Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire


Actually a billionaire this time...

Before you comment - if you don't care...then don't care enough not to comment, because it makes no sense if you do...

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

After trying to pillage Johnny Depp for all he was worth (or at least half), she turned her sights right after that (well, actually during the divorce) to her next benefactor - Elon Musk.

Amber Heard’s Father: ‘She Wants To Marry Elon Musk.’

Who could blame her? She's going for that next big payout!

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

After a day of fun...walking hip to hip.

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

Hand in hand... Hopefully he doesn't end up like Johnny.

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

At lunch - it's evident they've been together for a while now... She really does work fast. Or maybe he does?

Elon Musk has had a history of marrying the same women (also an actress) twice, and paying for it both times, but he really didn't seem to mind. Maybe Amber and Elon are both getting what they want. Amber - money, Elon - sex.

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire
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  • Blonde401
    While I think it's clear she expects a certain lifestyle, at the same time, Johnny Depp is a wife beating asshole and doesn't deserve our sympathy. On top of that he left his wife for a younger woman because he's vain and rich... he's not exactly innocent is he.
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    • Why do you think johnny depp is abusive? Because a shallow crooked scam artist female said so? Is that all it takes for you to believe something so asinine?
      He had endless character witnesses including ex partner who agree that he was incapable of being abusive. But you ignore this?
      You also ignore her history of abusive behavior? WHY, because she is female?

      She is a conniving evil abusive piece of shit. Yet because she has a vagina, you are trying to protect her from ridicule? Seriously?

      Trying to suggest the Johnny deserves all her bullshit because he left one relationship to pursue a new one (which is common is Hollywood. Example Madonna, Gwen Steffani, etc)
      Is disgusting and sick.

    • Blonde401

      @LogicBomber there's video evidence mate.

      And character witnesses. Don't make me laugh. If you can afford to pay someone to be a character witness their hardly reliable.

    • Blonde401

      @LogicBomber and you're clearly a misogynistic dirtbag so I'm not even going to waste energy arguing.

      @LittleSally once again talking trash about other women, it's sad really to see you denounce your own gender time after time.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Of course she cares about money and nothing else, she is an objectivist, and that shows she has no morals
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    • Blonde401

      I expected better from you TBH. This comment is awful.

    • Waffles731

      @Blonde401 she's a follower of Ayn Rand, and nothing good comes from them

    • Blonde401

      We are all materialistic in some sense or another. At the end of the day she lives in Hollywood, why wouldn't she date other people with money?

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  • sedrftvgyhujik
    He is a world famous and much loved billionaire he's one of the last pepole on earth that needs to marry for sex plus he's really to time strapped with all his projects to enjoy much if any time with her if he marries it's for image and i still think it's dumb?
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    • Musk should surely have more sense?

    • He's doing it for the sex... He's apparently fine with it. He's got money to spare... he's fine...

    • So is he risking losing half his stuff or have his lawyers made sure a smaller amount is at stake?

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  • MrMysteryMan
    From a pure materialistic point of view:
    He's not going to hurt too much, he's actually using what money is for, acquiring goods and services. Also, he's a BILLIONAIRE. You know how fucking much a billion dollars is, let alone multi-billionaire status? 1000 millions. Awww, poor baby, he's going to loose 500 million dollars maybe. So he still will have 500 fucking million dollars left over and have a good time fucking the absolute shit out of this girl in the process. You know she's a naughty, dirty minx in bed too.

    From her point of view, she's going to be looking at making millions and having the status of being with a billionaire. All the while, perhaps, getting railed or going travelling all over the world 1st class service everywhere and not worry about shit! Even if she's not getting railed, I'm sure she'll be able to pay for any type of service she wants or "tough" it out until she can get whatever money she wants. What, 6 months to a year or so? My heart bleed for both of them...(if you didn't guess, this was sarcasm).

    Now from an ethics point of view:
    Who cares, less shit to worry about for us people who actually value humanity of a relationship.
  • redeyemindtricks

    If you stay REAL quiet, you'll hear the soft tears of boys who are starting to realize that /1/ no, Elon wouldn't have any interest in marrying a virgin, /2/ no, he wouldn't rather be dating a 20-year-old, and /3/ everything else in their fictional world is wrong, too.
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    • What has any of that got to do with this?

    • @lord_chilled It has everything to do with this, for all the strange individuals on the internet who persist in believing such things.


      I don't understand why there's so much hate on this thread lol.

      First of all... the boy is clearly smitten. Let him bask in the wonderful joy of lustlove -- she's clearly what he wants, and he's clearly what she wants. Why all the hate smh.

      And, I mean... Srsly guys? If you have $2 billion, and you lose half of it...
      Do you think the boy rlly gives the slightest fraction of a shit about divorce risk?

      At least not in the US, anyway.

      Come onnnnnn people.

