5 Reasons Why Living Next to a Celeb is NOT Fun!

5 Reasons Why Living Next to a Celeb is NOT Fun!

I share a postcode with a famous person (who I am not naming) and whilst many of you may think that sounds glamorous, I am here to tell you it is NOT!

1. They think they are better than you.

2. They drive like a maniac and nearly run over your pets

3. They get weirdos come looking for their house and they keep mistaking yours for theirs at 2:00 am!

4. When the parcel services also mistake your house for theirs you have to face them when you hand the item in.

5. You have to be careful not to be too loud or they will get mad...

6... even though they throw gigantic parties and play music til 4:30 am

7. They litter the countryside

8. You have to be so careful not to upset them, especially if they command people who could maybe kill you and cover it up.

9. All the other big-wigs in your place are "aware" of them and are more considerate of their needs than yours

10. They pick the best places so you don't want to leave.

So don't go wishing and thinking that it sounds fun, it is not.

3 positives:

1. You get more attention from your friends when you talk about them

2. The OTHER neighbours don't want to upset them so they are quiet for you

3. Everyone loves horror stories about a nut-job, it will bring the community closer.

5 Reasons Why Living Next to a Celeb is NOT Fun!
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  • LittleSally
    Oh, that sounds like a nightmare!
    Yeah, definitely not a plus, but a huge minus.

    But - I don't understand why you have to be quiet , but they don't... I say do what you want - within the legal limitations... They can't touch you, man.
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    • Anonymous

      Trust me, this one can. Notice I have not said who it is.

    • Well.. having a good lawyer is key - he can't do things just because he wants to...
      Law should apply to everyone.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Your annon. So why not name them? There is no link to you.
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  • AmesRocks1
    Sorry to be a party pooperr but you said "5 reasons.." and I see 10. Guess you got carried away. And can you please say who it is or at least give some clues? I already saw your reply to @girlinthisworld so don't mention those. Maybe some other clues?
  • Peachman
    And then their is also this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfWnQX619Fo
  • coachTanthony
    I don't think I drive that bad and yes I do get mad when you get to loud.. this is my neighborhood. HA
  • godlovesfrogs
    Sounds awful, if someone ran over my dog it would end with people in body bags;;; aaah, now I'm curious about which celebrity lolol
    • Anonymous

      haha. they have never actually ran over my dog but they have come close. i think the shock kind of serves him right for his bratty behaviour in a way. :D

  • JimRSmith
    In the same situation, and I agree with most of what you say.

    Good take.
  • 17alive
    Imagine living next to Leonardo Dicaprio or Ian Somerhalder lol
    He would have a stalker
  • JudgmentDay
    I never lived next to one, and I would prefer not to live next to one either way.
  • sp33d
    "1. They think they are better than you."

    You say "they" when you have experienced living next to one "celeb" in particular.
    Correction, this one person does all this.

  • Bezbozhnikustanka
    Was it Serina or Venus who ran over a man and killed him? Now that's what I can bad driving, luckily he was old so he'd've been dead soon anyway, it'd be really bad to kill someone young.
    • what about old people? he's time was shorted by a bad driver that's still bad :(

  • DonkeyRick69
    I hate celebrity phonies espicially the preachy ones
  • lEat70sBush
    anonymous and not even naming the supposed celebrity = troll.
    • Anonymous

      My actions in themselves are a clue as to who we are dealing with.

    • if he would tell people who this is then the media will probs find out who this complaining neighbour is, he could get hated on by the celeb their fans and the rest of the internet

    • @GinaEdwards Fuck them, I'd let them hate and I'd hate right back at them.

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  • girlinthisworld
    Can we even get a clue as to who it is? I'm super curious haha
    • Anonymous

      OK, you probably would not have heard of them, they are famous for who their family is kind of like the Kardashians. You have definitely heard of their family and said person has had articles written about their love life and the tragic death of one of their parents. that is all I am gonna say. And no, it is NOT Prince Harry!

    • Are they American?

    • Anonymous

      Not saying anything.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Why aren't you mooching off their success?
  • chrisbigman
    This doesn't surprise me.
  • Anonymous
    This is not surprising at all. Regular neighbours are already an annoyance, can't imagine why would anyone think that having a celebrity neighbour would be any better.
  • Anonymous
    Who is it? You're anonymous.

    Surely not all celebrities are like this.
  • Anonymous
    There's always pros and cons, who's your celeb neighbor?
  • Anonymous
    You sound like a pussy
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  • Anonymous
    it can be fun too lol
  • Anonymous
    Interesting Readdd
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