America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

When I say rest of the world, it doesn't mean ALL countries are included. But most. Anyway, it's a fact, that Americans want to feel different than the rest of the world, and follow their own way in things. 15 of those things are...

(In alphabetical order)

1) Americans believe the world revolves around them. The rest of the world considers their country, just another one country in the worldwide map.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Actually the truth is, this idea has passed to the other countries as well, believing America is the center of the world. Wrong. America is just another country in the world map, nothing more nothing less. There is NO center of the world!

2) Americans don't make negotiations or do any research before they buy something. The rest of the world does.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

The reason why they don't? It's because they consider it a big shame for someone to be poor. They might buy something that actually costs $20, at a price of $60, just in order to show off they have money. I have experience on this field since I sell stuff frequently, and many Americans have bought from me. Guess what? NOBODY asked for a lower price. Where I live, there were many cases where they asked for a better price. So figure out how bad at negotiations Americans are. It's not a shame to be poor. But it's idiotic to pay something at a higher price, when you can find it much cheaper.

3) Americans eat at restaurants frequently. The rest of the world eats at restaurants occasionally.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

The reason why this is happening, is because restaurants in America have big portions compared to international portions, and the food is cheaper. Eventually this has made many Americans lose interest in cooking, since they learn to eat at restaurants from a young age. The rest of the world eats there only at occasions (birthday parties for example).

4) Americans hate prostitution. The rest of the world (among developed countries) doesn't.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Apart from Nevada, prostitution is illegal anywhere else in America. America is the only developed country, that doesn't accept prostitution whether it's organized or not. In the rest of the world (especially in Western Europe), guys go at brothels or pay escorts if in case they are single. Still, Americans tend to respect Porn Stars more, mostly because they make more money.

5) Americans marry and have kids at a young age. The rest of the world (especially in Europe) doesn't.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Many people my age (24-25) in America, or even some years younger than me, are already married and have kids. As for the rest of the world, maybe in Asian or African countries they marry and have kids at a young age as well, but definitely not in Europe. In Europe being married at 25, is really weird in our days. And if you have kids, it's weirder five times more. Not to mention, in America wedding is such a big and overproduced event, as much as Olympic Games (you won't believe how much money they spend for weddings), whilst in other countries it's just something typical, and nothing more.

6) Americans name their kids based on trends. The rest of the world names their kids, in the traditional way.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

One of the worst things in American culture in my opinion. Parents name their kids based on some character from a TV/movie characters or from a song. Really awful. And that's the reason why name frequencies don't remain static, unlike the rest of the world where kids take the name from someone from their family. Ironically, Americans are people who dislike trends. And among all trends they picked the worst as their favorite. THIS!

7) Americans still use imperial system. The rest of the world uses metric system.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Their system is more complicated indeed, so it seems like they want to make foreigners' lives difficult when they come to America, and learn how to calculate in Imperial System.

8. Americans tip ridiculously high. The rest of the world tips no more than 5-10%, or they just pay what they see on the bill.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

In America tips 30%, 40%, or even 50% are common. In fact you are almost forced to tip! If you pay just what you see on the bill, you are going to get a few punches for sure. In the rest of the world, nobody tells you something if you just pay what you see on the bill.

9) Americans value virginity a lot. In the rest of the world is insignificant.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Maybe in Asian countries they still do as well, but definitely not in Europe. In America though there are still many people, including young people as well, who consider sleeping around a bad thing, and they would never consider sex before marriage. That's why the high percentage of people in their 20s who are virgins in America, compared with the other developed countries.

10) In America, guys are "afraid" to wear "flamboyant" colors. In the rest of the world guys don't mind.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

For example an American guy would feel afraid to wear red shoes, or a pink shirt, because they would feel they will look too fruity (like they say there). Maybe Middle-Eastern countries might have scruples as well, but in the rest of the world, guys don't feel less masculine if they wear pink or red. Another proof that Americans are still stuck in the past!

11) In America, height is viewed as power, especially for guys. In the rest of the world is insignificant.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

See the US presidents for example here. Only 6 out of 43 presidents were from 5'8" under. And that was in a time when 5'6"-5'8" heights were being considered average and not short as it happens now. Only one president was 5'4" (James Madison) and that was in a time when 5'4" wasn't that short for a man. They vote for tall men, just because they want their leaders to stand out among other World Leaders. Likewise, American girls in modern era, still tend to care about a guy's height and consider it a deal breaker if a guy lacks height. More or less in America if you are under the average male height (which is 5'9"-5'10" currently), then you are doomed. In the rest of the world, nobody cares if you are just 5'4", and you could be as successful as a 6' man. They care for other things.

