What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign


What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign

As November grows nearer and, with it, Election Day, people all across America are battling it out with themselves, friends, family, and even complete strangers over who is best qualified for their country’s most prestigious position: The President of the United States, also known as POTUS. Our choices? Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, two candidates a lot have never heard of and didn’t even know were still contenders, but more notably, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic runner Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of which side you’re ultimately voting for, most Americans can agree neither major candidate has the cleanest history record. As we all know, Clinton and her emails have been plaguing her political career and will probably continue to do so for the rest of her diplomatic life. Her family was thrust into the negative spotlight due to her husband’s infamous infidelity and impeachment trial, even though he was ultimately acquitted. Most anyone anti-Clinton call her a liar and would never put her in the Oval Office as tape after tape and email after email continues to surface, making it more and more difficult to earn back the trust of the American people, what little she had, anyway.

But then you have Donald Drumpf, or, as he is now known, Donald Trump. With little to no political career behind him, he has still managed to gain notable popularity among most Americans as a business mogul and entertainment personality. His numerous successful business ventures seem to overshadow his multiple failed ones and the several contracts lost over the duration of his business career and bankruptcies. Many believe he’s a successful business man because of his billions of dollars, completely ignoring that:

A. some of that money was inherited from his father, B. He’s actually been broke before due to his lack of financial insight, and, C. The majority of money he’s made was not actually from his businesses because, as you’ll be surprised to know, he doesn’t own a lot of things with the Trump name on it. Instead, it comes from his notoriety as a celebrity.

So now that you have a bit of a background on both candidates and why many would not vote for either, you should have a bigger understanding of the dilemma that we’re in. However, as negative and unfit as both candidates are for the presidency, there has always been one thing about Donald Trump’s campaign that’s bothered me personally more than any other campaign ran since my birth in February 1990, including the elections I was unable to vote in. His supporters.

What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign

Truthfully, I didn’t even realize this bothered me until his misogynistic tapes were uncovered late last week. I really genuinely believed it was the Donald that got on my nerves. His white eyes, his orange everything else…his insults, mudslinging, negative remarks about any ethnicity that wasn’t Caucasian…But, alas, it’s his supporters and their unwillingness to hold him accountable that annoy me the most.

No, it’s not every single Trump supporter. That would be completely stupid to say, and I don’t know all of them. But over the past year, it’s becoming more increasingly obvious that a lot of people who support him don’t really give credible reasons why. That, or they ignore his negative sides. And, to top it off, many actually defend his actions by bringing up someone else’s dirty past.

And that’s what happened with these tapes. The recording is at the bottom of this Take if you’d like to listen to it, but here are a couple of lines sampled:

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”

“I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.”

“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

“Grab them by the p-------y. You can do anything.”

Now, yes, that’s bad and horrible. But this is what makes those comments even worse. His supporters defending it. How? By bringing up the Clinton marriage. People already had their beliefs about it before this anyway, and it's just gotten worse.

It was in that moment that I realized that Trump was not making our nation look bad, but the people supporting him. These comments of, “Well, Clinton cheated for years, so who cares?” and “Clinton can’t even control her husband, how can she control country?” or, and this one was straight from Trump’s mouth, “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course.”

These statements came from Trump and his supporters and they still continue to appear for some reason. Trump even had the nerve to say, “Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. I think it’s a serious problem for them, and it’s something that I’m considering talking about more in the near future,” and by the near future, he means the October 9th Presidential debate. Keep in mind, these statements either came from his supporters or Trump himself, who, if you recall, had a public affair with Marla Maples while still married to his first wife Ivana Trump. But the only affair Trump supporters want to discuss are from the Clinton camp.

That’s what annoys me about his supporters. The only defense they have of their candidate is to either say something negative about Clinton or completely ignore their candidate’s actions.

No, I’m not saying Clinton is a saint because trust and believe, she’s far from it and she has some explaining to do herself, and if you've ever seen me comment on this election so far, you know I'm not voting for her, either but…while some Clinton supporters use her political career to explain why they support her, the only thing I hear from Trump supporters is something negative about Clinton when their own candidate isn’t any better. Even his running mate is caught defending negative statements and skirting questions on camera.

