My First Solo Trip Experience!


It's 7:00 am and I literally just got off a twelve hour shift. I've already got my bag and outfit for the airplane in my car. I go change into my perfect airport outfit. Simple shirt with no zippers or pockets, yoga pants, fake engagement ring, compression socks, and easy to lace up shoes. This is the outfit that makes it so easy to get through airport security. In fact, I didn't even get padded down. Compression socks to prevent a blood clot on a plane. Fake engagement ring to prevent unwanted attention.

My First Solo Trip Experience!

I change into my clothes and leave my work stuff in my car. I leave my car at my work. I take an Uber to the airport and get through security. This is my first solo trip. I decided to go for a couple days in LA. With my anxiety, this was a huge step for me. I almost had a panic attack in the airport but I ended up just reminding myself that I paid a lot of money for this trip, so I just need to get on the stupid plane. I was hoping to take a nap on the plane but my emotions were running high, so I didn't sleep. The countdown in my head dwindles down to the days before I leave for the airport and the initial panic begins to settle in. “Why am I doing this?”, “Will I be safe?”, “What if all the warnings people told me were true?“, are a couple of the questions that will run through my mind. But by the time my plane landed, I was more excited than nervous and I reassured myself that if I hate it that much, I can take the red eye home first thing in the morning.

I landed in LAX 20 minutes early which was really nice. LAX no longer allows Uber and Lyft drivers to park at the curbside. I guess it's because traffic is already terrible there. Now, you take about a five minute walk to a lot filled with Uber and Lyft drivers. I got to my hotel pretty early. I was hoping to just drop my stuff off but they allowed me to check in early. They also upgraded my room for free!

My First Solo Trip Experience!

I was hoping to see some stuff in LA but I was so tired that I walked around until I found a taco truck and then I crashed at the hotel. That's what I think solo traveling is all about! Relaxing and doing what you want because you don't have to entertain other people. I promised to check in with my friends and I did. I called them and let them know I was okay and got to the hotel safely. I think when you travel solo or go anywhere solo, you find that familiar route back to your guesthouse, meet the owner of the cafe down the road, and see the first iconic spot on your itinerary and then everything sort of just falls into place. You begin to fall in love with this place that is soon beginning to feel like home even though you’re thousands of miles away from it. Once that routines settles in and you find that familiar feeling, you wonder why you were ever overwhelmed in the first place.

My First Solo Trip Experience!

Me tipsy in my Uber after one (strong) drink

The next day I spent the morning in Little Tokyo. I loved Little Tokyo. It's a lot smaller than I envisioned it. (About two blocks) I wandered into a shop and I got tea and a croissant. A majority of the shops open later than I thought so I wandered around Little Tokyo for a little while. I splurged on an outfit and I went to the Japanese American National museum. Which brought tears to my eyes. My grandpa and his best friend at the time were both 6 years old when my grandpa's best friend was taken to an internment camp. They never saw each other again.

I grabbed lunch and a nap at the hotel. I got changed and went to Griffith Observatory. I absolutely loved Griffith Observatory! Afterwards I went to a fancy as hell bar. I had one strong drink, spent the rest of the night feeling very nauseous, stumbling as I tried to walk, and I grabbed McDonald's. I drank lots of water and felt fine the next day.

My First Solo Trip Experience!

This was my last full day in LA. I slept in. After I got up, I spent literally hours at Huntington Library. Huntington Library isn't just a library. It has beautiful botanical gardens, a museum, and a library filled with very, very, old books. I spent hours at Huntington Library just walking the grounds, going to the library, and the museum. Afterwards, I went out to dinner. I have always wanted to try Middle Eastern food so I booked a reservation at The Bowery Bungalow. This had the absolute best food I have had in a long time. Which is what I love about traveling to new places. There is so much diversity.

On my last day in LA, I checked out of my hotel early and left my stuff with the front desk. I then went to the Museum of Death. If you love true crime, you'll love this place. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen! They have John Wayne Gacy's clown shoes, Richard Ramirez's sweatshirt, a section on cults like Heaven's gate and Jonestown, lots of death masks of famous people, section on embalming, serial killer artwork, crime scene photographs, Manson Family, and taxidermy. I could go on and on but it's seriously the coolest museum I've ever seen!

My First Solo Trip Experience!

I then went back to the hotel to pick up my stuff and went to make my flight. My flight was delayed twice because my plane was still getting to the airport from a previous flight. LAX really isn't that bad of an airport. My advice is to get there really early and be patient.

Uber and Lyft in LA is awesome. I think a lot of the drivers do this all day, every day because it shows. I am so glad I decided to not rent a car.

I really didn't feel unsafe in LA. Although I never walked around at night. The only time I was creeped out was when I was walking up and down the street looking at the shops and restaurants. I was kind of convinced a guy was following me but he left me alone as soon as I made it obvious I was wearing an engagement ring.

Personally, what I found out about myself is that I am much more spontaneous than I thought. Self travel at its best is deliciously self-indulgent. You eat whatever and whenever you want, spend as long or as little as you like in a place. You can skip famous sights and sign up for the super cheesy. Or vice versa. The only compromises you have to make are with yourself.