12) In America, if a guy doesn't hit the gym, he's "weak", "lazy" and a "pussy". In the rest of the world, if a guy doesn't hit the gym, he just doesn't like working out.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

In America, gyms are like churches especially for guys. A holy place. The little free time Americans have, is being spent at the gym. In other parts of the world, gyms are just used in order to lose weight mostly, and not for working out purposes. Also in America getting jacked for guys is something essential. If a guy isn't jacked (and at least 5'10" as I said above) then he won't get laid! Unless they choose to pay a hooker, something that Americans won't do because it's one of the grossest things, in their culture. Something that really doesn't matter in other countries.

13) In America, life is fast paced without any free time. In the rest of the world they value free time.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Americans are always on the run. Most people in America have two full-time jobs, and no free time. Those who study have at least one full-time job, or two part-time jobs along with their studies. A life under pressure, a life full of stress. They are willing to sacrifice any amount of free-time just in order to make more (and more and more) money. A person in America by the young age of 20, he/she is already a millionaire! That's why 24 hours open, is a common policy, and that's why people in America always eat at restaurants, and take their coffee on a cup, and gulp it on their way to work. No time to sit and cook or make a coffee at home! In the rest of the world, people take their time to enjoy their coffee along with their breakfast at home, and enjoy their meal at their kitchen. And weekends are supposed to be non-working days, unlike in America.

14) In America they are being fakely nice. In the rest of the world they are more straight forward.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Have a nice day, they use to say. But deep inside they want to tell you F*ck off. Maybe some, might actually mean it indeed, but most not. In most countries they will tell you F*ck off if you annoy them, without hiding behind Nice Days. Unless they are at work, where they can't say such a thing, otherwise chances to lose their job are higher.

15) In America they worry about their health a lot. The rest of the world is more relax about this issue.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

Hypochondria, is perhaps the most common disease in America. Americans are notorious for consulting their doctors about any little small thing, even if it's just a headache or a small pain in the chest. And that's why Americans are afraid of drinking alcohol or soda or energy drinks, considering them unhealthy, and that's why they spend any amount of free-time they have at the gym, feeling that way they will improve their health. But nobody died from drinking alcohol or soda. Being constantly anxious from your fast paced life (see above) might kill you indeed. The rest of the world, doesn't mind if they drink a can of soda or a glass of beer more, and they consult their doctors rationally, when they are actually sick, to the point they cannot get up from their beds in order to go to the toilet.

America VS The World: 15 Things Americans Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World
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  • docster

    Pretty accurate on many things. But the part about most Americans having two full-time jobs and being millionaires by the age of 20 is completely false. I don't know anyone with two jobs and I used to work for three business owners who MAY be millionaires. But still an interesting take.

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  • Hercules073

    Too many butt hurt Americans. Can't you guys take a joke?

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    • Anonymous

      Do you believe they are able to?

Most Helpful Girls

  • Tenseven

    I tend to agree with you on this for the most part. Personally, I do some of these things and some I don't but I see your point. 😊🇺🇸

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  • dwiller943

    Haha. Yes. Another reason why I prefer Italy.

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  • Phoenix98

    Ugh you again, seriously, stop posting nonsense, gibberish and false facts, didn't you learn anything from the last mytake you made?

    You have no real evidence to support anything you say and again you've never actually been the United States nor experienced our culture, our people or anything.

    1. False

    2. Again false actually a lot of people research stuff before they buy it myself included, unless they've been buying the products all their life.

    3. False a lot of us eat at home or cook our own meals, it's expensive to eat out all the time, we only do it if we're in a hurry.

    4. False Prostitution is actually hated and or illegal in a lot of countries, I could name at least 20 nations around the world where prostitution is illegal.

    5. False actually in western Europe most people get married at around age 30 or higher, in Afghanistan and the middle east most people get married at around 20.2 years and for the United States the average age women get married is 26.9 and for men it's 29.8.

    6. Again false a lot of people are actually named with quite common or traditional names, myself included, but the names trend thing is not isolated to any one country that's a thing everywhere in the world.

    7. False, actually no we don't use the Imperial unit of measurement we have our own system called the U. S. Customary System which is partly derived from the Imperial units of measurement. Also the two major units of measurement for the entire world are the U. S. Customary System of measurement and the International System of Units otherwise known as the metric system so everyone is either using the United States measurement system or the metric system.