And, the worst part, is that people are trying to come up with a defense at all. The fact is that you really shouldn’t be defending what he said at all because it’s terrible and talks pejoratively about half our nation’s citizens. It makes you look just as bad as him by defending his statements. Openly defending statements about casually sexual assaulting a woman discredits yourself. I mean, this is a man who said he wouldn’t mind if someone called his daughter a piece of ass and his supporters just seem like they don’t even care.

Why? We look stupid defending and electing someone to presidency who is blatantly okay with sexual assaulting women but then call for a boycott of the NFL because a couple players won’t stand for an anthem. Where are the priorities at? I mean, there are people on his Facebook page saying, "Boys will boys" and "It was a private conversation" or "We hear this every day on TV" but for someone to even think this to be allowed to write laws and veto decisions that will impact our country, what he says and thinks about these things matter. Visit his Facebook page here to read more comments.

And, of course, this is just one example, but the fact that his supporters don’t hold him accountable for his actions, his mannerisms, statements, and inability to formulate a complete sentence that makes sense and also answers a question scare me more than him or anyone else actually winning the election. We, as Americans, are really showing other nations that so many of us are unintelligent, and, whether you like it or not, that actually matters.

What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign

Are either of these candidates the best? No. But we as a country have an obligation to hold our campaigning politicians accountable for their actions. And honestly, with so many people being unwilling to do it has me worried for the future of this country. I’m not patriotic by any means and have my own views on America, but I do not believe we are as helpless as many act when it comes to politics.

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say again. To America, this is just another Presidential election, but to everyone else, it’s an IQ test, and guess what? We’re not passing.

What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign
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  • ginny_weasley
    I think it's ironic that a few months ago, conservatives didn't want transgender people using bathrooms out of fear their mothers/daughters/nieces etc would be assaulted yet here Donald Trump is talking about sexually assaulting a woman, yet they don't care.
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    • Elarra

      It is, I actually didn't think about that lol

      Schooled by a teenager :p

    • lumos

      It's only ok to sexually assault someone as long as it's done to some random woman you personally don't know, and as long as the person assaulting them is cis-gender.

    • @lumos I am getting a feeling of sarcasm from you. But yes I guess that's their logic.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77
    What bothers me most is that I live in a country that says to the world, "we've narrowed down the choices of people to run our society to two... and here they are! Ta-da!"
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    • zagor

      Rather embarrassing, isn't it.

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  • inceptin951
    "But then you have Donald Drumpf"

    So now you're on par with Donald and his childish attacks ironically.

    "Many believe he’s a successful business man because of his billions of dollars, completely ignoring that:"

    Trump took out a 1 million dollar loan. His father did not die for a long time and even then he has siblings to share the wealth with. Many rich children end up a complete disaster and sometimes even killing themselves. Trump turned 1 million into 4.5 billion. Could you take out a a $5,000 loan and turn it into $22,500,000? No. So stop acting like you could ever be as successful as him. Thats how much he turned his father's wealth around.

    "Truthfully, I didn’t even realize this bothered me until his misogynistic tapes were uncovered late last week."

    There is no excuse for what Trump said. You say it bothers you that his supporters bring up Clinton's history. But we have a choice between two candidates. So it is not unfair or a deflation to compare.

    "No, I’m not saying Clinton is a saint because trust and believe, she’s far from it and she has some explaining to do herself"

    Actually many people who have criticized her have ended up dead shortly thereafter. She is responsible for voting for the Iraq War and the death of our ambassador in Libya. She accepted $25 million from Saudi Arabia, a country that allows women to be raped without the rapists suffering legal consequences in many cases. She defended a child rapist and laughed about it on audio. No this is not a deflection. We have a choice. Trump is bad. He is immoral.

    But I do not care about his personality nor Hillary's. I want illegal immigrants deported, immigration from war-torn countries stopped, Obamacare repealed, and our taxes lowered. That is the bottom line. You want to talk about an IQ test. Maybe you should realize that if you do not vote for either one, your vote is meaningless. I would love to see your IQ compared to either Hillary's or Trump's who both went to Ivy League universities and much more accomplished than you ever will be in your life.
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    • Elarra

      How was recalling his last name childish?

