Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend

Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend

They've been photographed outside of a restaurant that's a known paparazzi hot spot. Go figure.

Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend

They're allegedly 'together'...but it's so clear they're doing all of this for the media attention and to promote some kind of a business cooperation in the works maybe.

But she's always been known for using people who are of a higher celebrity rank at the time - to stay afloat...because let's face it - she can't sing.

Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend

Good luck Selena! But this kinda of behavior won't stay cute forever...even with your baby face.

Selena Gomez Takes Full Advantage of the Weekend
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  • JuicyBrain
    Why do you care? I don't really know her, I don't care for her, I don't give a shit what she does and yet, I keep seeing her face everywhere for the last couple of days. WHAT'S WITH HER? Stop giving her attention...
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    • It's a 'hot topic'... that's the purpose of it - to be frivolous...

    • JuicyBrain

      But I don't even understand WHY she is getting attention? Why are those pictures worth mentioning?

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  • Cccgala
    Paparazzi can be really sly in keeping us on the lookout for more celebrity controversies.
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  • ColinHarvey
    What is she doing this weekend where she's taking advantage of it? Who is that black guy? Should I be taking advantage of my weekend better? Should I get a black guy of my own? Who is Selena Gomez? Is she a lawyer? Does she work an 9-5 so she's free on the weekends?
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  • Kapakani
    Selena Gomez who's been hurt by beiber over and over and makes it known see seeks companionship. Is going to seek out the weekend, for publicity?

    While I can't rule out these style stunts in the Hollywood lifestyle, I just don't think Selena Gomez would do this.
  • Miyumi
    Lolol his face in the first pic. Just priceless~

    but then again paparazzi always take a million pics and pick the one that's the worst.

    If she uses him... who knows, time will tell. Guess it's always better than that Hadid chickita.
  • vishna
    Imagine if the Weekend was as good at his craft as his songs would make us believe. The man is a god among us. If Selena is milking his fame and receiving his gift, lord have mercy, the girl is crafty indeed.
  • GarySummer
    So if you disagree with her "using him" for publicity, why did you just write this whole post about it, giving her more publicity for it?
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  • Blackwatch8494
    Geez! You really don't like Selena Gomez do you!!! TBH I'd argue that she's a bigger star than the Weeknd!! Just looked on Instagram and Selena has 107 million followers... Weeknd only has 9 million!!
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  • altair212
    people who follow this kind of stuff honestly have no life
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  • Iraqveteran666
    Why do you hate Selena?
    Personally I dislike most celebrities.
  • Maxemeister
    I have one of the Weeknd's songs and 0 of hers so I guess I gotta side with the Weeknd on this one
  • skeptic002
    do you really believe the media lol ahahahah
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    • I believe pictures...

    • skeptic002

      i see the pictures
      but what the media says is usually a lie

  • Phoenix98
    And I should care why?
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  • PlacentaSalad
    All I know is that it needs more metal.
  • TheDevilInside
    Are you like... obsessed with Selena or something?
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Who cares Selena is freaking hot.
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  • Eternallylucky
    Just some guy
  • reixun
    I love the weeknd
  • Nik1hil
    by the way who is that dude
  • MisterSir
    okay, cool
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  • zagor
    Who is that guy?
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    What is the question?