Awesome YouTube Singer: Jannine Weigel


She has tons and tons of subs and views, but I hadn't found her vids until this week. I asked a featured Q about her yesterday. But that was only 1 song! So I'll post my top 3 faves from her here:


I think this cover is awesome. Because of her outfits, and the choreography. I love how she dances, even though there's not too much. It's like her demeanor and expressions math the song. Like it looks from the opening image that the song will be different from the original Starboy, but I think she really takes on the persona of the song really well. And she's so young, like how can she have that kind of confidence on screen? I <3 1:33 to 1:40

Side to Side

This isn't like Arianna's version. Especially @ the 1:00 mark, it sounds different...and better. It sounds soulful. I like how she changed the word from devil to angels too. It's like an almost beautiful song instead of sexy. i think it's a really interesting version.

B!tch Better Have My Money

I think this one is so funny. But her voice is perfect for this, like there are so many different tones and notes. And I like the 3rd emo persona she dresses as. She had 3 different personas to play and they all match together. I don't have a fave part of this song, I like the whole thing, but it is mostly funny to me. I think it shows how much skill she has too.

Awesome YouTube Singer: Jannine Weigel
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