    • Drumpf is his family's original last name. He mocked a guy for changing his name and then John Oliver made it public that his family changed the name so technically it 100% is not name calling, it is respecting his origins. :)

    • Stop acting naive like you don't know that is a childish attack. Drumpf is his original family name but his legal name is Trump and has been his whole life. If I started calling you by your family's old last name, you wouldn't think that was odd? I'm sure the Clinton's had a different name before they immigrated too. Why don't you call Hillary by her family's old last name?

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  • Sweetgirl1108
    If Hillary supporters use her political career as reason to vote for her... that is sad. She hasn't done anything in the past 30 years. Except fill her pockets.. pay for play. She takes money from Saudi Arabia which is a country that treats women like shit. She stood by her husband knowing he sexually assaulted women.
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    • Elarra

      That has nothing to do with my Take. Did you even read it?

    • Yes I read it. You clearly said that Clinton supporters use her political career as a reason to vote for her. I have a right to my opinion.

    • Elarra

      I'm sorry, by 'read it', I meant the entire thing so I'll rephrase and simplify. What does that have to do with holding Trump accountable for his actions in general?

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  • Dred1614returns
    If a leaked private conversation bothers you, take a look at Hillary's record. She raked the women that accused Bill over the coals. Look at how she laughed about getting a pedophile rapist acquitted. That bothers me more than Trump's past vulgar comments.
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    • Elarra

      I see you didn't actually take the time to read my Take at all because had you done so, you would realize that I talked about her emails and how I view her in general.

      But I'm not surprised because, as I stated in this Take that you obviously didn't read, instead of holding someone accountable, you deflect by saying someone did something just as bad or worse as if that's an excuse for his behavior. Please read before responding.

    • The difference between Trump and Clinton is very big. Trump SAID piggish and vulgar things. Killary defended her husband who DID disgusting things. Hillary did not do something equally bad to Trump, she did things far worse.

    • Elarra

      Again, you clearly didn't READ the Take because it's not about his tapes or her emails. So, once again, please READ before you respond.

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  • Rawrzz
    My parents were actually *convinced* to vote for him after this scandal came along. My father's words, "well, you can't judge a person by something they did 10 years ago. People can change a lot in 10 years." Yes. The question is: did they? Two hours later, he's bringing up shit about Hillary from 15 years ago... I was infuriated, and I've been mostly removed from this political season. It's a farce. A joke. But that pissed me off so much. He's been on the fence, but Trump being a concieted douchebag convinced him? They are hardcore Christian. Hard fucking core. I thought they would be infuriated. But nope. It actually convinced them that he's the man to vote for. I've always known they were stupid. And borderline racist and sexist. But this just takes the cake. What. The. Fuck. Dear Christ how did they raise two children. Oh. They didn't.

    I hate them both. Horrid candidates. The single most fucked to thing, to me: people will agree that they are horrible candidates for the Presidency, then turn around and still vote for them, thinking they are the only legitimate candidates. It's a level of stupidity that is... astounding. I really need to leave this country.

    But. This removes any doubt. The plebs will not revolt. A nation of sheep run by wolves. Or snakes, rather. When two God awful candidates are the only primary options, and people *still* don't wake up, ignoring all of the bad--it's a lost cause.

    It is a blight. I think it's gotta be mostly the baby boomers. Maybe once most of them die off we can actually fix some of their ludicrous mistakes. If it's not already too late.
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    • goaded

      "People can change a lot in 10 years", yes, when they're 20, not so much when they're 60.

  • OlderAndWiser
    Neither candidate is a "smart" choice. Clinton's supporters have buried their heads in the sand and have defended her indefensible record just as Trump's supporters have done the same for him. If you only focus on the ignorant behavior of Trump supporters and not the ignorant behavior of the Clinton supporters, aren't you doing the very thing that you are accusing the Trump supporters of doing.
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    • goaded

      It's the curse of a two party system, one the candidates are chosen, you have to defend your candidate, no matter how bad, if you think the other side is worse.

