Should 'Sleeping Beauty' Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?


One mother from the UK seems to think so. The Newcastle Chronicle says mom Sarah Hall feels the book promotes an inappropriate sexual message since it tells children it's okay to kiss a woman while she's asleep.

She argued it teaches children that it is ok to kiss a woman while she’s asleep, which she says is not acceptable.

Sarah was reading a school book with her six-year-old son, which was based on the traditional story.

She said: “I think it’s a specific issue in the Sleeping Beauty story about sexual behaviour and consent.

“ It’s about saying is this still relevant, is it appropriate?”

Should 'Sleeping Beauty' Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?

I have seen many instances of people being against classic Disney movies/stories for unrealistic expectations of relationships and because of how women are portrayed but this is the first time I've heard of someone disliking the fairytale for THAT reason. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a story, obviously it's not real.

I think instead of banning fairytales like this, we instead should use it as an opportunity to teach children that asking for consent is important and that just because you see something in a book or movie doesn't make it okay to do in real life. I believe using things like this as a learning opportunity is far more beneficial to the child. Ultimately, I simply take issue with banning any books or movies, regardless of the reason.

Sarah said she might not have given the story a second thought, but recent coverage of sexual abuse and consent, including the social media ‘Me Too’ campaign, made her think about the subtle messages which, say says, help create a culture where consent isn’t seen as important.

While I can understand her train of thought here regarding how society views consent, again, I view it as the responsibility of the parent (or any authority figure in charge of teaching children) to TALK to them about the material they are learning about. All banning the book does is shut down any potential for discussion and learning. If this mother indeed believes that we "create a culture where consent isn't seen as important" then shouldn't she want to change that, starting with having actual conversations with our children regarding these topics? Nothing is going to change by simply banning a story or fairytale.

Should 'Sleeping Beauty' Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?

I simply can't get on board with this notion of banning anything that could even remotely be viewed as "inappropriate." But I'm curious to hear the thoughts of others, do you agree with banning Sleeping Beauty? Is it inappropriate content for children and does it promote sexual assault? You be the judge.

Should 'Sleeping Beauty' Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?
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  • Shaft50
    Alright, if we were to look at a fairytale through the lens of realism, let's do so. In the book, Prince Philip kisses the hand of the young girl which wakes her. Is a kiss on the hand sexual in this context. I think not.
    In the animated movie, the prince, makes his way to the chamber where sleeping beauty is laying and for all intents and purposes she appears dead. Her kisses this corpse like beauty, so would the issue be sexual impropriety, or would it be some suggestion of necrophilia. Oh wait, is a chaste kiss on the lips sexual in this context? Would she have felt taken advantage of upon waking? Should, for the sake of societal values as they now are, the writers of the movie have looked into the changing face of the future and how tenuous things have become, have used some foresight and said, hmmm, lets leave her in a comatose state, or he can send a platonic and innocuous text and rouse her from her slumber that way, as long as it couldn't be seen as bullying, harassing or sexual in any light.
    Apologies for my sarcasm (not really)
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  • PrettyKitty31
    Why stop there?

    Maybe we should ban beauty and the beast for beastiality.

    Or Aladdin because he was a dirty homeless boy that lied to get the girl.

    Or how about Cinderella. That girl snuck out when she was told she couldn't go to the party.

    Oh and let's not forget the little mermaid, she drastically changed her body to get the Prince.

    They're fairytales! They're fictional stories!
    Of course you can't go around kissing random sleeping girls. But that's what parents are for. Teach your kid (s) right from wrong. That's not appropriate behavior. It's pretty easy to explain that I think.
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    • And what I don't get is why can't this be turned to a positive?
      You read these stories to kids and then it gives some context if you really want to get into nitty gritty things like consent and inappropriate behaviors.
      Like "wasn't that a great story? It's not a real story but let's talk about this..."
      then little Susie knows that boys shouldn't be doing things without permission and should tell someone because it is wrong.
      I mean personally I think that's a bit much depending on what age BUT if you're that worried about that stuff why shouldn't you talk to your kids so they don't become victims?