    8. Again false, the standard tipping rate for the united states is 15% of your bill, at most people will tip 20% if the waiter or waitress did a really good job. And if they did a bad job it goes down to around 10% of the bill. The reason for this is waiters and waitresses make most of their money from tips.

    9. Again false actually the majority of the country doesn't value virginity, also only traditional or religion people like myself or those with personal reasons for it, value virginity, the vast majority of the country does not.

    10. False, full single colored shoes like those red ones in the picture are sold in almost every trendy shoe store in the country and I am always seeing people wearing shoes like that or just bright colors in general.

    • Phoenix98

      11. False most people here are average height a bit higher and one of our strongest, well known and most decorated soldier in American history was a very small man from Texas named Audie Murphy during the war his nickname was shorty until he started getting medals put on him like a magnet then that changed. Some of the best people to come out of the United States have been the national average height shorter in addition to the more taller folks.

      12. Again false, I should know I worked in a gym for years and am a professional trainer neither me, any fellow trainers or any of the people I worked with or trained with in the gym ever thought this, neither does anyone I know. The main reason we like to get people into the gym is because we want them to live long and healthy lives and because it's great for self improvement. But if they don't want to, it's no big deal either, also a lot of people workout from their homes.

    • Phoenix98

      13. False, that depends entirely upon where you live or how busy you like to be as an individual me, my family and many of my friends or people I know are incredibly laid back and I know a lot of people who moved here from outside the US and it's the same with them, when we get off of work we just like to prop our feet up and relax and not do anything.

      14. Not at all true when people are nice to you here they are being genuinely nice, I can't even count the amount of times I've stopped and talked with complete strangers or people I don't even know for like anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour almost. And practically all exchange students who actually come to the United States unlike you one of the first things they say is very different is how talkative, cheerful and friendly everyone in the United States is, and how in their countries you'd never dare talk to someone you don't know because they'd just ignore you or not talk to you.

    • Phoenix98

      15. And what's wrong with caring about your health? and wanting to be in peak physical condition? I agree some people take it to the extreme but nearly as many as you claim.

      Also the twin towers picture at the top is highly, highly disrespectful, thousands of innocent people died in that attack.

      Just stop making these mytakes bud, your only showing how ignorant you are.

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  • Waffles731

    This is so fucking inacccurate that its hysterically funny.
    You really have no fucking clue what you talk about.
    You seriously need to stop posting takes cause this is as bad as you last one

    • Anonymous

      Tell me where are the lies. How many people among your age are married? How tall are you, and what's your success with women? Would you accept wearing a pink shirt with yellow shorts?

    • Waffles731

      Lets see the average
      Where I live its 31 for men and 29 for women
      "Would you accept wearing a pink shirt with yellow shorts?"
      No I would not but not for the flamboyant reason.
      I get cold really really really easily. Its the reason I ALWAYS wear jeans if I'm outside the house and I always am either wearing shoes outside or wearing shoes or have a blanket around my feet.
      I'm five foot eleven
      "what's your success with women?'
      I'm a virgin but not for religious reasons, There are a couple of reasons, First, I'm going to lose it when I'm in love second, I need a vasectomy.
      I've got Mental disorders that can be passed on genetically, I'll get married, and fall in love one day but the fact is that I'm not the right person to bring a new soul into this world.
      I've decided to get a vasectomy before my first time.
      "4) Americans hate prostitution."
      Really depends on who you talk to

    • Waffles731

      " Americans eat at restaurants frequently. The rest of the world eats at restaurants occasionally."
      Completely inaccurate. Restaurants cost WAY more money so the majority it may be a once a week or a couple times a month thing, people with a lot of disposable income eat out way more.
      "In America they worry about their health a lot. The rest of the world is more relax about this issue."
      Not really, People will tell you to shut up and quite whining.
      "14) In America they are being fakely nice. In the rest of the world they are more straight forward."
      The SOUTH is fake nice, in most of new england and the rest people are fairly straightforward and if you see a nice person they are probably genuinely nice.
      Then you have Maine and Minnesota now don't ask me why, but most people from Maine or Minnesota, or Utah, or Idaho or montana or wyoming, or Vermont are just incredibly nice and completely sincere about that. Its probably why they have EXTREMELY low violent crime rates

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  • TakeMaker

    I wouldn't even know where to begin with a lot of these points... many are wholly inaccurate.