  • AnonRom
    I prefer when people attack policy tbh like you can hate trump as a person all you want but if the thing that turns you off of him is that 10 years ago he said some derogatory things in a private conversation than that would be pretty good. For examples of legitimate criticisms I would recommend attacking his tariffs and immigration policies. Donald is an ass Hillary is an ass but really it doesn't matter because we don't vote for who we like but who we think will best run the nation.
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    • Elarra

      Eh, I just used the sex tape comments because it's the most recent in the news. I don't think it's something that should solely be used to based whether or not you'll vote for him. The issue I had was that many of his supporters, who are all over the Clinton marriage, come across this and his infidelities and casually look away. That's all. It was just one example but if I wrote more, people wouldn't read it. Judging by the comments left, a lot of people still didn't read it lol.

  • EmoKate97
    What bothers me about anti-Trump fakes is that they're more worried about Trumps lewd comments then they are at the fact Hillary made banter about a child rape, did black face, has ties to the KKK, destroyed several nations, throws out drones like Halloween candy and wants to support globalism over American interest.

    And i have to mention because dumb bitches think with their emotions and not logic, i don't like Trump because of his dumb ego that influence a lot shit he does and he's so intense but Trump is a saint compared to Hillary.
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    • Elarra

      Wow, who pissed in your Wheaties?

    • @Elarra

      You post a Take about your negative perception of Trump and his campaign, yet when someone disagrees with you and holds a different opinion you shut them down with petty ad Hominem attacks.

      Do us all a favour and grow up.

    • Elarra

      @BruceJender Actually, I posted a Take about how I feel about his supporters. Do me a favor and read before commenting.

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  • Maik567
    This whole fucking take is just so childish.

    I mean seriously "Donald Drumpf, or, as he is now known, Donald Trump." what are you 12? And if that was somehow relevant then why didn't you do the same thing and call her "Hillary Rodman"?

    "misogynistic tapes" What. The. Fuck? Guys literally have conversations like that ALL THE TIME. What exactly is so bad and horrible about these tapes? The fact that he is a human being who has sexual desires? The fact that he talks about grabbing pussy? Yeah I bet you've never said anything inappropriate in your life you fucking hypocrite.

    "And, the worst part, is that people are trying to come up with a defense at all."

    Let me get this straight, you are blaming people for defending a person? You do realize that our whole fucking justice system is based on the fact that you can defend yourself and others. How would you feel if you were blamed for something but you weren't allowed to defend yourself or explain your actions. Seriously your argument against Trump are so weak that you have to say shit like this in hopes that people won't argue against you, it's retarded.

    Let me tell you what's the real IQ test of this Presidential election. It's voting based on political views compared to voting based on personality. I am voting for Trump because my ideas of what kind of part the government should have in our lives are much much closer to Trumps ideas than Hillarys ideas. Also it is economically beneficial for me to vote for Trump compared to Voting for Hillary since my family is filled with entrepreneurs.

    You are failing the IQ test because you fail to realize that all this drama and shit is meant to sway the votes of the people who are voting based on personality instead of the real reason why presidency exists in the first place.
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    • cipher42

      Soooo, you're a sexist too and thus think sexism is 100% okay is basically what I just got outta that.

    • Maik567

      @cipher42 Then you're an idiot.

    • cipher42

      Again, getting offended by other people's words. Clearly you're just butthurt because you're too sensitive. That's how it works, no?

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  • openthedoors
    Honestly it's not that bad his convo guys talk about me like that sometimes I don't really care. It's no big deal some dudes are horny. So what?
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    • What he said isn't just "guys being guys", it's far beyond that. Most guys will talk about how hot a woman looks or boast about his sexual escapades to his friends - that's normal. What isn't normal is thinking that it's 100% okay to sexually assault a woman because of he is famous and rich. That is anything but normal, and it reveals what makes him so dangerous - the "I can do whatever the fuck I want because I'm Trump" mentality.

    • @PrincessofNohr you do know what was a long time ago right? You're making out sexual assault out of something so small. Damn we must have no crime in the US cuz we're making it up where it doesn't exist.

