Trump Is Okay With Ruining the Earth As Long As America Becomes 'Great Again'


Electing to exit the Paris agreement Trump basically put America first.

There would be no problem with that...if the fact that he's dooming millions of people to death and, of course, ruining the Earth in the process.

Trump Is Okay With Ruining the Earth As Long As America Becomes 'Great Again'

He said 'I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.' - meaning...America (or in this case Pittsburgh) is exempt from every other country in the world...

Sounds like he just wants to put 'America in first place' in his speeches, not in real life.

Bringing back jobs that ruin the earth even further doesn't make any sense... Of course people need jobs, but qualifying yourself for other work is something everyone needs to do from time to time.

Trump Is Okay With Ruining the Earth As Long As America Becomes 'Great Again'

Green energy is where the work is literally going to be. And it will preserve the Earth. Don't our kids, grand kids, grand grand kids deserve life as well?

You decide.

Trump Is Okay With Ruining the Earth As Long As America Becomes 'Great Again'
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  • America1st
    You apparently list to the Democrats and don't verify anything. Did you listen to his speech? Have you heard a single leftest person give any thing other than hate speech and anti America BS. How about them giving real facts showing Trump is wrong and millions are going to be killed. The Paris Accord didn't address climate change because the worst polluting countries get to keep doing what they are while increasing their mining and use of coal. Chins doesn't have to do anything at all until 2030. India also continues to pollute more than they do now while opening more mines. America has cut our CO2 emissions by 18%. We are at pre 1990 numbers. There is no other country that can say that. Why should our country give BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars to a deal that doesn't help our country at all. The accord is all about money not cleaning the environment. You can verify this. You can't verify what the the leftest are saying because they give no information to back up their lies. My God, do you really believe Trump wants to kill millions of people? That's just insane!
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    • mikaaaa

      “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U. S. manufacturing non-competitive.” your president in a 2012 tweet

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Trump would let the world burn if he could be king of the ashes.
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    • Wow... such a powerful image. Yeah, I totally agree with that.

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  • rjroy3
    To be real, there's multiple reasons this was a good move.
    Just one of them being this agreement is technically handled as a Treaty and for a Treaty to be passed as far as America's involvement is having it ratified by the Senate. Obama never took it to them and unilaterally made a move to be a part of it. Can't do that. So Trump merely saying, we're not going to commit to that because Obama broke the rules in the first place is a valid argument.

    Another major reason is that the deal itself is not fair to America. Of the countries who pledged money to the agreement America is in the top... why? So we're going to pay them for them to tell us what we can and cannot do. Okay lol. He's also stated he's going to renegotiate a new deal, which happens to be the bit of information left out of this conversation. It was a shit deal for America. It was wise to not continue it. There will be a new deal in the future.

    Most people complaining about this situation have no idea what's even in the agreement. More people should find out, before joining the sheeple in a group freakout.
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    • I definitely understand that. It's true...
      But the big picture is huge. And it's the planet... not a picture...

    • rjroy3

      I get that. The planet is a big deal, but the bigger question is THIS deal the right move? Is THIS deal the answer or even remotely effective? If it is, then everyone needs to pitch in for it to be executed. America can't be pulling the majority of the weight. But looking at what the specifics are this agreement won't be in the least effective.

      Staying in this deal would be akin to saying, "We need to do SOMETHING!" *bangs head into a brick wall, then sighs* "Good. Now I feel better".

      It's a feel good move. Not an effective one. Add to that we actually have to pay absorbent amounts of money to it and the regulations hurt poor countries... it only gets worse.

    • rjroy3

      Rather than running around like chickens with our heads cut off we should invest in good decisions. This deal is not a good decision. America First doesn't mean America exclusively. It means we need to take ourselves into consideration, instead of always putting others first at our expense without having a standard of other countries pitching in.

