Fidget Spinners


So you know those little hand held toys that are all the rage right now? The ones that can be bought at $4 or $100? Yah those fidget spinners. Well here is myTake on them.

The fidget spinner was invented by Catherine Hettinger in her home of Orlando, Florida. The idea was to promote peace in children and to calm them. Fun fact: 20 years ago, Hasbro declined her offer of the fidget spinner, but today they are selling them under their name. It is believed the fidget spinner was invented for children with short attention spans to have something to fidget with while learning. Children with Adhd, anxiety, and autism are most certainly loving the toy. It is unfortunate that some schools have banned the toy due to its distracting nature. Some are upset that due to the "normal" kids, the other kids that "need" them can't use their fidget spinner. This is definitely true, but all kids should be allowed to play with this fun fidget toy. Adults have judged the toy by calling it another fad that will die down soon. Just like the Rubik's Cube, Tamagotchi, Tickle Me Elmo, and Silly Bands, these inventions are fun for a time but do eventually die down. Though the fidget spinner will be around for a while, let the children enjoy their times. Isn't it good to go back to a time where children (and teens!) aren't staring down at a screen as much but instead holding a toy?

Have fun with the fidget spinner and maybe even check out the fidget cube!

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Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners
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  • gansey
    I really thought this was going to another one of those "Fidget spinners are so stupid, take them away" articles, but I'm glad it's not. Schools need to stop taking these fidget devices away from kids who benefit from them. I'm so tired of kids who are getting distracted by them because they don't need them ruining it for the kids who do need them.
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  • RokFerry
    Hi, and how right you are, they watch too much TV these days. But I never knew that the fidget spinner was used by children with short-attention spans. wow. These spinners could be around for some time now I think and not just fade off into the cupboard collecting dust just like other novel toys. And what could be next in the range of spinner toys?
  • John_Doesnt
    I have a fidget cube and love it.
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  • watchmen
    Just let kids who need it use it.
    I personally don't get it but if it helps someone with ADHD or anxiety find help with it, than by all means let them use the Fidget Spinner. Its sad how actions of some can hurt others.
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  • sovetskii13
    Never seen or heard of these. I don't see how these things can have a negative impact on kids. Let them enjoy this toy if they like it. No harm.
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  • nbbn5
    Yesterday i saw one of them for the time on my freinds hand so i asked he told me about this don't know how it exactly works but he was spinning it on his fingers
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Yes I think they were developed for kids with autism. But wherever I look these days, everyone is holding two or three of them.
  • Anonymous
    Fidget what?
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