Obama Cares For America And The World


If I were American I would be so proud of Obama...and hopefully you - the American people - appreciate him and all he's done for you!

Obama Cares For America And The World

He has a 58% approval rating - which is just nuts! So I guess you really do appreciate him!

When he took office America was in one of the worst crises scine the Great depression - and look at ya now!

- added 13.700 000 jobs to the economy
- lowered the unemployment from 10% to 5% ---can you say steady economy?
- reduced federal budget by two thirds since 2009
- stock market tripled
- saved auto industry: 2015 - highest amount of American cars sold in US history
- doubled the amount of clean energy
- authorized the rade that killed Osama Bin Laden
- encouraged states (18 states successfully) to increase their minimum wage
- fought for the Paris agreement [initiative to reduce global climate change]
- passed the act to hold Wall Street accountable if you guys have another financial chrisis (responsibility - always welcome)
- repealed Don't ask don't tell (which was extremely homophobic)
- supporter for gay marriage

Obama Cares For America And The World

Obama Cares For America And The World
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  • Eugene
    I'm proud of him too:
    * He (and Bush) have spent over 5 billions of US taxpayers money to fund coup d'etat in Ukraine, effectively allowing us to return Crimea under our righteous rule; Novorossiya is soon to return to us as well.
    * He bombed Middle East so hard, it gave us an opportunity to even somewhat unite (or at least somewhat cooperate) Turkey and Iran.
    * He really managed to rebuild our confidence and pride by constantly fearmongering US vassals in Europe how strong and dangerous we are.
    * He effectively forced US vassals in Europe to introduce sanctions that backfired terribly against Europe, while giving us a kick to start developing our own shit.
    * Under his (and Bush) rule Islamic State was created, which a great training dummy for our military and navy ^_^
    * He (and Bush) were very useful in promoting anti-Americanism in Europe.

    I gotta miss this monkey, he was awesome. A few more years under his rule and I'm quite positive we'd return Alaska as well... Mmmmm... Alaska...
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    • ... unfortunately all true..
      Have you seen the women in Alaska. Mooooo!!!

    • Eugene

      * And, of course, under his rule they gave birth to an awesome brand "Russian Hackers". It's awesome on many levels and for different reasons (would be too long to explain why).
      * Under his rule US/EU media really took a serious blow to their credibility, which allowed our news agencies, such as Russia Today, to emerge as an alternative source of actual news with constantly growing viewer's base.

      I really hope that one day it'll turn out he was our agent, because he deserves a medal <3

    • I agree. The democrats used the media as propaganda to skewer the truth and lie.

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    I'm tired of people shitting on Obama. He tried his best to make America better for everyone, and everyone is still not satisfied. People are never happy with anything.
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    • its because he was one of the worst presidents in history. because of obama we are set back 80 years in racial divides.

    • @DontStepOnTheCat Bush was way worse than Obama, and Trump is gonna fuck shit up more.

    • nah obama was far worse then bush in every measurable way.

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  • rjroy3
    1. The same people who are giving out the approval ratings are the same people that said the polls showed Hillary was going to smash Trump in the Electoral College votes.

    2. If Obama cared about the people, especially poor people. He would never had changed to tax bracket to include poor people who previously wouldn't get taxed until a certain income was made. If you were living off of minimum wage you wouldn't pay tax until you made a certain amount for the year. Under Obama you got taxed from dollar one. How thoughtful of him right?

    3. He didn't add any jobs to the economy. All of the jobs that grew were in the oil and gas industry which came from the oil boom and the advent of fracking. But the funny thing is this was despite Obama who was adamantly against the industry. He cut off offshore drilling in America during his first administration. He cut the number of permits for drilling in half. He literally did all he could to hemorrhage our ability to rely on our own energy, because he was pushing for electric. Luckily technology and the oil boom allowed for us to grow despite his actions.

    4. He reduced the budget? I'd love to see that, because he never submitted a budget since he started. He even denied the budget plans presented to him.

    5. I'll give him some credit for Osama Bin Laden. But to be fair that would have happened under any president in his place. He was given the information that they found him. All he had to do was say, "Yes". Imagine what would have happened if they told him they had Bin Laden's location and he didn't authorize them to go in.

