A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March

A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March

So if you haven't heard, there is another march on washington coming, and this time its a SCIENTISTS MARCH.


Now if you have actually paid any attention to the GOP, when it comes to science, the majority of the republican party politicians are a combination of a bunch of un-informed dumbasses and a bunch of people whom oil companies have lobbied to deny science. Now the fact is that scientists tend not to be uninformed dumbasses. Come to think of it, being an uniformed dumbass is actually the exact opposite of a scientists job.

A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March

So while you're uninformed idiot brain can blame the millions of people in women marches being stupid. I'd love to see how you rationalize this. Whatever bullshit excuse you manage to come up with this time to try to keep it seem like trump is a perfect candidate who knows what is going on instead of a corrupt billionaire. It's going to be even more hysterical than the last excuse. The fact is that you can believe that Trump is right about his clearly ill-informed scientific facts, you can do that, that is something you are free to do. However being free to do that doesn't make you any less of a dumb-ass for doing so because here's the thing.

A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March

So yeah Scientists are marching on washington and please I'd love to hear more of you're bullshit excuses for trump again because this is getting funnier everytime.

I'd just like to say that this is going to be my last political take for a while, someone on here made some very good points about how I've been acting lately and combined with how I felt after realizing how much of an asshole I was after mocking people who are regretting voting for trump because they are afraid of losing healthcare. I'm done, I keep getting angrier and angrier and the person who said I've been acting closed minded is right. I have, so no more political takes till I can actually do better.

in the meantime I've got a bunch of #creepyhappenings takes I want to write and a bunch of entertainment takes.

A march on Washington only and idiot would ignore (to be fair he will try because he is an idiot) the Scientists March
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  • RedThread
    Recognizing and preparing the world for climate change is going to be essential to our future. I really hope scientists can change hearts and minds.

    It's going to be an uphill battle now because all people like Trump have to say is that scientists are elitist liberals from elitist liberal institutions without even addressing the issues at hand and people will fall in line. That's what politics is. It's a series of buzzwords that make people ignore the issues at hand.
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  • JohnSmith627
    If the republicans are the science deniers, then why does the democratic party:

    • promote gender dysphoria (a legitimate mental disorder) by preaching the scientifically untrue notion that gender is a social construct/fluid

    • believe that race is a social construct and denies definable attributes present within DNA that differentiates between races

    • continuously push the widely debunked gender wage gap

    • fear-monger the statistically untrue belief that there's a plague of racist white cops shooting innocent blacks

    • promotes the anti-scientific "alternative medicine" movement that has resulted in many deaths (by attempting to heal curable illnesses with herbal remedies)

    • reject scientific evidence proving that race is a determinant of intelligence because it hurts people's feelings (The Bell Curve)

    • promote anti-GMO propaganda established through debunked studies

    • fear-monger imaginary "rape culture" from statistics established from extremely biased studies

    • constantly contradict basic economics by promoting ridiculously high minimum wages

    • promote the scientifically-impossible "Big Bang" theory

    • deny irrefutable differences between males and females established through millions of years of evolution

    • refuse to believe the scientifically, physically, biologically, and embryologically proven concept that pregnancy begins at conception

    • promote the ridiculous claim that you can be healthy at all sizes (fat acceptance)

    • fear-monger nuclear reactors as dangerous (Green Party)

    • push the debunked correlation between fracking and groundwater pollution

    • believe anti-vaccination (many polls reveal that millennials (most of which lean liberal) are far more skeptical about vaccines than older Americans)

    • reject the genetically-validated concept that a fetus is a SEPARATE human from the mother

    • I could go on all day...
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    • Starrk

      Race doesn't determine IQ you imbecile. The reasons why Democrats don't believe that lie is because not even scientists believe it. The idea of Race being a determinant factor in IQ was disproven back in the 60s. All the Bell Curve does is show you a correlation, that it. It doesn't show you causation.

      This is what separates Psychologist from Non-Psychologist. The former can interpret research and studies, while the latter takes the study at face value.

      As for Race being a social construct, that part is true. Race isn't biological because its too fluid and arbitrary. What's considered black in the US isn't black in Brazil. What we consider white in 2017 wasn't white in 1932. What we call mulatto/mixed in the US has a whole different meaning in South Africa.

