Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton


What has happened in London, (if it isn't a false flag), is something that has been engineered by generations of politicians that have allowed things to progressively get worse and worse as they told us all immigration was a benefit and that diversity was our strength.

Is anyone really surprised that somebody has taken it upon himself to do this?

Remember three weeks ago when Tommy Robinson said if the political situation won't change the people will fight back to defend themselves? Almost three weeks later and this has happened.

I'm wondering if the mayor of London will tell his muslim brethren that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city and that they should get used to it. I somehow doubt it.

Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton

Will Ariana Grande tell the muslim community to carry on exactly as before? I somehow doubt it.

Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton

Will Katy Perry say that the solution is "to love each other <3 "

I somehow doubt it.

What we are seeing is a glimpse into a future of engineered sectarianism within the West that seeks to divide and conquer nations just as sectarianism has been used to divide and conquer nations in the Middle East. People need to ask WHY Islam has been allowed to enter the West on such a scale. Do people really think that conflict would not arise eventually?

Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton

These sort of incidents only empower the treacherous and corrupt state by giving them evermore powers to silence political dissent to what they have done to Britain and the West.

All forms of terrorism are to be condemned. The killing of innocent people is never something that should become normalised or strategised.

What has happened at Finsbury Park Mosque is not the answer to the problems that Europe faces.

This attack was obviously retaliatory but serves no other purpose than to demonise the Nationalist message.

The way we win our people over is not through revenge attacks, it only makes them distance themselves further. The way we win them over is through a truthful and powerful message that they can relate to and resonate with.

If any group of people are to be blamed for the tensions and attacks being carried out, it is the politicians over the last 50 years who have engineered Europe into the mess it is today.

The truthful message about what is being done to the West is being labelled as extremism and as hate speech. The corrupt establishment fears the masses are awakening to what is going on and they know that alternative media has played a huge part in that awakening. To halt this spread of the truth don't be surprised to see evermore totalitarian and restrictive measures placed upon the internet at some point in the near future.

Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton

Never forget that it is they who have done this, they have set out to destroy our nations by importing hostile and unassimilable cultures and then use the law to stifle opposition and call it 'hate and extremism.' It is THEY who are the extremists.

The media and the politicians are constructing a false narrative around the attack last night which says that 'far-right extremism' is as dangerous as Islamic extremism. They are doing this to associate the truthful message with hate and are depicting the Islamic community as the victims in all of this.

They are calling this an attack upon the 'Muslim community by a white man,' yet when there is an Islamic attack it is not described as being an attack by a non-white against whites or Christians. When it is an Islamic attack it is an 'attack on all of us' and we should 'all unite.'

Although all acts of terrorism should be condemned, don't let the media and the politicians manipulate the truth to fit THEIR narrative and THEIR agenda.


Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton
Role reversal: A terrorist Attack by a White Briton
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  • RationalMale
    Muslims have been normalizing mass murder for years through their actions. Enough muslims decide to go running people over in cars/trucks... congrats, they normalized it, and it is starting to come back on them.
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    • cth96190

      Muslims need to understand that terrorism and violence in general is a two-way street. They cannot expect to murder and rape white people day after day without a grass-roots response. I predict that there will come a point at which the ordinary European will rise up and drive out the invaders at the point of a sword. It will be bloody and the carnage will be on a Biblical scale.
      While this is happening, the traitors in the political class and the traitors in the business class, who hold the leashes of the bought-and-paid-for politicians, will also be put to the sword.
      Most of the Muslim invaders lack the intelligence and knowledge of the history of the bear that they are poking to realise the inevitable consequences of their behaviour.
      To understand why most Muslims lack the cognitive ability to understand that simple concept, see the IQ map of the world:

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  • BoySittingOnTheMoon
    Just yesterday, around 40 civillians women and children died in Raqqah from American jet plane. This occurs pretty much regularly and you complain about Islamic terror attacks happening in Europe and America? They attacked you because they did it for revenge. They attacked civillians to punish your government for what they did in Syria and Iraq. This was the consequence.

    And hey, there's 1 million Muslims in Argentina, yet there's aren't Islamic terror attacks occurring. You know why? Well, it is pretty much obvious that Argentina doesn't get involved and bombing civillians in these Muslim nations. Otherwise they will expect Islamic terror attacks.