    • Ok so we're going to ban things because they are fictional and give bad ideas? Ok. So just one more way we're discouraging children from reading. What do these parents want to do? Jump from mother goose and goodnight moon to... what?
      What fictional book doesn't have some crazy plot?
      So they just want children reading memoirs, censored of course, and historical non fiction?
      Where does it stop?
      I get wanting to shield children but there comes a point where it becomes less helpful and more hurtful.

    • Well, if you wanna go by the original story, Snow White gets gang raped by midgets (I think) and the prince rapes her corpse, aurora gets raped by the prince in her sleep, Ariel drowns herself, and the chicks in Cinderella cut their feet off and get their eyes pecked out by pigeons... I’m not saying the chick is right (nor defending her), but, I mean, these stories also aren’t as “fairytale” as Disney makes it out to be if y’all really wanna go “by the book” (pun intended)

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  • Whatthefluff
    The original fairy tale was much worse. It consisted of Aurora being raped while comatose and then waking up to the pains of childbirth.
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  • Poppykate
    What is wrong with this woman! You tell a five year old child that you would only ever kiss your ‘true love’. and they know this because they had been writing letters to one another, sending pics etc. for years. And she has told him that he is her one true one. Otherwise how would he know who to kiss? The woman needs to use her imagination! 🙄
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  • JustAnotherGirlie
    One thing I don’t understand is how some people are so resistant to change. As society becomes more informed and knowledgeable, we can make judgments and assessments based on the past. What is culturally acceptable is constantly changing.
    That said, why are people so upset that we are having this conversation? Is it because your feeling of nostalgia is being attacked? There’s plenty of things we did as kids that were not appropriate or that we realized had dangerous implications, so we adjusted. Know better, do better. Sleeping Beauty is for some what Big Hero 6 is for kids today.
    We have to talk about the mistakes we made in the past. That’s how we grow and learn. It’s not about being liberal or leftist, it’s about acknowledging that we might have been wrong about this. And maybe we can tweak x, y, z to see a better result for future generations.
    For me, I say not to ban it. Its not serious enough to ban. But now that sexual assault is in the forefront of public consciousness, we need to have ongoing conversations about appropriate vs inappropriate behavior and CONSENT.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    She is a complete dimwit, who cannot comprehend that other cultures besides her own existed once upon a time. Ironic, since most SJWs like her claim to be multiculturalists.

    In the time period where it took place, a man kissing a sleeping woman like that would never have been considered more than simply rude and inappropriate, assuming that it was a stranger and both parties were single.

    To be considered "rape," he would've had to have actually pinned her down and violently assaulted her. There'd have to be actual penetration, or it wouldn't really count as rape.

    Also, they met once before, and started dating. The film doesn't devote much time to this, so they are shown falling in love unrealistically quickly.

    But another thing to note about back then: if you were courting in that time, it was assumed that royalty had permission to kiss each other. This wasn't Victorian era commoner courtship, where kissing before marriage was near-forbidden and chaperones even for adults were mandatory, complete with a candle to time dates with.

    Also, relationships had more meaning than besides just sex. Survivalism was a much bigger deal. Implied consent was a thing. Women weren't fickleweather in relationships. You didn't have to verify permission from her every damn time like she was frickin' Windows Vista.

    That's a more modern invention in dating. Something doofus lady Sarah Hall can't wrap her shortsighted mind around.

    Moreover, how is 1940s-50s Disney supposed to know about 2010s SJW culture's stupidity regarding the evolution of culture values, and willful ignorance of the past to suit its own agenda?

    She should be more concerned that pedos are writing today's sex ed curricula, and that her kids will be forced to read that garbage, and learn how to masturbate before they even learn how to change a tire!

    But no. Let's pick on Early Era Disney, when Walt is too dead to defend himself!
    • Well Disney already cared about the social expectations of the 50s by not adapting the original story, in which the princess was raped by the prince and gave birth to 2 children while asleep. It wasn't the prince who woke her up but one of the babies...

      But that put aside, society is evolving, we know now that sexual misconduct is an issue and that kissing basically a stranger isn't appropriate, nor is the idea that women are damsels in distress who need a lover to be alive. The story isn't historical, like you want it to be. It is a fairy tale. It's not real. There are no actual curses that put women to sleep unless they are saved by a kiss. So rather than talk about historical accuracy, we should consider what context this fairytale came out of and what context we live in now.
      I don't think it should be banned, but I do think we need alternatives that reflect our social norms in order to show that behavior that was acceptable in the past isn't now because we grew as a society.

