International Translators Translate Trump's Speeches To Make Him Sound Smarter


If you aren't from America, but understand English you'll come to realize your country's translators seem to say some mildly intelligent things when they translate Trump's speeches.

The words that are coming out of their mouths aren't crude, bigoted nor crazy.

They're formal and tempered, some might even say presidential.


Who would've thought that the translators of the world would feel uncomfortable translating Trump's speeches as they're said in real time with the exact equivalent of his own words?

Well...being a translator, among other things, I could've seen it coming...especially since most countries show undeserved respect and diplomacy even when it's not returned. (Manners?)

So there you have it, folks, even WITH the formality of the translator's words, Trump still can't seem to ingratiate himself to any other nation than the ones he does business on the side with.

International Translators Translate Trump's Speeches To Make Him Sound Smarter
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  • MixedGirlBL
    I agree with @Phoenix98 and @vyvyn that Trump is really good at reading from a teleprompter. When he speaks from his own voice, I agree with Andre Bacevich, a West Point grad, former military man, conservative, and PhD in diplomatic history from Princeton. He writes, "I don’t believe that we’ve ever had a president who has used this kind of language. Certainly not in my lifetime. One of the things that strikes me about President Trump is that his capacity to use the English language is so stunted. He simply has no ability to adapt the language he uses to a particular circumstance. In the past when presidents are out campaigning, they use one kind of language, a different kind of language when they’re speaking to a joint session of Congress, [and] a different kind of language when they’re meeting with a foreign dignitary. But [with] Trump, it’s all the same. It’s all crude. It’s all unsophisticated."
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    • Phoenix98

      That's not at all what I said at all, do not put words in my mouth.

    • vyvyn

      @MixedGirlBL IS A LIAR.

    • vyvyn

      @MixedGirlBL. The fact you had to use someone else (Trump supporters) to strengthen your side (perhaps Obama) of perspective already proves Trump's credibility and that you have just shot yourself in the foot. You're dumb as is expected of someone like you who has to copy and paste an entire passage of quotes and claim it as a sufficient way to back up your stance on the issue. And you're just insecure because of your skin color and you should be since you have reaffirmed that black people are less intelligent than whites by needing to LIE like this in order to make your point across. How pathetic.

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  • Glue-Sniffer
    I speak a few languages and one translator decided to omit parts of the live translation during trump's speech in the UN because it just made no sense and made him look even more ridiculous. If that's possible at all...
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  • Crapulux
    This is normal. Trump's speeches are designed to trigger liberal retards. Normal people don't listen to Trump. They look at the liberal retards reactions to his speeches, laugh, and vote for him.
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    • Crapulux

      @YoungerAnd5xSmarter Thank you for providing a real-life example of a liberal retard being triggered.

    • Crapulux

      @YoungerAnd5xSmarter Oh, it makes sense now. If your ancestors are "hyenas or wild boars or something" as you say, that would explain why you're frothing at the mouth...

  • Phoenix98
    The fact that you are saying what you are saying tells me you don't pay all that much attention to his speeches.
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    • vyvyn

      Whenever he starts speaking I'm completely engrossed in what he's saying. Luv his speeches.

    • Phoenix98

      @vyvyn Yeah same and he's actually had some incredibly good speeches to his speech in Poland and in front of I think it was congress were amazing.

      And that's also the appeal in Trump he's not like Obama who needs a professorial writer and to be filtered through many different things. Trump speaks like we do like a normal man as normal people do.

    • vyvyn

      @Phoenix98 Oh you just reminded me I have yet to view the full video on his speech to Congress. I heard it's the best presidential one ever made.

      And Obama wasn't even fit for the job. He's totally incompetent. All he had was a bit of charisma to somewhat make people feel reassured and that's about it. Obama isn't even in the same league as Trump.

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  • looneymalooney
    you want me to believe what a youtuber says regarding the interpreter of Japan? First of let us look at what it means for these people to work for their country (unlike in western world)

    So put yourself in that translator's position. According to the youtuber, the translator said he avoids translating what Trump says, as he does not want to sound stupid. But by stating that he publicly insults a head of state, which happens to be Japans biggest ally (history is strange, yup).

    That is just something a japanese would not do. First of, all translators change the wording without changing the idea itself. It happens and you have to do it. Imagine that guy keeps talking and you have to instantly re-transmit that.
    Secondly, a japanese translator would never come out to publicly say that. He would rather die.
    These people have a different kind of culture: culture of honour.
  • TripleAce
    Really... I don, t want a filter
    I don't want more 'presidential'
    I want a normal guy talking as normal people do... that's the appeal in trump
  • zagor
    Of course. Otherwise their listeners wouldn't believe the US would elect such a ridiculous president.
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  • Anon-ymous1
    Are we surprised by this at all? The man's an idiot.
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  • Browneye57
    Sure, it's easy for people to say the most powerful man in the world is a dumbass. Sure. Egads.
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  • babylips14
    Just because they are eloquent translators does not mean that Trump's speeches sound worse. If anything, it reflect the quality of the translation.
  • _Atreides
    we still get the English version. Have they found Nambia yet?
  • Anti-Liberal
    The rest of the sad ass world needs to stop their constant attempts at self-aggrandizement at the USA's expense and worry about their own pathetic problems.
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  • DancingGirl
    They make him smarter? Whoa! They must make him out to be a theoretical physicist! 😂
  • Beauxbreaux
    This is actually common. Republican speeches are actually written for uneducated ears. The vast majority of voters of the Republican party are people from rural areas. Most of these presidents are actually very intelligent people. Look up information on bushbush and his speeches. People only want to see the surface of everything. So when you want to relay a message to people that aren't going to be voting for you and you want your president to look intelligent around the world (for obvious reasons) you have them already prepare a translated version of the speech.
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    • Section

      Source: Your ass

    • babylips14

      Actually, the most uneducated people and cities with failing school districts happen to be inhabited by liberals. That's why most liberals are on welfare programs.

    • babylips14

      @YoungerAnd5xSmarter Failing school districts in America are located in cities that are predominantly Latino or Black. Do I need to say more?

      By the way, I'm 100% Latina.

  • phantombandit
    I mean, of course. If they translated it into dogs farting it would sound smarter.
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  • Rissyanne
    You need to get a hobby. This is pathetic.
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    • Rissyanne

      I can translate what a liberal says..." I am here... I am breathing... give me everything free"

    • What's pathetic is a 50-something old woman trolling logical people online... Haha
      But hey, you do you...

    • *I just can't keep reading your unintelligible answers... sorry...
      I get enough of that from your so called president.

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  • chrisbigman
    That's likely because the translators are Trump supporters.
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  • vyvyn
    Ahahaha I laughed when I read title of this myTake. It's so funny.
  • Asiantrash
    I will translate him... "I am proud that I stole tax"
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  • Nyx_85
    Grab them by the beef curtains.

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