to hell. Whiny manbaby douchebags.

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Why is Reddit so absolute trash and filled with absolutely obnoxious users? (Why Reddit Sucks, part 2)
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  • Celtero
    They're terrible... moderators just ban anyone who doesn't want to contribute to the echo chamber. Same shitty repeated jokes getting massively upvoted over and over again. Radical left-wing rhetoric on r/popular constantly that is so retarded as to say "centrists=nazis", and then "it's okay to punch nazis." Reddit literally having to kill off the conservative user base by quarantining then banning r/thedonald and banning them throughout normal subs for a mere "hey, maybe donald trump isn't actually as bad as hitler?" I get banned even from subs that I ideologically align with for making a point that doesn't fall in line.

    But this site gets it's moderation right. Ban the spammers, bots, the exhibitionists. People can actually have genuine conversations rather than feeding into a hugbox and shitting out rainbows.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    Heck, that describes 90% of the internet and even a % of the people here.
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  • Tea-Spaghetti
    I have a classmate who works at Reddit I think he’s very annoying. He cares too much about being “woke”
    and acts like he’s such an expert on stuff when he probably doesn’t know that much more than other people.
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  • TheFlak38
    reddit is the mot dirty and toxic place online. And you can barely post anything there as the moderators take it down within seconds.
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    • Hahahha. You lead a very small online existence if you think Rebbit is the *most dirty and toxic place online". Stop over at 4chan b/. ED or the kiwi farms.

    • MCheetah

      Everyone over at 4chan, ED, or Kiwi Farms just sh*tposts. Meaning, they joke around and aren't really taking anything seriously. Reddit is filed with just as much lowbrow stupidity, bur the difference is, Redditors are dead-serious. There's no humor to their stupidity whatsoever; they're just ACTUALLY that moronic and closed-minded.

    • Twitter is far worse.

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  • msfuntastic
    It's just the culture that developed around Reddit as it grew. Most people who frequent there are some kind of special snowflake. Either they are the self-appointed arbiters of all morality or a know it all on the category at hand. Controversy is not tolerated, you must stick to script. It's not just in the political categories by the way, Reddit is ran the same way in many corners of the site. The snowflakes will snowball into an avalanche on you if you're not careful. Basically Reddit is ran by snobs who feel like that corner of the Internet belong to them, and you and your different posts aren't welcome.
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  • Hepy82
    Quora is definitely run by left wing whiners. Why is Reddit so absolute trash and filled with absolutely obnoxious users? (Why Reddit Sucks, part 2)There was a whole thread of people accusing anyone who voted for Brexit as brain dead racists and even posts stating that if you didn't agree with the EU narrative, you should actually be exterminated! I got banned just for posting the above at the end of their little cry baby rant.
    Remainers still don't seem to understand that their sheer arrogance, fear mongering bullshit is the very reason they lost the referendum in the first place.
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  • Petra150
    Bouth sites quota and Reddit are crap, and the moderator ruined it , I were banned on bouth sites
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  • Wolkmi
    Iam socialist and i hate reddit for being so much antimale and the lack of freedom of speech, is a pure echo chamber, they only allowed you to post what they want to hear, they autotbanned some topics just for not enter their agenda.
    • Wolkmi

      they have an algorithm that self-banishes topics that go against their agenda

  • Wewladdy
    It's filled with trannies and soyboys. A site almost entirely dedicated to the mentally retarded.
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  • Anonymous
    I don't think users in Reddit are worse than users in 'Girlsaskguys'. Tbh I saw some of the weirdest people in this site. Quora is the same, Quora is ruled by a group of people sharing the same political and social ideas, and some of the best Quorans have even left the site.
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  • Anonymous
    Its a marxist echo chamber by design
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  • Anonymous
    This site is full of the most far-alt-RIGHT closed-minded, black-and-white thinking dipsh*ts ever.

    Why do people that talk politics always think they are smarter than the other? Both sides get just as triggered. Both sides have illusions of grandeur. Both sides act like babies.

    I have had more fun on Reddit than on this site, because my Reddit actually is tailored to what I want to see news, gaming, random pictures of puppies and kitties.

    This site puts all this perverted crap in my face, dumb questions don't get filtered out. And the same people always end up asking the same shit over and over. The same people opine on the same questions. It's like a giant circle jerk. A God damn echo chamber.

    Why are conservatives this? Why are liberals that?
    "Because we are soooo more smarter and more maturer"

    Do men like pussy?
    "Hur dur 👅💦👅"

    Do women like dick?
    "Herp derp 👅🍆🐓🍑"

    Have I gotten my point across?
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    • MCheetah

      I agree that both sides are usually one-sided, but Reddit is very clearly left-leaning (and not "moderately left" either; the "criticizing any non-conservative woman or gay person is an insta-ban). The left also have full control of MOST of social media, as well as the mainstream media, and Hollywood. Both sides may be closed-minded, but only the far-left have institutional power to sway (brainwash) everyday people outside of Washington.

    • Anonymous

      THIS site is terrifyingly rightist.

      Dude if it was as bad as you think it is why isn't the US already socialist? It's not and it will never be. Why? Because any intelligent person knows that shit don't work! But like anything else there should be checks and balances. Because people will abuse anything they get their hands on.

      It's even more short-sighted to act like one party is better than another. Both have issues. A realist would see both parties do not at all have the best interests of the American people in mind.

      And as far as the media goes, are you aware that there are more than two candidates? A lot of people don't, all they see is two shit parties so, no I don't think just the "left" is brainwashing people. People with money in both parties are brainwashing you by putting people they buy front and center. Puppets, my sir.

      People can keep their fucking money. But money should not be able to buy you all that power.

    • MCheetah

      Okay, you're a complete idiot. I'm going to stop taking you seriously now and not even read the rest of this diatribe.

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  • Anonymous
    I for one think reddit is great. I think you just have to know how to use it. I'm pretty much there solely for pics and vids of REALLY hot chicks. Reddit is awesome for that!
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  • Anonymous
    I like reddit but maybe it's because I only participate in subreddits related to games and hobbies and nothing that can trigger someone. I've heard reddit has pretty dark stories.
    But there are people like that everywhere in reddit, 9gag, 4chan, and even here ready to jump over you and attack because of stating your opinion.
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    • MCheetah

      Over here, all opinions and ideas are respected. Over on Reddit, sue to sh*tty mods and sitewide rules, only the consenting far-left progressive opinions are allowed. It is ideological echo chamber, and no matter what you believe in, you cannot learn, grow, and evolve from hearing the same sh*t over and over again by people who think exactly like you.

    • Lampstamp

      Opinions and ideas aren't respected here. I called out someone for being a hypocrite and got blocked. That doesn't happen on reddit. There's no blocking on Reddit. Lol

    • GuyManDood

      @Lampstamp they are called moderators and reddit stops you from posting because people disagree with you
      thats worse

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