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  • TripleAce
    The agreement makes USA lose 80% of coal jobs and 38% of iron and steel work to foreign countries

    And china doesn't have to clean up for 13 years while USA gets more restrictions but they aren't even doing much to contribute lol
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    • Of course it isn't perfect... The thing is - if he was so worried about jobs he could first start with his and his daughter's brands: take them from China sweat shops and bring the manufacturing to America - give those coal miners, steel workers those jobs... That'd be nice... And those jobs wouldn't threaten the worker's lives.

    • TripleAce

      thats like how they were asking him to pay taxes when he was legally allowed to defer then through a tax credit

      We shouldn't uphold him to unfair standards. So hr produces im china sure but if he can bring back a large percentage of work to the USA, he's done his part for the americans. Which is amazing

    • Most of the coal jobs were going to disappear anyway due to natural gas, and in some states, renewables, being cheaper. Besides, coal only employs a small number of people compared to natural gas and renewables. Trump is being a retard: selling false dreams to a minority while screwing over the majority.

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  • I-am-a-nobody
    The extremely large "carbon footprint" of all the Al Gore's of the world demonstrates that even the strongest supporters of "Climate Change" don't think the issue is all that important or urgent.

    Forgive the crass metaphor, but...
    They're all peeing on your leg and telling you it's raining.
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  • lord_chilled
    please, the earths going to be just finee. the earth has been around much longer than us , and will be there much longer than were here.
    so, dont worry about mother earth.
    now people on the other hand, its uncertain. but im not gonna believe that a bunch of puny humans are doing enough to heat up the planet. sure we add to global warming, but that fraction is nothing compared to the actual reason.
    the earth experiences changes in climate, sometimes extremely so, esp. during the ice ages.
    this time its a more gradual warming, and even if we stop driving vehicles and abandon all factories, i would guarantee that the earth will keep heating up.
    now we have the technology that will allow us to survive a 3 or 4% increase in overall celsius. maybe not all species will im afraid. but thats natural selection for ya, survival of the fittest. we need to focus on setting aside petty differences between nations, and work on trying to get off the planet and exploring new inhabitable and sometimes already life containing planets. so that we can become inter planetary settlers, and later , with increased technology maybe even intergalactic!
    there so much to explore out there.
    home planet will always have a special place in our hearts, but im sure were meant for more than this
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  • Hans222
    Like every president it's probably purely a question of who financed his campaign :-(
    It's like the oil lobby that told Bush to attack Iraq. Only possible answer: YES SIR!
    When Trump was in Brussels 2 weeks back we were talking about him with the collegues. The opinions were unanimously against the worst politician the USA has ever had.
    In the UK they have Mr Bean, in the USA... hum hum hum!
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    I can't let you get away with pushing this global warming propaganda. Since when does carbon dioxide, i. e.,. (human exhale / plant food) cause global warming? You are so gullible, and you are such a useful idiot that you deserve to be dirt poor!
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  • Marinepilot
    He has acess to information that the vast majority of us don't. He wouldn't have left the summit without a good reason.
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    • Yeah... seeming as a good person who cares about coal miners and wants America to be a richer country... but none of that is going to happen..
      He did it for the votes, even though the quality of your lives 100% won't change for the better.

    • I disagree. Trump will make this country great again. Unlike the beta Momma's boy
      faggot liberal Democrats who ruined this country. Don't even try to tell me Obama was
      a good President. Especially if you're African American. He threw the Black Community
      under the bus.

    • What's with cursing?
      I thought I was talking to a grown up person...
      Everyone has their own opinion, I'm not going to defend anyone... (Not American... so... no extremely strong affiliations.) But Trump is going to ruin America, I'm so sure of it. You can definitely know it if you just follow what he's doing.

      Of course, he will make it great for the top 1%. . . That's not even debatable...

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  • AynonOMouse
    China pollutes way more than anyone. They are building 360 new coal power plants. Have them stop, that will make a bigger difference than the USA's pollution policies.
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  • JudgmentDay
    Then let him. The earth is not going to be around forever or last forever anyway and neither would us humans.
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  • CT_CD
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  • Schrodingerscat
    Sorry to say this but American government has always been selfish like that. And I'm not surprised it was same ol' story this time as well.
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  • kickme
    anyone understand that the USA is the only country to meet the goals of the 2005 Kyoto protocol to reduce emissions even though we refused to sign it. This is almost entirely due to "Big oil" figuring out fracking and displacing so much coal with Natural gas for electricity generation

    Does anyone else realize that China and India combined have over 1000 coal plants under construction or planned and now the UN wants the USA to pay them to be green.

