Epic Songs: Trouble In the World Or Your Relationships?


I didn't think I'd like any of these songs. The names can be awkward or I just hadn't listened to the artist before. But nope, these songs are epic. The titles (except for the last vid) don't do the songs or the artists justice.

This song is almost magical. At first I didn't like the lyrics. She says that she has issues in the song, and so does her partner. It sounds silly. But the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. The way she sings everything, it just makes you want to keep hitting replay. There's just something about her voice.

I'm not too familiar with this artist, but the lyrics are badass. She actually mentions real issues and the trouble in the world. And the setting in the video really highlights what she says. She talks about how the world just goes in circles and how trapped people can be. Mostly because of the economy. She's so young, but the lyrics are really down to earth.

I love listening to her perform live. Her live performances are usually better than the official videos. Her Swedish accent is awesome for the notes. This song is a more...like you'd expect it to be used for a play on a stage. It's really classical, and I love the style everyone has. It's nice to see that songs like this still come out these days.

Epic Songs: Trouble In the World Or Your Relationships?
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