Why do some drivers tailgate?

Why do some drivers tailgate?
Backed up in traffic bumper to bumper going 5mph is one thing, but going 70mph on the highway only 5 feet behind a car or less is dangerous, stupid, and completely unnecessary. It always makes me nervous and worried when a driver does that to me. Try my best to stay out of their insane impatient driving ways.

It's like those kind of drivers think they own the road or something. "Get out of my way!" They're probably thinking lol. I can't believe how many drivers do it too.

Do they not care about safety on the road? What if I need to slam on the breaks for a dear on the road, or another car in front of me? They won't stop in time and rear end my truck.

It's a lot better to give each car some distance just in case at any speed. Obviously those jerks don't care about that or are too stupid to realize it until they get a ticket or in an accident.
Why do some drivers tailgate?
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