    Try going to Iraq or Syria and witness some children's face burnt and on the bed crying for 'daddy' or losing their limbs in the rubble. Oh you will say it is part of war. It isn't! It is cowardice. The Iraqi government and the YPG are cowards calling western nation help. Your western nation willing bombed civillians. Iraqi troops and YPG troops cannot advance without bombing them to make it unbearable. The hell with your nationalism!
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    • TheFlak38

      What a load of bollocks! Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world with a population of over 43 million people.
      Their net migration rate is 0-4 per 1,000 inhabitants per year. The majority of Arab immigrants there are not even muslims, they are Christians and the minority is muslim and all of them definitely didn't get into the country because of an insane open borders policy that allows the rest of the planet to pour in without any ID or traits that will contribute to society.
      They may try to practice any of their hobbies on native Argentinians just like they do in Europe. I bet the Argentinian police will let them walk free like they do here in Europe.
      To hell with my nationalism? You just exposed yourself as an anti-White anti-European bigot. What you witness is the natural self-defence instinct that every healthy mind has and brings to the surface when the individual is in danger. Without nationalism you can forget Syria and Iraqi and any of those fucked up countries.

    • Danher525

      I find it funny you have a Mongolian as your profile pic while saying fuck nationalism and the middle eastern countries are nationalist not because of the west because they used it to get more power. Also Mongolia has lots of Nazis groups showing up. Also when nations help these poor countries it ends up with the civilians starting a cult and killing the innocents like in Somalia. Russia has been helping terrorist not the people fighting against ISIS they are helping ISIS so why do they get bombed?

    • CoolSky01

      I find it extremely sad when anyone is killed be it in Europe or the middle east and you're right a hundred killed in a span of a year can't compare to a thousand killed in the same year in another part of the world , just by looking at the figures we can understand that the middle east is in a much shittier state... however

      when you compare the UK, which is a first world country with a big population, lots of good things going for it, plus they allowed a lot of people int to enjoy the same quality of life as them... to a war torn nation its simply unfair, in times of war a lot of people are killed, its war and everyone hates it , but having your safe country bombed and lots of civillians killed by the same people who ran away from war to have a better life in your country is kinda... well bad

  • looneymalooney
    There clearly is some mass brainwashing going on that unfortunately there isn't much to do against at this point, either than acting like they want you to do: a cow waiting for slaughter.

    I remember that in the morning the Grenfell tower was burning, there wasn't much info on what happened, besides the fact that the building was burning. However they knew that "muslims risked their lives and evacuated people from the burning building".
    This was the only thing they related first and for hours. Nobody bats an eye about this piece of info that was repeated over and over.

    How would people react if news would say "whites helped people out of the building?" It would start a 3rd world war.

    The documentary from iTv about that idiot suicider from Manchester. He was walking around preaching ISIS. Fucking ISIS, nobody bats an eye. Group that KILLS people.

    How would people react to a KKK costume worn in public?

    You dare to express yourself and say something that might be regarded as misogynistic, but do it in a rather polite and non-violent way and you risk to get arrested besides beat up by angry feminazis.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think a KKK costume should be worn or that news should be divided into categories depending on skin colour, but clearly there is a positive discrimination we are going through.

    Getting back to car incident.
    How do we know he wasn't just drunk and simply lost control?
    Was there any knife or bomb with nails in his possession, any race hate letters or videos that were found at all? (Besides the muslims saying he was shouting he wants to kill all of them).

    Just 8 minutes after car hit the group, internet exploded and said that this is a terrorist attack.
    When bomb exploded in Manchester and children were ripped apart, nobody wanted to jump to conclusions.

    And the mayor of London saying terrorism just happens in a big city after a knife attack, then when this guy runs into the muslim group, the mayor explodes and says this is a "shame".
    Again, are we sure it wasn't just an accident, that they are exploiting?

    I also noticed, that right after the incident, imams and muslim groups condemning this and WARNING that attacking one means attacking all.
    Where were they when their kind was blowing up?
    I did not see them anywhere in the news condemning the suicide attackers
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  • CoolSky01
    I dont think anyone (including me) likes it when someone kills someone else, or does an act of terrorism, however you must take a moment to realise what made a country like britain that has bee letting refugees in for so long finally lose its mind and start killing or hurting them, what made a normal guy run over muslim men getting out of a mosque? when you find the answer to this question you understand the problem
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    • TheFlak38

      I do understand the problem. I post all these articles to spread awareness to those who can't understand it.

    • CoolSky01

      it seems that some still need to wake up still at least some people have realized whats going on

  • cth96190
    When dealing with an inferior and barbaric culture that preaches violence and terrorism in its holy book, anything less than lethal force from our side of the fence is seen as weakness and cowardice, which it is.
    All Muslims have to be rounded up and expelled from the West, by as much force as is necessary to achieve that end.
    Failure to do so will result in the end of Western Civilisation and the extinction of the white races.
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    • TheFlak38

      True. However, among Europeans (and When I say Europeans I include all of us, from American to Australia) it is still a fight of intellectuals and ideas. With the establishment and a large portion of the people being against us it makes sense to use direct lethal force only in self defence.

  • disgustingweebtrash
    An excellent take.

    Soon the UK may wake up and decide that it's own people need protection. But will soon ever come? That's the question I've been asking myself for a long time. It may be too late when soon comes.
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  • player0696
    @John_Doesnt agree with you

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