That Moment When You Need an Emotional Support Peacock In Order to Fly...

BeeNee a
That Moment When You Need an Emotional Support Peacock In Order to Fly...

You most definitely read the title right. Apparently a passenger wanted to board a United flight with her emotional support animal, except said animal, was a peacock named Dexter. According to the Post, "the peacock’s owner, who was identified by the Associated Press as Ventiko, a photographer and performance artist in New York, told the news agency that she bought the bird its own ticket."

This is the type of crap that makes me want to pull my hair out and the reason I fully support these airlines upping their guidelines and requirements for emotional support animals. This is NOT about people not needing emotional support animals. I've done a lot of volunteer work in hospitals and I've seen what these animals can do for patients and those truly suffering from things like PTSD, but an emotional support peacock?!?

That Moment When You Need an Emotional Support Peacock In Order to Fly...

These birds are not only very loud, but they have that giant wingspan which clearly would not allow it to be in a position where it is safe and it may cause safety issues with other passengers. Emotional support animals for good reason, must be able to comfortably fit on the floor between the seats in the case of an emergency. They must also be trained as in service animals. Emotional support animals aren't just some random dog or a monkey you saw and took it home because you thought it was cute.

That Moment When You Need an Emotional Support Peacock In Order to Fly...

They are trained to literally support their owner by doing things that provide comfort like being able to calm their owners in times of distress, leading their owners to a safe spot, or alerting others if their owners are in distress, medically or emotionally. They also must be trained to follow an owners commands. (See the full guidelines for United here: )

The airline CLEARLY denied the photographer and their bird a ride on their airline to which the owner posted for the bird on it's Instagram account (yes, it has one, go figure), that the bird was at the airport 6 hours before he could get a ride with it's human friends. To which the airport responded that they told the woman three times prior to her arrival for flight, that they could not allow the bird on the plane due to their protocols, but she showed up anyway with the bird.

That Moment When You Need an Emotional Support Peacock In Order to Fly...
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    Actually emotional support animals aren't typically trained. Their only purpose is to calm their owner with their simple presence.

    There are exceptions (like DPT and signalling) but in my opinion trained ESAs should be given a special title and be more akin to service animals.
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  • shephardjhon
    Agreed. There need to be guidelines on what animals are allowed, level of training to be legally proven and rules of establishing that it is, in fact, required.
    If an animal passes these tests and then the airline deny it, then they could be sued.
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    • BeeNee

      That's the thing. The airline did have guidelines which I posted, and they did tell this woman 3x prior to her arrival that the animal does not meet the guidelines and she brought it anyway which leads me to believe she is an attention seeker rather then did she need this animal to fly. You can't then get on social media and make a huge deal out of something that is widely known, especially since she spoke to the airline before hand. SMH.

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  • MidnightCowboy
    If I saw that at the airport, I would be like

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  • just_tired
    Special snowflake being a special snowflake... if she really needed an emotional support animal, she would have one that was trained for it, not a peacock..
  • vishna
    she sounds delusional and spoiled. Complaining, expecting people to bend to her ridiculous wants... like c'mon lady.
    • BeeNee

      I really think she just wanted this thing to become viral so she could get more press for whatever artistic show she's in rather then did she need a support animal, otherwise why wouldn't she have followed the regulations that she was clearly made aware of.

    • vishna

      probably, a peacock haha what in the world

  • Crocuta_crocuta
    there is a big difference between a PTSD and mental illness SERVICE dog and an emotional support dog
    her animal should not be allowed on the plane
  • Phanta
    Chill out. Don't you have anything better to complain about?
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  • Krumpir
    Shiiiiit... Emotional support? Fuck dogs and peacocks! I will bring my 900 kilogram bull. He makes me feel safe because nobody dares to approach such a beast.
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  • 1derfulguy
    I have some emotional support for you right here. It is called my fist. Now get that peacock out of here and grow the fuck up.
    • 1derfulguy

      "Photographer and performance artist"

      Says it all, really.

  • LegateLanius
    Yeah, I think she was just trying to smuggle an animal over.
  • FadedGrenade
    did the bird ever get to end up on the plane?
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    • BeeNee

      no, they denied the bird access before the lady even got to the airport with him.

  • Josht13
    what a dumb bitch
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