My First Solo Trip Experience!

Spain for my first international travel trip? I've always wanted to see flamenco dancers and I want to see an opera that no one wants to see.

My safety tips:

Fake engagement ring. A lot of times, I didn't have to reference a fake fiancé. People simply saw it and it worked.

Carry money in a dummy wallet.

You don't need to tell anyone that you're traveling alone. I don't think I told anyone that I was traveling alone. When people tried to make conversation, I always said I was meeting friends or a fiancé.

When people made conversation with me, I gave them very general answers.

Keep extra photocopies of travel documents

Never ask the Uber or Lyft drivers name!! Instead always ask, "who are you here to pick up?" Anyone can easily say their name is Shawn or whatever and that they're your Uber or Lyft driver. A woman actually got murdered because of this.

Also in an Uber or Lyft, always check to see if the child lock on the door is on.

Tactical defense pen. Make sure it looks like a pen! I actually got one through TSA security.

Share your itinerary and travel plans with family and friends.

Research the area, what the locals are like, and how they dress. That way, you can blend in and dress like the locals.

My First Solo Trip Experience!

Or maybe Iceland? I already pitched my idea for Iceland with family and friends, no one else wants to go.

My First Solo Trip Experience!
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  • Wow amazing! I went to vegas alone and had so much fun. I was so relaxed. The only downside was trying to go to a club for the first time... and alone at that. So many drunks tried to grind all up on me... girls and guys. But i brushed em off and left in less than half an hour. I enjoyed shopping (but hated carrying my bags lol) and i enjoyed the pool (but wouldve liked to wrap my legs around some guys waist in the lazy river. My suites were amazing and HUGE, penthouse style. I enjoyed being alone but wouldve been nice to have someone in the shower and pool sized tub with me 😂 no one tried to attack me although i was carrying thousands in dollars and walking around with over 12’ shopping bags at 2am each day. But hey God had my back thankfully. The people in Vegas were mostly drunks talking to themselves OR guys who
    approached but could sense i was uncomfortable so they backed off after i kept lying about being a local too 😂🤷‍♀️👀🤦‍♀️
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Congrats on your 1st solo expedition. I'm glad you had a pleasant experience in Los Angeles. I'd encourage you to push through with your plan to explore Spain. You'll need more days there to truly enjoy the experience. It's truly worth the visit.

    I will soon be on my way to the Philippines all by myself soon to check on my investments there. I'm kinda afraid of flying but I must do it anyway. My husband's busy and can't accompany me. After my tasks in the Philippines are accomplished, I will proceed to Australia to offer my help to care for rescued animal survivors of the catastrophic fires that ravaged that continent.

    After Australia, I'll take a quick solo hop to Singapore for a brief visit with an old high school classmate who moved there and do a li'l solo excursion in Vietnam before I return to the Philippines & the USA.
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    • Sleep on the flight! You get the best sleep EVEEEER! Just cover your face to avoid someone recording you on social media

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  • Pipeliner87
    Don't be like those liberal idiots and social fuck witz who go to 3rd world countries thinking they believe in humanity then the women gets raped and killed. Then us conservatives wonder what this little woman was thinking... In all honestly I don't hold much regard for these backwards Muslim countries. Your pretty much fair game if you are an infidel. You wanted to prove that India, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran etc... was safe for a solo westerner to hitch hike across country without getting raped then your head chopped off by some Muslim extremists. Then go right ahead and roll your dice but don't think death is watching you.
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    • That escalated quickly. And was entirely different than the point I made.

  • Waffles731
    I hope you had a great time,
    I've actually been to 25 or 26 (I can't truly remember if I have been to one particular state or not, I would have been there if I have been there when I was a toddler) plus one territory but oddly despite having been to at least half the states, I've not been to either of California or Florida, the most common states that people vacation in.

    Also Puerto Rico Kicks ass, but if you are ever in vieques (an Island that is part of the territory of Puerto Rico) DO NOT ORDER FROM THE CHINESE RESTAURANT.

    A local warned us that they serve Iguana and not Chicken
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    • zagor

      Never eat Mexican food in Hawaii...

    • DiegoO

      Iguana is an invasive species in Puerto Rico, and it doesn't taste bad! In my country we eat iguana in certain seasons, they are protected species.

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  • Unit1
    Yeah, traveling is really nice. I wish i could travel as well. I myself would like to check out the Cayman islands and see the crystal clear ocean and the stingrays. I'd like to go for a swim there.

    You have a car and travel at 22 already? did you take any loans for that or am i really that unfortunate in life to not be able to afford either still?
    • I have a good paying job and I'm lucky enough to still live with my parents.

    • Unit1

      I see. Ah, well.

  • JohnDon9
    I can recall the look on my dad's face when he asked , packing bags?
    Me: yes
    Dad: where are you going?
    Dad: Okay and how are you going?
    Me: My bike 🤣
    Dad: 😐
    • Oh my Gosh. I've always wanted to pack a bag and go on a random trip somewhere.

