Paris Climate Accord - Still Safe if Trump Stops Being the President After 2020


Paris Climate Accord: Mankind's fight to slow down the effects of climate change.

Paris Climate Accord - Still Safe if Trump Stops Being the President After 2020

It's a voluntary program which America designed...

Since America entered the agreement in 2016, within the laws of the agreement it can't pull out of it before one day after Trump's term is done. So...they'll still have to do everything the same up until one day after these 4 years of 'Trump's reign'.

Paris Climate Accord - Still Safe if Trump Stops Being the President After 2020

So good news for all you Americans who believe in climate change and are worried about it: if you vote for anyone else the second time around - the Earth just might be saved!

Paris Climate Accord - Still Safe if Trump Stops Being the President After 2020
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  • AleDeEurope
    Lmao what a load of bullshit. Why don't you ask Russia, India, or China to fucking pay for it?
    I keep hearing other countries say how they US is always in people's business, but then expect the US to be the one leading, paying and putting the most effort into everything.
    If the Paris Agreement is so important to you people, why don't push for China to pay something? Because they haven't even put $1... but it's all about hating Trump, so who cares, y'all probably know nothing about this agreement anyway.
    Trump wanted to renegotiate the agreement because America was doing the most, like always, and he thought it was unfair for the American people. If the other countries involved cared so much for the world, they would have negotiated a new deal, but they didn't, cause they want the money.
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  • Maria321
    its fake its not real
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  • Chief16
    The Paris accord is a joke, those stipulations were made by politicians, not by researchers or scientists.
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  • kickme
    this agreement allows India and China to increase pollution for 13 years. India and China combined have nearly 100 coal plants under construction or planned.

    In 2005 the USA was the #1 emitter. Now we are less than 1/2 of China's emissions. this agreement allows China to increase emissions without limits for 13 years.

    Only a total moron would agree to it
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  • RationalMale
    The Paris Accord is basically a wealth redistribution plan, and bullshit. Not to mention, the earth is hardly one territory. Different places have different climates.

    A simple example is that when you look at various cities in the USA, the average temperatures over the last 100 years will change... if the city expanded. Then you can look at small cities just 50 miles away and see the temperature didn't change at all.

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    • Rissyanne

      Great answer

    • You DO realize the Ozone layer doesn't rotate at the same speed, rate or manner as the Earth does right?

    • Do you really want to get into it about the ozone layer next?

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  • badboy666
    The Paris climate accord is projected to cost the US at least 3 trillion dollars.

    In exchange for that we get the potential to lower the temperature in the year 2100 by up to.05 degrees centigrade.

    Is that the best use of 3 trillion dollars that we don't actually have?

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  • Phoenix98
    Lol bless your heart you actually think the Paris Climate Accord is good for the environment.

    The Paris Climate Accord does nothing to help the environment at all it's all about money and that's it.

    I challenge you name 1-5 things in the Paris Climate Accord that will actually stop or slow down climate change. And I mean actually have a visible and viable affect on it.

    Now here is some actual "factual" info on why the Paris Accord is complete and utter bullshit and why pulling out of it is good for the US and will change absolutely nothing climate wise.

    Eat your hearts out with real facts you ignorant morons.
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  • Aqualung
    You're I'll informed. You should be labeled a "Propagandist ", not "Influencer"' . Also, you should change your username to "Goebbels"
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  • JudgmentDay
    I think maybe it's better to just let Climate Change take it's course and do it's thing as retribution upon the entire human species for the harm and damage they had done and inflicted upon this planet, as well as for each other and all other life on the planet. I'm not worried about it, because I think it's inevitable either way. I feel humans really don't deserve a second chance for what they had done, and I doubt there's really a whole lot we could do to avoid the inevitable, maybe we just might be able to postpone the inevitable but either way it's STILL inevitable. Either way, we can expect one big and really wet graveyard in one very bleak future, and there will also probably be famines and many will starve, assuming we don't blow each other up completely from another global war first.

    Or perhaps we might figure it all out ahead of time and build and live in underwater cities to adapt to the change, but even then, good luck with that one. @Unit1 your thoughts.
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    • Unit1

      Not much. We the citizens have near zero control about adjusting the climate.

      Either way, I don't care. Let things resolve themselves and let the planets reactions be.

    • @Unit1 I mean even if we did somehow miraculously able to pull something off to "save" this planet, doesn't change the reality and the fact that we're all still gonna fucking die either way, doesn't change or alter the fact that eventually one day the sun's gonna become a red giant and destroy our entire planet either way, either it becomes a red giant and become so hot that everything on Earth dies from the heat, or the sun eventually might become a supernova and explode and then become a giant black hole and totally destroy everything around it, including our own planet. We'd only become desperate with trying to escape and colonize on other planets, always desperate and not willing to let go and accept the inevitable, the unavoidable or inescapable, or the futile. It's all futile, although while we're here all we can do is the best we could to postpone all of the inevitable and bad things as much as possible, other than checking out early like some people already had.

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Who cares. I can“t believe how many people are so frightened. The biggest contributor to greenhouse gases is overpopulation in countries like china and indîa.
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  • TheFlak38
    Relax little Saly. We already know that you are a feminist social justice warrior and always victim of whats most popular and socially acceptable.
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  • DJZest
    ... just another reason for the un-informed to bash Trump.
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  • Justinaveragedude
    oh God I hope that shit head doesn't get re-elected.
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  • SunsetLover
    "... who BELIEVE in climate change...", what is there to believe? It's fucking real. Trump is a joke to the world.
    • yet the deal isn't a joke ''hey give us 3 trillion dollars while we let china and india create emissions for 1+ decade!''

    • @applesandbannanas22 you should read this :
      It's not as simple as you think it is...

    • I have read the actual agreement, this propaganda article (which isn't even an official source by the way) is trying to undermine the obvious which is 1. no, china has NOT been helping with pollution in fact they have been worsening the situation and only have lowered renewable energy while 30% of such emissions still reach the U. S. and who knows where else 2. they will put legal limitations on the united states but not china or india when they are the fore fronts of pollution (this is a fact you can look up the actual article) and 3. they won't hold china accountable, they expect to put the united states funds up for a sacrifice. We dont have 3 trillion dollars buddy. this does not negate the fact of my initial statement. Literally, EVERYTHING I said can be found in that article, they will let china and india get off and won't put them in a binding contract. Yet its trumps fault which by the way, is just a face

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  • applesandbannanas22
    Yeah this deal is GREAT I mean give them 3 trillion dollars and keep letting china and india create emissions for over 1 decade! SUCH A GREAT DEAL. seriously sally, and the problem here is who we are voting for, and not the most unfair deal ever to not only us but to anyone who REALLY wants to help? If we spend 3 trillion on this then what of our own country? we are already in debt, have people who can't afford health care, taxes and are being run out of places like new york and cali because its to expensive to live. we literally have a epidemic with men who are living on the street because no homeless shelter will except them along with veterans. you aren't concerned with facts and logic though! you live in a fairy land. I've seen your other posts.
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  • Waffles731
    which is why we must fight as hard as we can to elect his opponent
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  • CorruptedDocument
    glad he backed out
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  • Sloane
    What's your source?
  • Lumberman53
    Vote him out