      While there are population that differ genetically, these genetic population do not correlation to our categorization of race. Phenotypes (genes that show themselves) is a horrible predictor of ones entire genetic makeup.

    • @Starrk

      1. Of course race doesn't literally determine someone's IQ, it merely affects it. And the substance of your rebuttal indicates that you've never actually read The Bell Curve.

      2. Saying "not even scientists believe it" is subjective, false, an outright appeal to authority fallacy, and an absurd notion that consensus somehow determines science.

      3. Your argument about races being identified differently in certain locations does not invalidate the fact that races have irrefutable differences present within DNA.

      4. I'm still waiting for you invalidate the 15 out of 17 points that you outright skipped. Unless... gasp! The Democratic Party isn't as "scientific" as you think.

    • Starrk

      1. Oh this is just wonderful. Please explain how Race effects IQ. As for the Bell Curve it does not prove that IQ is caused by Race, which you did state prior so don't you dare back peddle now.

      2. Appeal to Authority is a fallacy that has the potential to be fallacious, but every instance of appeal to authority is not fallacious. In this case it is not. The evidence of race being a determinant factor in IQ is extremely shaky and does not hold well to scrutiny, especially when race in itself is too arbitrary to define and classify.

      3. These difference in DNA do not correlate to OUR classification of race. The AAA (American Association of Anthropology) even released a statement on this situation explaining that majority of human genetic variation exist within a given race not between them.

      4. I don't care about the other points. The race and IQ points were the only ones that irked me. The rest I don't really care about.

  • Jager66
    I've found that most people don't understand the "anti climate change" even deniers get it wrong all the fucking time, scientists for and against as well.

    I'm not taking a position for or against as I just don't care about the issue so won;t argue it. But there is essentially the situation.

    Argument against climate change is based on a math error. Please keep in mind this is way over my head I'm just relaying the information as best I understand it.

    There is some fairly advanced math involved, the kind that requires physicists and math mathematicians to understand, not derpy climate change scientists. Even then it's very easy to get the calculation wrong depending on what your "start point" is. If you "start" at the wrong spot then the result, if you graphed it, would look like a hockey stick but if you start at the "right" spot then the graph would hardly move at all unless you added waaaaaaay more C02 to the calculation.

    The result of this is essentially that we would need to add more c02 into the atmosphere then there is fossils to burn left in the ground before we got to a runaway green house effect, this includes the additional green house effect from increased Methane as well.

    The second half of the argument is this:

    As things are right now we would need to more than double (+150%more) the amount of c02 in the air before we have the amount that is optimal for plants to grow. The amount that they evolved to have. When plants have more c02 they grow fast, bigger, require less water, produce more fruit/grain/nuts etc.. and will grow in areas that otherwise would have been barren.

    The earth has increased it's "green space" by 30% because plants are growing faster and in areas that previously didn;t support plant life because the increase in c02 has reduced their need for water. This is happening despite deforistation.

    The economic cost of adapting to green house effect, rising sea levels etc.. is substancialy cheaper then trying to prevent warming, by many times over.

    More people will die from starvation and lack of water, lack of economic opportunity than will from embracing warming.
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  • Phoenix98
    Are you referring to people doing this march like Bill Nile the Science Guy who believes that anyone with a viewpoint he doesn't agree with like climate change views should be jailed and sent to prison on criminal charges? Bill Nile the Science Guy? More like Bill Nile the Fascist Guy.

    This march just like the women's march is a huge waste of our time and will accomplish nothing but by all means march.

    Also if global warming is so real like Ole Bill claims then why are the polar ice caps not only freezing over but expanding? This is not some crazy theory I made up by the way, you can find it on the NASA website they even sent a team down there to study it.