    • JohnDon9

      Its simple , take a map , and dart through your destination 😆

  • Anoniemus
    Interesting. Why did you do it? Just to see?
    I wouldn’t want to do a solo trip just because i can have fun anywhere by myself. I love trips with people though.
    • I needed a vacation from work and wanted to go by myself so that I didn't have to make compromises with other people.

    • zagor

      Solo trips are the best, because you can go where you want and be who you want and meet interesting people (and maybe hookup with them). The only downside is no one to watch your stuff when you use the toilet...

    • @1truekhaleesi good point there Asker. I was stressed at work and everyone who said they’d go ended up standing me up... even my date. So i said screw em and went alone. They were all pissed and worried sick for a couple days but i didn't care. I enjoyed myself and thats what they get for breaking their promise

  • Hal2002
    I have always traveled solo since my first trip, I can do what I want when I want to do it. I can spend as much time as I want doing something I enjoy, without anyone bitching and wanting to go somewhere else.

    The reason I really enjoy traveling on my own, is that I can reinvent myself and step out of my comfort zone and when my trip is over. I am the only one that knows what I did, no one to report or spread stories around about what I did.
  • sd1223
    I want to do this so bad, take a solo trip! Paris is my #1 travel destination I’m dying to go to but that one I think I want to go with someone like a SO just because it’s the City of Love!
    • I used to wanna go to Paris.. and then i saw “Taken”. I know its just a movie but please dont go there alone 👀

  • JudgmentDay
    Quite an adventure I haven't finished reading the entire thing yet. Just go out there and have fun and don't think about it too much. Just live for the moment once in a while.
  • taleets
    I’m glad you had fun. La is not as bad as people think. I’m surprised you didn’t head to melrose and West Hollywood! The nightlife is so much fun and amazing shopping
  • Curmudgeon
    I am happy you had a wonderful time. However, your precautionary advice is well taken, especially for many parts of the world, And especially for women.
  • Robertcw
    Fake wallet and ring is so smart.

    I'm sitting here like 🤯.

    I should get both of those.
    • Ring maybe but i know people who would shoot you if they opened it right then and there and saw monopoly money 😷

    • Robertcw

      @DizzyDesii I'd put real money in it, just not very much. Like $10 and a fake debit card.

  • soleil2666
    I guess you feel awesome. I first hitchhiked to Greece alone when I was 18 (from Yugoslavia, only about 400kms but crossing two international borders. Travelling solo is easy anywhere in the 1st world.
  • PixieDust
    Congratulations on your solo trip. I have only gone solo travelling twice before to Bali, Indonesia & Hanoi, Vietnam. No regrets. People often comment it is very brave of me to do that alone maybe because they see me as a petite gentle lady. It is really relaxing to travel around leisurely instead of rushing everywhere like when i travel with other people. I don't like the idea of feeling extremely exhausted from following a tight schedule and i think we don't necessarily have to see every single tourist attraction. Travelling solo gave me that freedom to explore in my own pace and to choose only attractions that attracts ME. Taking Uber is a great idea as they are cheaper than the taxis. Going to a different country solo is an adventure you'll never forget and meeting decent people especially other tourists is not so difficult when you take the same tour with them.
  • sixxx
    I am also a solo traveler. I know it feels great when you are free to go anywhere and whenever you want. The joy is so different.
  • I really don't recommend traveling alone as tourist, but you seem smart and cautious enough to travel by your self. Good luck!
    • DiegoO

      Wait, you already traveled. Congrats!

      Sorry, I am sleepy.

  • Saville_Row
    Thanks for the tips! I might try NOLA for the first time.
  • shimmeryns
    Good tips on using Uber and Lyft, glad your solo trip went well!
    • I was too afraid to take one in vegas 😂 so i walked everywhere in 5 inch heels at that 😂 2 hours walks or more daily up and down the strip. Got home and couldnt walk for 2 weeks 😭😷

    • @DizzyDesii was that the Vegas trip where you supposed to meet "someone"?

    • Yea and im sure you know who. But i actually really enjoyed the trip alone. Just annoyed he wasn't there to carry my bags 🤷‍♀️

  • It was the stupidest trip I've ever experienced. And such a waste of time.
    • Well then live out the rest of your life in your house and be a hermit. I enjoyed myself

    • Unit1

      Pow! Got her 😀

  • Jennifer_32
    Nope, too dangerous. Staying in America with my soda, cheese burger and video games.

    You wild 1truekhaleesi.
  • Marie01995
    Good take fake wallet fake engagement ring didn’t always work some guys didn’t care until i told them my finance does MMA.
  • Bshu2jdbxb
    Ohh wow
    I think you have more fun☺️☺️☺️
    Great keep it up
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    That sounds like it's going to be fun. So much anime, waifu's, body pillows, and something else
  • Primrose21
    Nice tips tbh. I'll try solo travelling someday!
  • I’m glad you enjoyed it!
  • Mamamialetmego
    haha silly my life is a solo trip :D
  • Pejtu
    Mmmm yes
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Jltakk
    Man all of my trips are solo trips unfortunately.