    • Grabbing a woman's vagina isn't sexual assault? I want what you're smoking, because that's good stuff.

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  • castratedwhiteguy
    This is a very blue pill My Take. You can call me a "deplorable" but I could write a dissertation on why the issues in this article are unimportant and a misdirection, but I won't go there. The fact of the matter is that either Trump or crooked Hillary will be our next president. So, given the situation, here's what you really need to be concerned about:

    1) Trump will cut your taxes and crooked Hillary will raise your taxes.

    2) Trump won't sell our country out by signing us on to another disastrous global trade deal like the TPP, and he will renegotiate NAFTA so it can actually work for America, while crooked Hillary is on record saying that she want's total open borders (i. e., unrestricted migration) for both North and South America without any concern of the financial pressure that it would put on our already bankrupt social safety net.

    3) Trump will lower your energy costs while crooked Hillary's senseless climate change policies, taxes, and regulations will raise your energy costs. So if you don't mind rolling blackouts then don't support Trump.

    4) Trump will lower health care costs by bringing competition into the market while crooked Hillary will double down on Obamacare which will eventually destroy health care in America.

    I could go on and on here, but these are just a few of the important issues. Vote wisely...
  • PoorCollegeStudent
    What worries me is that I live in Canada which is directly above the shit show that is currently going down and if Americans somehow choose Trump it will most likely greatly impact the world in a negative manner. With that said, I hate Hillary and I hate the DNC for ripping the primary away from Bernie. No one up here can fathom how Trump or Hillary are your two candidates, more so Trump though.
  • Library
    Everything about Donald Trump bothers me
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  • Love_Is_Eternal
    You are aware that many people in the white house are child rapists? The reason I support Trump is because of childish people like you who get so upset at other people's free speech. There are more serious things going on in the world than a few comments Donald Trump has made. For crying out loud, grow up.
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    • cipher42

      Uhhh, source for that first statement? And it's reeaally not childish to be offended when someone says something so blatantly offensive. Besides, isn't this right here you being upset by other people's opinions, aka the exact same thing you're claiming to condemn?

    • @cipher42 Do the research on pedophile politicians and find out for yourself. I'm not wiping your backside for you. People are just getting fed up with childish people like you who get so upset whenever someone says something offensive instead of focusing on the really serious things going on in the world. That's why Trump has so many supporters. I personally don't care if you are offended. People offend me all the time but I don't make a big fuss about it. Grow up.

    • cipher42

      If you make a claim, it's your job to support it. To pretend otherwise is a logical fallacy. But fine, make an ass of yourself if you insist, not my problem.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Wow that video of the Donald Trump Supporters - Scary and lots of rumours of more tapes to come on Donald Trump - His base will never be affected but where is he going to get extra votes he needs to win, who knows - It is going to be the ugliest month ever if last night is anything to go by - If Donald Trump goes down, he is taking everyone with him.
  • tyber1
    The only way your vote matters for anything in this clusterfucked election is by voting 3rd party. If this is the best the Democrats and Republicans could offer this election, then we deserve a different choice #johnson2016
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  • HikerDude
    Hillary's done far worse than engage in some locker-room talk. She's sold her influence to the highest bidder. What's worse, she's sold American lives down the river without so much as lifting a finger to stop their deaths.
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  • jacquesvol
    Trumputin said:
    “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”
    “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.”
    “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”
    “Grab them by the p-------y. You can do anything.”
  • Rissyanne
    • Elarra

      I think most voters in general aren't that bright when it comes to weighing out the issues, mostly because they rely too much on the media and social media to tell them everything instead of doing their own homework.

    • Rissyanne

      You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You wasn't saying this in your take.

    • Elarra

      That's because my Take was about what bothers me most about the Trump campaign, not what bothers me about voters in general. Duh. Learn to read.

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  • Luci92
    I still don't know who is worse.
    Good luck America, you've really got the cream of the crop to pick from.
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  • Kiran04
    I'll take, "He said mean things!" over "She had an illegal classified email server that got hacked, got people killing Benghazi, is married to a rapist that she defends, and lied to the FBI more than 30 times" any day of the week.
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