    President Obama has some legitimate positives. But let's be real about it. Based on his accomplishments he is going to be a very forgettable president.
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  • VictoriousSausage
    there are a few discrepancies here and there, but i'm shocked at the hate in the comments on this one, as a Brit, i have no real understanding in what living under an Obama presidency was like, but from here, it looked pretty good, and that's not because of the state of my country, i genuinely think he was a kind and caring president, there may be a few things he did which seem shady, but overall, a nice leader, and strong too, stood up to Russia instead of bending over and kissing their asses. there will be mixed opinions on Obama, but he was a good leader, in my opinion, for stabilizing America, right now your country is being plunged into fear both on what the president is doing and saying, and how the media is covering it. i am extremely concerned at the route the world is taking, i understand the fears people are having today, the worries of immigration and the feeling of detachment from the establishment. but i don't think this is the right cause of action, and in fact, will bring more pain to all of us.
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      Ok let me explain a little something about us Americans. We argue, we argue, we argue. It is what happens when one party's candidate wins and the other doesn't. Instant argument erupts. And then we flaunt the freedom of speech constitutional amendment (the first amendment) around like see I have a right to get into heated discussions and then verbally abuse the other people who think otherwise because it is allowed in the constitution! That is America for you! And the problem is this is all 100% allowed. So yeah, the comments here can be a little shocking, especially now that it's pretty much you like/ed Obama, and you absolutely 100% HATE Trump. It is crazy here. My neighbors are basically either saying, "Buckle up, we are just getting started!" (Trump supporter) or "I woke up last night with a panic attack due to nightmares!" (Ant-Trump supporter).

    • @EL_MORRIS yeah haha, i get what you're saying, it's the same with us Brits, we may seem calm and collected, but our politics and mindset isn't far from you Americans, it's probably due to the shared British Heritage, some scary stuff is happening now here in the UK, as is with America, the whole mindset of the nation has changed, very few believe the prime minister, but she's trying to make it seem like she's the gospel truth of knowledge, and she's forcing her will through parliament. it's a strange time to be a person brought up in a generation that doesn't expect anything like this at all (ie me and you)

  • Scrambledagain
    Obama is the only man to bomb seven different countries and win a peace prize for his efforts.

    America's involvement in the Middle East is actually illegal according to international law.
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    • Kirah

      Don't forget he performed a drone strike on an American citizen.

  • RealandGenuine
    Nope, and don't miss him either. The fact that he went along with anything... I'm known to my friends and family as being real so here it goes.. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I don't believe in gay marriage. I'm sure some smart Alec will try to respond , that's your right. but it doesn't mean I'm changing my belief. some will dislike what I said probably. oh well, can't please everybody. .
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    • Well my names not Alec but...

      while i think it's your right to have your opinion, i believe it's okay for both a gay and a straight man to be whatever they want to be, i don't think it's right to force people to do something they aren't comfortable with, imagine having to marry a man you don't love? i understand the points of view, especially from a religious standpoint, in fact it's one of the most interesting arguments i've found on the internet, i think you're entirely right to say what you want, and am glad you also appreciate that right, and hope my response hasn't offended you, but helped you to see there are two sides to the coin.

    • You're right on time!


      Ok, so I have heard this argument from my friend who can quote Genesis 100% correctly in all forms. But here is my smart Alec point of view, everyone has a right to voice their own opinion, but people in America have the freedom to make their own choices, just like how you chose to believe a man and a woman should be the only type of couple. If, you believe people who are LGBT are making the "choice" to be what they are, then don't they have a right to that choice? However, I do not believe it is a choice, due to the fact that my cousin is gay, and I know he had always felt different compared to his friends regarding sexual orientation. It is a hormonal aspect developed in the womb. So, these people were born this way. The Bible mentions Adam and Eve, but Adam and Eve were female and male... but gays and lesbians are female and male. The bible says man marries a wife, but never says man marries a woman specifically.

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  • madhatters4
    i think the good he did far outweigh the negatives, like benghazi. for every negative there are about 5 positives people can point to. opponents however overlook the positives and would lead you to believe obama destroyed our country even though it's in a far better place than it was when he took office in 2008
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  • Notorisch_Arschloch
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  • skeptic002
    it's okay hun you just see the surface you dont know the true story
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  • RedThread
    I think it's a tendency for liberals and conservatives to avoid polls that counter their positions and jerk off to polls that support their positions. Are our egos that fragile? Are we that pathetic?

