"If Trump Said These I'd Support Them"


Trump pamphlet - all Trump quotes replaced with Hitler quotes.

All of the people that are Trump supporters all agreed with all of the Hitler quotes - and tried to explain why.

After the interviewer explained they were all Hitler quotes > they didn't believe it at first - after they were convinced they agreed:

"If Trump Said These I'd Support Them"

Is this one (of many sintances) of evidence that Trump supporters (who are regular American people) actually go with whatever Trump says...as long as HE says it?

"If Trump Said These I'd Support Them"
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  • cavmanier
    You think this is exclusive to Trump supporters?

    A couple notes though that I don't know if you realize. The interviewer used an upbeat communication style (as if they were friends) and communicated with people that seem to be socially inclined to be agreeable if they feel like they're in a friendly situation (which the interviewers rhetoric accomplished). They feel like they are safe and they are focused on a positive interaction instead of analyzing information. That doesn't mean they are incapable of being rational or that they even agree with the quotes. Have you ever had a bad moment? Of course they are biased. Almost everyone is. I don't think they even understood the quotes well but of course they tried to rationalize in an agreeable way (largely because of their personalities and the askers rhetoric or social behavior). The guy in the plaid shirt completely misinterpreted his question. "The more economic difficulties increase the more immigration will be seen as a burden." He interpreted that as economic conditions improving would mean immigrants would go away which is opposite of Hitlers quote. Of course less economic opportunity= less immigrant motivation. This was seen recently with the recession in 2007.
    Even though he technically didn't agree with Hitler (which he was accused of incorrectly by the interviewer), he still was wrong. Hitlers quote was right, despite him being Hitler.

    Most of those quotes were pretty bad opinions. Just because Hitler thought something though, doesn't mean what Hitler thought was racist, hateful or incorrect. Hitler probably also thought a sunrise is pretty or that sex feels good. Should we be scared to agree with Hitler because of that? Hitler having a quote is logically irrelevant, but politically powerful because of the extraneous relation (unfortunately).

    Also he obviously did lots of filming and edited the highlights to exaggerate. They didn't answer the same questions because of the responses wouldn't have accomplished his goal. Lets keep being biased and assume the worst from Trump though. We need to feed our agenda. Lets not listen to what he says objectively. He's racist. He said "Mexico sends THERE rapists" and negatively assume he said "they're rapists." Lets keep not understanding him and live in our narrow consciousness because he's Hitler or whatever Boogieman. That is actually doing what the left says ironically to your question.
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    • Rich0608

      Mexico sends "there rapists" should be "their rapists". "There" denotes a place, like over there. "Their" denotes ownership like their house, their car.
      I don't think Trump is Hitler nor do I think he wants to become Hitler. What I think of Trump however is that he is the least qualified person to every occupy the White House and besides his desire at self promotion he is a zero, period. He constantly makes up stories, nothing that leaves his mouth is the truth (I can tell when he's lying now because his lips move) and he just doesn't have a grasp of reality. But my biggest issue with him is when something is revealed and he dismisses it as fake news. I guess it wasn't so fake that a couple guys have had to resign already, one has had to recuse himself and a couple others couldn't even pass the FBI litmus test. He's going to ultimately be impeached. He has Putin's dick buried half way up his ass

    • cavmanier

      "Mexico sends "there rapists" should be "their rapists". "There" denotes a place, like over there. "Their" denotes ownership like their house, their car."

      True. Typos happen, especially with swype on my phone.

      I don't think he's perfect either.

      "But my biggest issue with him is when something is revealed and he dismisses it as fake news"

      My opinion of what he originally meant as fake news (when he first said it) is that the media tends to be very biased. Like most of it always (every time) tries to have a negative perspective regarding his actions. The glass is always half empty and never half full. It's always negatively biased (~80%+ of the media). It's increasing hard for me to take them seriously.

      I checked to see if the mainstream media reported his anti racist statement he made during his inauguration at 12:10.
      I didn't see it though. I don't think they wanted to break the Darth Vader narrative.

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  • nalaa
    I'm not a trump supporter by any means and I don't see how people can confuse Hitler quotes because Hitler was far more eloquent. Donald Trump is a youtube comment section with campaign staff

    BUT because Hitler was eloquent he said a lot of things that were actually reasonable and moderate and even true, in between the crazy. So I don't think it's fair to ask people if they agree with a quote and then if they do it's worst thing ever because it was said by hitler
    For example Hitler once said
    "It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge."
    "Words build bridges into unexplored regions"
    "The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes."
    "To be a leader means to be able to move masses."

    And for example the quote in the video about immigration in bad economics, that is not false. I think people today would draw different consequences from that statement than the nazis did in the 30s but still it remains true and obvious. I wonder if the reason no one has pointed it out recently is because Hitler once said. Why do you think people are worried about immigrants taking their jobs? It's not because they have save and well paid job.