    Our shit is together and other countries need to pull their weight

    Finally a president that is not the worlds Vagina.

    TRUMP 2020
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    • goaded

      MAY 10, 2009: "Western countries continue to rely heavily on coal-fired power plants built decades ago with outdated, inefficient technology that burn a lot of coal and emit considerable amounts of carbon dioxide. China has begun requiring power companies to retire an older, more polluting power plant for each new one they build."

    • kickme

      @goaded the 2nd sentene in the exact article you quoted:

      "China now uses more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined, making it the world’s largest emitter of gases that are warming the planet."

      The Chinese government also has a surplus, vs the USA's 20 trillion debt, And the Paris agreement says the United states need to pay for all this.

      But you can't talk to liberals, they know everything already

    • goaded

      "the Paris agreement says the United states need to pay for all this"

      Nobody forced this on the US from the outside, it is an agreement, the USA agreed to the terms, and if you look at it per Capita, the UK pays twice as much as the USA, some countries are paying six times as much. Just the next three countries, Japan, UK and France together are paying in more than the USA does (with a combined population of about 250 million).

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  • Prof_Don
    The future of the American manufacturing is going to be in renewable energy. I can see the United States being the grand example of use of renewable energy in the future.

    Exiting the Paris Agreement is just a small step in the wrong direction, but give it time and renewable energy will be plentiful job in manufacturing, installation, maintenance/repair, logistics, sales, investment, scientific research, etc...
    ... AND the environment will be better for it.

    We just need all these old ass boomers in charge of fossil fuel companies to die off first, so this vision can be realized. Until then, these fucks will lobby the shit out of any legislation towards renewable energy that will thwart their profits.
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  • deraz24
    Yea I don't get it either, I guess to pick up a better deal but I dont even know what that is.
  • Blitzkrieger
    Implying 1 country regulates the worlds climate. I know america loves playing world police but you are stepping out of line now.
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  • lucasnabizada
    You don't save the earth by being mingled with accords that put impossible, and inefficient, led alone unfair limits on your nation whole leaving other competitive nations free to pollute as much as they want.
    Those accords were putting impossible limits on America in the hopes of America failing and for everyone to be able to call America indifferent to the environment...
    The fact is when such things put millions of people out of jobs and thousands of industries out of business... Saving the environment is great... But you still have to make a choice, it's not that easy
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  • applesandbannanas22
    if you think this has to do with trump then you are lost
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  • thatguyfromtoronto
    Trump doesn't even care about his own health, he's gained weight actually. In terms of Making America Great Again, that only implies a certain group of people (i. e: certain corporations and politicians) that will put more money into his pocket. Quite sad if you ask me, he is at the tail end of his life, and sorry to anyone who's an atheist reading this but remember when our time comes up, God will judge us for our actions.

    It boggles my mind certain people assume there is no God, I mean come on, really? When you go to work or go to school or play a sport or get judged in a competition is that not based on YOUR actions? So why would it be any different for life by the creators of all creators? God... just saying.
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  • Benk111
    lets the comment section below show how stupid and brainwashed the Republican base is. They'll believe anything he says. Soon they will stop making coal those jobs are going away anyways and if you worked in the coal industry you'd know that because most of those jobs are going away due to automation. We have the ability to switch to clean and renewable energy right now, we can stop producing coal as well fracking and offshore drilling. But of course, they wouldn't believe you they'd make up some excuse or reason your wrong that makes no sense or just say your a stupid liberal (even if you're a Republican) and don't know what you're talking about. Pulling out of the Paris agreement is doing the opposite of making America great we are losing important jobs in the clean and renewable energy industry to other countries.
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  • CorruptedDocument
    "you decide" admit it, you don't want to allow people to decide, you know whats best for them already.
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