    Name trends happen in the UK for sure. Right now there's an upper middle class phase going on so we have so many Sophia's, George's, Oscar's and Harry's... You can't turn around without there being some Tarquin Oliver Nimrod turning up.

    The UK uses metric AND imperial. Although the American Imperial isn't the same as ours, just to confuse matters even more!

    I think most of these points are not unique to America and are gross generalisations.

    • Anonymous

      In the UK they count in feet, but they use kilos (I don't think they use stones anymore). Why they don't choose one way or another?

    • TakeMaker

      People refer to their own weight in stone still and we also use pounds and ounces and pints, as well as grams and kilos and litres.

      Why not have both? What does annoy me is BSP. For some reason the plumbing industry still uses inches for some fittings, which means you have to convert to mm if you're trying to match it. Importing parts from Europe can be frustrating for this reason. Inches just aren't as accurate.

      We also use miles, not km.

    • smølf

      Yes, and the British is why the Americans are using the crap systems they have. Britain have partly reformed for about 150 years ago. The Americans have not.

      Continental Europe however, was reformed by Napoleon who introduced the metric system by force. The UK being safe across the sea as always, didn't.

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  • Fathoms77

    Again, maybe some were true in 1985. Most are laughably inaccurate now.

    ... do you even live in the U. S? :P

    • Anonymous

      I read a lot though.

    • Fathoms77

      I think you need to take a little field trip over here. :) Some of these are so outdated they're kinda funny. If people in other countries still believe half of these are true, they're just way behind the times...

    • Anonymous

      But WHERE? If I take a trip to Nevada I might feel more like home, unlike in states like Texas or Louisiana.

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  • FallOutBoy2001

    Why the fuck did you use the twin towers? Really?

    You do realize that while a good portion of this was accurate (such as the tips, prostitution, imperial, fake niceness, and hypocondria) you seem strangly upset by the names and free time.

    • PT1911

      He just hates america

    • Anonymous

      Why so much hate about the twin tower picture?

    • Because almost 3,000 people died, that's why you're getting so much hate for it

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  • outmyroom

    Most of these points are better here! Why is prostiution good? So a fat ass like you can get some ass?

    • Why is it wrong?

    • outmyroom

      @Hercules073 because women degrading themselves for money is just horrible and would destroy the fabric of our society.

    • They are not forced to do so. They want to be whores. So who are you to judge them?

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  • Dred1614

    For me:
    2: false
    3: false
    5: false
    6: false
    7: I'm for the metric system
    8: false
    9: false
    10: false
    11: false
    13: false
    14: false
    15: false
    Most of this is inaccurate. I'm assuming you're not an American, so why do you think you're an "expert" on the US?

    • Anonymous

      Don't you want to marry NOW and have 3-4-5 kids mr. Conservative? Don't you save yourself till marriage with the "one good girl"? Obviously she won't work and she'll stay at home taking care of your kids, when you'll be out bringing the money. And don't you consider prostitutes "dirty whores"?

      Don't tell me those are false. I know very well how conservatives like you function. Now, move! Schnell! Schnell!

    • Dred1614

      Why the hell would I marry now? That would screw up my life. If my future wife wants to work, I'd have no objection to that. I don't want more than 2 children. I am saving myself until marriage. Read the answer carefully, I didn't mention #4.

    • Anonymous

      Then stay a virgin till you find a girl from the madhouse. Nobody else is willing to date you.

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  • meatballs21

    I'd have gone Anon too - wouldn't want my name attached to complete garbage like this.

    • Anonymous

      See Tommy Wiseau's post. I don't hide from anyone.

  • TheButterfly

    Almost all of those are inaccurate and since when is caring about your health and tipping generously a bad thing? Also, is that the twin towers?

    • Anonymous

      Yes the twin towers. And being wasteful is bad, you don't know how to value your money. Also being a hypochondriac is bad.

    • Seriously? Do you not know how disrespectful that is? Almost 3,000 people died. Do you not have a heart? And tipping someone who probably needs the money isn't bad. Valuing your health isn't bad.

    • Anonymous

      You don't need them. You just want to buy cars and clothes, to show off your status. That's what you do.

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  • Johnnytopside

    This post so ridiculously biased and full of crap i'd expect to see this on a news program. If you have issues with america that's fine if you have a genuine argument that's fine, but don't go posting bullshit just to try to convince people to come to your side on whatever your problem is

  • ShyGuyLikesWomen

    The picture on #1 was funny...

    As far as tipping waitresses and bartenders, I agree...