    • well he is stupid. he's in love. she just loves money and fame.
      and if i had 2 billions, i would make sure not to give a million of it to some bitch, let alone half of it. thats my money, what does some woman have to do with.
      given her history he should definitely be worried.
      what an idiot...
      and i can't believe you are excusing this type of rotten female behaviour, it should be shamed

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  • LogicBomber
    I used to think he was a smart man, but he's obviously not if he thinks she isn't only with him for her next big scam.
    Like she did with Johnny, she will make sure there is NO prenup, and will stay just long enough for her (and I assume her partner in crime and ex girlfriend) to falsely accuse him of abuse and try to get half of his money.

    She is one of the most worthless parasites I have seen in society in a long time.
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    • @Laura_Marx Shouldn't you be fetching someone food or a drink?

    • Laura_Marx

      lolwutpear. jpg

    • @Laura_Marx "im fucking wheezing this dudes url is "LogicBomber""

      ^^ 😂 I just read it with logic as the object of the verb, and then it's surprisingly appropriate ahha

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  • AleDeEurope
    Another gold digger... nothing new in the world of the rich.
    Sad many girls actually look up to that type of woman... really sad... and pathetic.
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  • tyber1
    I'm actually in the camp of thinking that they actually like each other. Yeah I guess she doesn't look enthused in the picture where he is on the phone but he is a billionaire multi-CEO so I'm sure she expects that sometimes she's gonna be bored because her boyfriend is busy with work. They seem more or less like any other couple to me.
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  • lord_chilled
    Did someone pick up the phone?

    Because i called it!!

    Man i always knew she was a golddigger, ever since marrying johnny, shell just use anyone to get on top of things, guys need to learn to stayvaway from these women.
    can't believe a billionare would be dumb enough to marry that cunt
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  • karahiri
    more proof that men are only capable of thinking with their dicks in the presence of a beautiful woman. elon musk is brilliant. it's a shame he's so terribly base as well. i can't respect someone like that.
  • vishna
    And he found another beautiful woman, I don't see the issue, really.
    Johny Deep looked looks like a sloppy slush now :/ I hope he's healthy.
    These men marry who they want, ya know, they aren't children being beguiled.
  • raspberry0416
    None of this excuses what Johnny Depp did. You can hate her if you want but thinking she made up the domestic violence thing to get money is a big, big mistake.
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    • Yeah she made up the domestic abuse thing. isn't it obvious? Yeah, women are , in fact capable of doing that, surprise! can't believe that people buy into her bs

    • She lied because it benefited her. She is a scam artist and yet you side with her simply because she has a vagina. There was zero proof that Johnny was abusive and EVERY character witness he had including ex partners agree that he was incapable.
      SHE on the other hand has a history of being violent.

      Stop believing women simply because they are women.

    • @LogicBomber exactly man. i dont listen much to celeb drama, and i really dont care, but i think johnny is just one of the few, cool genuine guys. he seems like a really nice guy. great actor too. fucked up that this happened to him.
      i liked amber at first in her movies (never back down, drive angry) but now i realize she is just another hollywood golddigger

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  • Dred1614returns
    I'm assuming that Elon Musk will allegedly beat her up soon.
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  • nalaa
    Amber Heard is already quite wealthy, I'm surprised that people assume right away it's about money for her.
    Elon musk is not totally unattractive, so why is it so unreasonable they actually like each other?

    Johnny Depp allegedly was violent and abusing drugs/alcohol. And I don't know about you but to me at least the alcohol part seems plausible
    Do you really blame her for leaving?
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    • Being a drunk doesn't mean he abused her. The video doesn't show him abusing her.
      There is no proof he abused her.
      Even if he did abuse her and she left, she was with him 1 year. She should not have tried to take HALF of everything he owned.

    • nalaa

      @Blocking_is_pathetic I never claimed the video shows he abuses her.
      I said the alcoholism part was plausible and I believe Johnny Depp DOES have a history of substance abuse (according to himself).
      So again, do you actually blame her for leaving? Even if we assume that he abuse allegation are totally false, which we don't know

    • I don't blame her for leaving, I blame her for trying to take half of his wealth when she did.

  • rjroy3
    This will be the true test of how smart Elon Musk really is lol. Will he have enough proof for when she tries to make him out to be an abusive/emotional abusive guy? We'll see.
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  • amphet11
    That's exactly prostitution, even you agree.
    I thought he was smart, there are better looking cheaper prostitutes out there, paying so much for this whore is not smart.
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  • Topkek
    Blatant golddigger. I hope he'll realize that before she sucks him dry out of money and life.
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    • I'm 100% certain he already knows... and doesn't care... He's smart - he ensured his most treasured possessions. He's obviously willing to give her money for what she's giving him.

  • BertMacklinFBI
    oh shit she's not with the Depp anymore.

    funny I was watching Pineapple Express all week lol.

    he knows what he's getting out of this.
  • alice55
    I don't really know her but if he know she's a gold digger and he still date her, i'm not going to blame her or anything. He's aware of he's doing so i'm not going to feel bad for him neither.
  • Kuraj
    I never had much respect for Musk but I lost even the little I had when I heard about this, lol.
    Shame, for all those money he could have gotten much better.
  • cth96190
    Amber Heard monkey branches to a billionaire, moments before she is due to hit the wall.
    Smart move, on her part.
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  • jasondee504
    "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger But she ain't messin with no broke niggas" Kanye West
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