    • @Felicia5567 : The film tries, albeit poorly, to convey that they did vaguely know each other before the event. Also, they both knew a witch had been manipulating them. So Aurora would have had a grateful attitude. Viewers who refuse to turn their brains off realize that this is a far cry from stealing a kiss from a sleeping chick of today, largely because there's no Maleficent around to use as an excuse. Aurora needed saving from a spell, making Philip's act selfless. He could've found some other gal who wasn't leading such a dangerously charmed life. Men of today sneaking up on sleeping women , however, have entirely selfish motives. That's the difference.

    • Exactly, it is a poor setup. Knowing someone doesn't mean you can assault them. Most rapists know their victims.
      But you're right, it is a poor setup. Why couldn't the setup involve a selfless action that doesn't romanticize assault? The whole setup doesn't adequately reflect our time and the morals of our generation anymore. That doesn't mean it should be banned. But it means you need context, context that young children often don't understand. There's power in images and if you see a certain narratives and tropes over and over again they become an expectation, which can be attributed to reality. So if children watch movies like this, with weak female heroes who need saving and which romanticize assault, parents need to make sure to tell their kids this isn't right and provide appropriate counter-narratives.

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  • torken
    In the confines of this scenario, the kisser believes his kiss will cure her of being in a coma. He also turns out to be right...

    Do doctors need to now ask unconscious people if they have permission to touch their body? Does mouth-to-mouth need to be banned all-together?
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  • lilaqua
    No, this censorship really is going too far. You can pick out effectively any fairytale and see the very dark elements of the story, but what purpose does that achieve? Kids grew up with these stories, and most end up alright. It's better than the original story where the prince rapes her while asleep and wakes up 9 months later whilst in labour.
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  • mak_1
    This isn't western liberalism, as someone commented, it's insanity. And before some smart ass comments that liberalism and insanity is the same thing, it is not. Honestly though, I think this stance is ridiculous and cements the idea that people will literally look for anything to complain about or find problems in. Someone came to me the other day and told me that the song "Baby It's Cold Outside" should be banned because it is about date rape... I mean come on.
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    • Insanity has degrees. This "news" story simply takes it to a whole other level.

      I saw somewhere someone posted this:

      "If a liberal from 1969 suddenly appeared in 2017, he'd be called a conservative. If a liberal from 2017 suddenly appeared in 1969, he'd be called a complete lunatic and immediately put in a straight jacket - by other liberals! To say nothing of what conservatives of the time would have to say, if anything."

      The stupid is strong with the 2010s. And I fear the upcoming decade will somehow be worse.

  • JSmuve
    I wonder how that broad would feel about this scene from captain america?

    Pretty sure she just forced herself on cap without consent, in the workplace no less. I think cap should make a trip down to HR and get her ass fired for harassment.
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    • The irony when she didn't care before she saw him ! lol
      Gold digger.

    • JSmuve

      @WTFliberals guess the take away here is women will harass you and throw themselves at you when you're jacked as fuck. Unconscionable. Only using us for our bodies.

  • meowcow
    Uh oh... release the social justice warriors.
    We should also ban Tom and Jerry cartoons for promoting unnecessary violence. You might as well throw in every other television show ever produced, because they all fall in that category.
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    • Even though these same types were literally cheering for Heroes when it first hit TV, for being such a "progressive" show for its time. Now, suddenly, they realize that Sylar is disgusting? A bit late in the game, guys.

  • Dude_1820
    Wow and just when I thought humanity couldn't get any stupider. It's just a movie with no malice intent. People are so frickin sensitive now. This reminds me of an article a few years ago in which some idiot mother tried claiming Thomas the tank engine was racist and sexist. I'll say the same thing now that I said then- the world is so sensitive now that I could probably write an article about how angry birds promotes animal cruelty and gain traction.
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  • Coconut_Man
    At this point I feel like people are just looking for attention by making these claims.

    Its like people are looking for things to be offended about... just for the sake of being offended.