    We have a plague of young (or aging) female bartenders that think they hold a very high social status because they serve people drinks

  • PT1911

    When your country lands on the moon let me know

    • PT1911

      And I'm placing $5 that you're the same guy that wrote about not daring American women

    • Anonymous

      Yes and now, pack your things and go. People who have this humiliated flag as their profile picture aren't welcomed.

  • cjmtherfcker

    we do football different.
    Everything moves fast because its expensive as shit to live here. We would love to take 3 month vacations but we would lose our homes and jobs

  • StickStickity13

    You are right about maybe three things, this is coming from someone who wasn't from the United States.

  • chico800

    Dude, Western Europe is not "the rest of the world."

  • SpecJack

    #13 is absolutely wrong. I can assure you that life in America (if you're an average citizen with a suburban house) is much more laid back than life in Asia - where people are just forced to work 10, 11 even over 12 hours a day (that's not even including Over Time). Look at Japan, even a singer there works 17 hours a day! And they don't have a choice because of the immensely high living expenses. Just renting a three-room apartment will set you back at least USD $3,200! I live in a Southeast Asian country that practically squeezes time and money out of people living here. There's no time to even eat a proper meal, my superior at work even skipped her breakfast and lunch just so she can send her documents out on time.

  • lost_alice

    8. actually here in Brazil we need to pay at least 10% and a little more that the person chooses

  • lifeisbeautifulxoxo

    I didn't know being a virgin is bad

    • Anonymous

      Only in America is OK.

    • So why is it bad to be a virgin in Europe?

    • Anonymous

      Because it's stupid to keep yourself for the "special one"

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  • Danfrombackhome

    Everything cause America rules

  • Scared_Banana

    Go America

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    I know why you went anon 😂

    • Anonymous

      I always do. And why you Americans love this emoticon so much? The one you always put at the end of your sentence.

    • That's what they all say. It's because you know you're full of shit and don't want your profile attached to it... But ok 😏. I do because you can't express intent over text. You can't discern certain things like sarcasm unless it's ridiculously obvious, which is fairly hard to do. Emojis do just that. Look up poe's law

    • Anonymous

      OK my name is Defecation here. Fine now?

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  • Thisperson98

    Nice generalizations.

  • Anonymous

    As an American:

    1. No only our politicians and Wall St. CEOs
    2. No
    3. Maybe, depending on how much money you have, even fast food is more expensive than home cooking.
    4. Illegal yes, hate? Depends who you ask. Also illegal in China and Russia, but I guess since they aren't in Europe they don't count...
    5. Yes, but what's wrong with that? Because "Europe doesn't do it?" Aren't you spouting the same ethnocentric bullshit you are accusing the US of? Yes, you also have a point about weddings being expensive. Elope! 1 for 5.
    6. No, the number one name for baby boys (or at least close) since I was a kid has been "Michael." Fail.
    7. Yes, although Liberia and Burma also use the Imperial system so we are not "The only country." Is doing some simple conversion math too hard for you?
    8. Yea, common among rich people!
    9. LMFAO! I'm sorry but this is total BULLSHIT! And Since when is the rest of the world "Europe"? Try again when you have something remotely believable.
    10. Not afraid, just not our thing. You know don't like to waste money on useless trends without doing any research :p
    11. Yes, you are 100% spot on with this! Very good! 2 for 11 so far!
    12. No, obesity is a huge problem here, mainly because not enough people hit the gym...
    13. Yes, but the cause is the government doesn't have the balls to stand up to big business and make them pay us a living wage. I'll give you this one 3 for 13.
    14. Only in the South, maybe a few other places. Come to Jersey, we'll tell you to fuck off if you're being an asshole!
    15. Yes, Caused by stress, again see number 13. 4 for 15!

    So 4 for 15 or 26.67% (I know you don't like doing simple math), I don't know about "European" schools but here in the USA 27% = FAIL!

    • Anonymous

      Do you really believe someone can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, without a converter?

    • Anonymous

      I learned, I have traveled abroad, and I work in the scientific field, but I was raised knowing Fahrenheit, mph, etc., and a lot of this was before smart phones. Once you get the conversion rates down its not really that hard. For instance C to F is Cx1.8 plus 32. F to C is a little harder you must first -32 then x.56 (5/9 to be precise), I must admit when I need to be accurate with F to C I use a converter/calculator (thank you smartphone!) but I can still ball park it within a couple of degrees.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, yeah, it's so true :P