    Also did it also no occur to anyone that if anything is making the planet warm up that it might be the fucking huge ass planet known as Nubaru that is due to pass by the earth and our solar system soon? Because that is the most logical explanation. Since the closer it gets the more things are going to heat up and when it does pass scientists or at least the real ones are speculating that it will cause a planet wide black out and cause multiple various devastating natural disasters, in fact some claim that the increase in seismic activity and earthquakes can be attributed to Nubaru as it gets closer and closer to earth.
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  • samhradh_leannan
    I definitely plan to support this march. Denying climate change is one of the most dangerous things we can possibly do as a country.
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  • John_Doesnt
    I've lost hope in marching because I don't think we're marching against people who don't believe. We're marching against people who want to hold onto every last dollar and avoid paying for carbon emissions.
    No amount of marching or science is going to stop corporate greed on such a massive scale. We also can't stop Fox News from keeping Americans "on the fence" in scientific debates.
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  • TripleAce
    Ehh this is a tuff one

    No one is denying that climate change is real. The problem lies in whether it's mainly causes by humans

    Studies do show that nature produces the most co2 ... much more than mankind. Many scientists don't believe in the magnitude of man made climate change

    Who really knows, it happens but will it still happen if humans didn't exist on planet earth... well look at venus, mit defiantly happened there and it has no life
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  • Iraqveteran666
    Lol more marches. The last March resulted in an executive order withdrawing taxpayer funding for planned parenthood.
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    • Trump will probably raise emission levels after this March lol
      Who else wants to March?

    • Like a march caused that. That was going to happen anyway.

    • Waffles731

      "The last March resulted in an executive order withdrawing taxpayer funding for planned parenthood."
      You say that like its a good thing?
      That Trump was protested specifically because voters were worried about him and what he'll do, so what does he do? He says, fuck the constitutents

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  • Darkfairie17
    The scientists are going to march? Omg that's too awesome! :D
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  • ColinHarvey
    Shut up about climate change, if we let it go on, I'll have BEACHFRONT PROPERTY here in Austin Texas.

    I need this to happen for me.
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    • Waffles731

      Yeah, cause beachfront property in texas is a good idea, The Residents of Galveston island had a grand old time

    • You're invited to party at my beach house when it all floods over, bro. You heard what the scientists said, "Its already too late to stop global warming." So let's just party, right? I mean I bought a Prius, I've done all I could do.


    • Waffles731

      Eh, the foods not good enough in Austin, rather be in San Antonio

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  • Ironlak282
    I don't understand why world leaders aren't required to be scientifically literate as a requirement for the job. You are the leader of the people of your nation who represent all different faiths and non at all so you should act on their behalf and do your job in a secular way. That means thinking scientifically.
  • Intraluminal
    Do you *realllly* think that an appeal to logic is going to work here? This is the definition of the Dunning–Kruger effect in operation.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Your a bringer of good news man! Though I support your efforts all the way your takes are reflecting that anger. Use it for good don't let it make you bitter
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Everyone is free to march, but at the end of the day they have no impact on alphas like trump
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    • xXiTacoXx


    • @xXiTacoXx I'm sure it makes you feel better to call him that but he is now the most powerful man is the world. He is an alpha even if you don't like him.

    • xXiTacoXx

      He's actually not the most powerful man in the world. He's just a Russian puppet. There's places far ahead than the U. S. when it comes to economy, peace, health care, human rights, etc. ran by just as, if not, more powerful men that are also first world countries.

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  • Walrus_au
    I heard about this and am glad to see it happening, as disappointed and unsurprised as I am to see the need.
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  • Nuala
    What exactly are they marching for?
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    • Waffles731

      acknowledgement of climate change, cause American scientists are just fucking hardcore motherfuckers who don't give a shit about what the government says, at least that's the message half B-movies give

    • Nuala

      Okay... Why are they marching on the Whitehouse about this? Has Trump said he doesn't believe in it or something?

    • Waffles731

      Yeah, and its actually because of the keystone deal between Canadian and American Businessmen, he and his Canadian cohorts (look at our countries, our evil bastards even scheme together) have actually gone out and done all they can to try and deny climate change, because like a handful of very wealthy Canadians and Americans, and a few Norwegians, Trump is a huge investor in the keystone pipeline

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  • HarryBenton
    At one time this would have worked, unfortunately Americans no longer believe in science.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    A geneticist is also running for a Senate Seat.
    He is from Berkley.
  • xXiTacoXx
    I hope they're successful in their march.
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  • juliaanita
    I am in your camp! Keep writing!
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  • Anonymous
    when the president says grab them by the pussy
    what are you expecting from him really?
    human rights or respecting women
    well Lol no dont expect any good thing from this orange creature
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