    This trend has only just begun, we're gonna have to get use to it.
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  • Alessus
    I mean by that margin shouldn't TV shows like Breaking Bad and Prison Break be also banned? I mean both teach that if you can't get what you want through official systems, then you should just break the law to get your way.
  • IsenhowerJ
    If Sleeping Beauty is banned because it teaches "consent doesn't matter", then should other movies, TV shows, and books be banned as well for un-moralistic behavior?
    Yes it is unrealistic, but that is just it, it is only a story, not to be taken literally.
  • Juxtapose
    I guess the guy should have let the poor woman stay asleep forever rather than kiss her without her consent.

    LOL women are so strange. A person could shit on my face if it saved me from being asleep forever. I'd get on my fucking knees and blow/eat out them as thanks.. after a loooong shower.
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  • Kuraj
    The state of western world liberalism.Should 'Sleeping Beauty' Be Banned For Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior?
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  • Quintessence
    Good grief, the longer I live in this turn of the century, the more it seems like people just can't get enough of things to criticize and take offense from. Even Disney isn't sacred anymore! D:

    This is just ridiculous. I grew up on the original Disney films and TV shows. Even read the morbidity that is Grimms' Fairy Tales, from which Disney got their inspiration. I don't have unrealistic expectations when it comes to romance and relationships--if I'd taken to heart Disney's stories, I would've ran away from home and married some handsome charming bloke on sight a long time ago... and probably tried to conquer the world while I'm at it.

    If people cannot distinguish between fairy tales and reality, then there's an underlying psychological issue with them that is completely unrelated to their exposure to fictional works. If that issue is not addressed, this person is going create problems for themselves and others, ban or no ban.
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  • estoydorado1
    In the original sleeping beauty a king and a prince stumble upon her at 2 different points after she's been asleep for almost ever. They're so taken in by her beauty that they have sex with her (while she's basically comatose). 9 months later she gives birth to twins and one of the babies suckles the cursed needle out of her finger, awaking her from her sleep. In one of the versions I found, the king had a wife and when sleeping beauty showed up, she basically stole the queen's husband, title, and power. The queen was so mad that she ordered the bastard twins to be chopped up and cooked into pie (so something). The queen was unsuccessful, somehow disposed of, and the teenage sleeping beauty lived happily ever after with her rapist.
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    • The story never appealed to me as a kid anyways. Aurora and the prince hadn't seen each other since she was a newborn baby but somehow, a decade+ later after they accidentally meet in these creepy woods.. once. They're each other's one true loves.
      The story is just all around creepy to me and even as a kid I thought that Aurora was naive. I don't think the story should be banned. I don't think parents should idealize these disney princesses. A lot of them are naive, oppressed, misguided, and self destructive.

    • So basically, the woman in the above story has no room to be bitching about Disney's version. Disney went to extreme lengths to clean the story up. But implied consent from dating is apparently not enough for today's Feminazis.

    • @ObscuredBeyond I can somewhat see her point about not idealizing the story but it's up to her to inform her children about the real world. It's a children's fantasy (in disney's version). This could be a perfect teaching moment for her son but he's still a kid for now. She's taking this a bit too deep and embarrassing her kids in the process, no doubt.

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    People today are ultra reactionary idiots who say things like this to wield power in society. Her children should be removed from her and she should be horsewhipped back to reality
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  • samhradh_leannan
    Fairytales, other stories and books, movies, TV, and video games contain all kinds of content and set all kinds of examples for viewers. Censoring every potential bad influence isn't the way to teach good behavior. It's the parent's job to provide the child with the right toolbox or morals and values so that they can judge what's right and wrong for themselves, rather than simply repeating every behavior that they see. Sleeping Beauty is a charming story, and in the context of the fairytale, the kiss is completely harmless. It's easy to make sure this story doesn't send your child the wrong message by starting a conversation about consent with them after they've read it. Smart parents will turn these situations into teaching opportunities, rather that excessively sheltering their child to a completely ridiculous extent.
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  • WTFliberals
    I think its really ridiculous !!!

    The fact that someone like her is thinking of this as a sexual thing really disturbing. Only people with perverted minds reach that conclusion.

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