    But ya what some people were saying about if trump had said it they'd believe just because trump said it, is tragic. And could be well summarized by another hitler quote, ironically also featured in the video

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  • Phoenix98
    And yet Trump shares nothing in common with Hitler.

    If you want the harsh facts of reality Hitler and liberals are more alike then Trump/Conservatives and Hitler are.

    Hitler did are also what Liberals, socialists and democrats are advocating for, limiting free speech when people speak out against what you promote, getting rid of gun rights, racial divide and segregation, goverment control.

    O and did you know that Hitler actually wasn't a fascist? But in reality was and wait for it a Liberal Socialist.

    Here is what Fascism actually is.

    But yeah Hitler is Hitler and Trump is literally Hitler.

    But here is something that should be brought up why are Holocaust victims and people who actually lived through Hitlers era saying that Trump isn't anything like Hitler but that Hillary is?

    This is the logic you and the left uses.

    Another thing Hitler may have been a horrible human being and a mass genocidal maniac but he wasn't totally wrong on everything he said. Even the most horrible and despicable villains and monsters among us say a smart thing now and then.

    but lets just ignore fact and logic like the left and it's mindless drones do.

    Trump drinks water and so did Hitler... Trump is literally Hitler.
  • Eugene
    Hitler wanted a healthy youth that's interested in sports. Terrible, isn't it?

    I think I understand now why left-wing are obsessed with being fat...
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  • FakeName123
    Cherry-picking of quotes. You can easily do the very same thing with Clinton and go to Clinton voters.

    Just an example:

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  • Bananaman177
    • Can you give the name of the youtube vid man? I can't see it now, but id like look it up later.

    • @lord_chilled Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, it's about five hours, but trust me, if you start at the beginning and give it about five minutes, you'll find you do have time for it.

      The History we were taught in school was heavily whitewashed to present one narrow perspective on what happened and why. There's so much stigma attached, people are afraid to do their own research. Easier to accept the consensus view.

      Sometimes we don't know what's missing from our education. We learned plenty about Hitler, didn't we? We basically know the story, right? We've all seen the movies! It must have been just like that. . .

    • Yup. Easly to judge someone as a villain and cast them aside. I believe, no matter what a person did, a neutral view is best before making judgement. At least it can help to prevent a future repetition.

      Im gonna give it a shot, sometime in the weekends

  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    You don't need to trick people into agreeing with Hitler quotes to understand that Trump supporters are basically sheep that believe whatever the guy says.
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Hitler actually said some pretty smart things, but hell Hitler is Hitler and Trump is LITERALLY HITLER. TRUMP SUPPORTERS LITERALLY SUPPORT HITLER.

    Those who think Trump is a fascist should really look at the brown shirts Antifa.

    Or take part in an actual fascist society and line up against the wall, please. :^)
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  • SarahsSummer
    It does show a degree of blind follower mentality but the reporter did a fair bit of baiting there by literally explaining what the quotes meant to the listeners.
  • Rissyanne
    Lol... this is kinda a counter of the question I posted with the videos of liberals being stupid. Good one.
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  • Turkish_Delight
    Trumpers call leftists as fascists but we see the that the real ones are themselves xD
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    • As a Jew, I will tell you that this is the stupidest and most uneducated post I have ever seen. You obviously don't know Trump's platform nor what Hitler stood for. Go read it. Learn it, and then stop posting such ridiculous spam.
      We are all entitled to our opinion, but at the very least base your opinion on fact.

    • @amandaschwartz Well Jews are not labeled as brown terrorists even they are not white, so its easy for you to talk. He alienates everyone except non-whites. He always talks shit about Muslims and Mexicans. I'm not with a fascist, racist, sexist dicktator and never will be with him. Greatest cities like NYC, Cali voted for Clinton. Also neonazis write everywhere 'F**k Jews, F**k Muslims, Heil Hitler'. Actual uneducated bigots are conservatives, libertarians and fascists.

    • Waffles731

      And as as someone who was baptized Catholic and has mental disorders both of which who were also persecuted during the holocaust,
      She's actually spot on.
      And Reagan's hardline against the mental health systems act that Jimmy Carter signed into law and his push for congress to overturn it (which they did) shows that the GOP doesn't give a single shit about anyone who is less fortunate

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  • Waffles731
    what do you expect, I've yet to meet a smart person who was a trump supporter
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    • Waffles731

      I still love how the guy went up to the drunk guy on the street

    • I have yet to see an intelligent argument FOR hillary. Not one against trump, but FOR her.
      Trump haters think supporters are sheep. Supporters think haters are sheep. Y'all are nothing but a bunch of sheep. You have 1 or two uninfluenced, people per 1000

  • nameus3r
    Clearly, a serious fair discussion about real politics isn't the purpose here.
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  • AdamThomas
    I've seen videos where Hillary supporters have unknowingly agreed with some Hitler quotes. So?
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  • Kuraj
    Do you like art and dogs?
    Ohmygod Hitler liked those things, you are literally a fascist !
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  • JayLiche
    Never liked the guy
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