    Confirmation bias is truly amazing to see in action.
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    • goaded

      It's a natural human reaction. You can always add a few counter facts here, I suppose. (Just, please, nothing from infowars or breitbart.)

    • RedThread

      @goaded I'm definitely not without bias myself. It's just easier to notice such things when it's in text form.

  • Waffles731
    obama really is awesome and people are fucking idiots
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    • Awesome at destroying the country.

    • @Iraqveteran666 Yep. How did he get elected twice?

    • @Exterminatore used the democrats propaganda machine cnn and the rest of the media

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Lol there is only one thing worse than butthurt...
    It's uneducated Butthurt, and there is a lot of it in the comments.
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  • RomansToPhilemon
    I mean you can scream falsehoods as loud and as long as you want; it won't ever make them true. Let's rob Peter to pay Paul, even though Peter can't afford enough food for his family. Yeah, real virtuous indeed...
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  • DontStepOnTheCat
    no i think he's one of the worst presidents in history. the average wage has gone down and the labor participation has gone down. that means wages have gone down and unemployment has gone up. obama is one of the worst presidents in history.
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  • DonRomeo
    Jesus Christ, you only see what you want to see.
    Libya Interference
    Haiti interference
    Syria interference and its part in refugee crisis
    Continued Pakistan, Afghan bombings with drones
    Continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Persecution of whistleblowers
    Failure to achieve his promise of closing Guantanamo Bay/X-ray
    Bailing out the bankers
    Souring relationships with Russia
    Continuing NMD policy
    Making no move to block automation and outsourcing of jobs
    Permitting further sweeping intelligence agency powers
    Continually lying to you, manipulating through a focus on acting and stagecraft
    And so many others it's too much to think of right now.

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  • Thisperson98
    He had almost nothing to do with the killing of Bin Laden. Also never look at unemployment numbers because they are very misleading.
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    • Yeah it was the Navy Seals.

    • goaded

      @Iraqveteran666 Under which C-in-C?

    • @goaded it was seal team six so...

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  • kickme
    worst president ever.

    Added 10 trillion to the national debt, more than all Presidents before him COMBINED.

    First president never to achieve even 1 year of 3% GDP growth.

    Highest income inequality in history

    Race relations set back 50 years

    More people killed by warfare worldwide than under any modern president

    record politcal losses for the democratic party in congress and governorships

    record underemployment levels

    wasted more taxpayer money on things like failed solar companies than any preisdent ever.

    raised energy prices for EVERYONE

    did nothing to support the fracking movement, the only economic success story of his presidency

    Increased gayness

    Ruined healthcare for 97% of Americans

    Looks great in the same fake polls that said Trump had no chance of winning
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  • Phoenix98
    Pfft hahahah... hahahaha... hahahahahaha

    O my goodness thanks for that I needed a good laugh.
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  • TripleAce
    Obama was poison. Simply continued the legacy he was set out to do
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  • Iraqveteran666
    Sorry but I don't trust approval ratings, statistics, polls, surveys or the rest of it. We saw what they were worth by the election results.
    Under obama the liberal elites prospered while the working and middle classes had to beg for welfare to survive.
    He and Hillary funked up Syria and Libya. Created Isis. Made things worse in Iraq. Lucked China's button. Made Russia and enemy. Started a war in the Ukraine. Oversaw and did nothing about 8 years of worsening racial division and tension. Ignored for 8 years the please of average Americansalary for a secure boarder to stop liberal elites exploiting cheap illegal Mexican labor and bring back jobs and industry to the American people instead of more welfare.
    Obama will go down as a failure in history.
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  • TadCurious
    Barack Obama promised Americans that under the Affordable (?) Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare) that "if you like your current health insurance plan you'll be able to keep it under my new plan. And if you like your doctor you can keep your same doctor. And premiums will go down on average $2500 per family."
    None of that was true. In fact, we know that Obama knew none of that was true even while he was saying it. We know from administration sources that people in the Obama White House were telling him that saying what he did was inaccurate, and yet he kept saying it. Two of his former speechwriters went on the Charlie Rose show and laughed about how what they were writing for Obama was untrue. One of the architects of the Affordable (?) Care Act was caught telling an academic group that it was "the stupidity of the American voter" that enabled the law to pass Congress when the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate.
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  • MissMillionDollarMan
    I could bore you with facts about his presidency. But you wouldn't give two shits. All you care about is rhetoric.
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